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Mobile App development with IoT

It’s needless to showcase any stat which illustrates the seismic shift that mobile apps have brought across every channel, segment, and industry worldwide. Presently, the number of such devices that can be connected have outnumbered the number of human beings on the planet. With the astronomical rise of mobile devices and mobile apps, it’s no surprise that the mobile apps have become a lifeline of the enterprise strategy and without them sustaining in the market seems implausible.

Let’s open the new chapter of this golden age of mobile. The innovators of all stripes are embracing the emerging technologies  such as augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, internet of things, and cloud for engineering the world-class mobile applications of the century that enhance the processes, optimize the workflow and improve the operations.

Considering the change, there is one technology under the hood that goes hand in hand with mobile apps, and a viable option for the businesses to maintain a pace with the competition and add convenience to the people in every walk of life, be it a smart home, autonomous car, smart office or smart machines. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s none other than the internet of things.

The IoT technology has the deepest influence and the biggest impact on the mobile app development which cannot be undermined. The connectivity of mobile apps has already amazed us and when they are connected with the gadgets around us, the blend of two will create wonders and the smart mobile apps will become smarter. This has increased the need for quality mobile app developers in the market.

Before we delve into the depth of how the mobile apps are becoming powerful leveraging IoT, I just want to check whether you are familiar with IoT or not. Unless you are living under the rock and disconnected from the world, you have at least heard about IoT. If not, don’t get stressed. Here, we have described IoT in a nutshell:

IoT apps connect all the objects or gadgets around us over the internet connectivity and can be made to speak through the sensors attached to them, which transfer the information to the system, and from there on they can be controlled by the system remotely.

When mobile apps are extended with IoT technology, there will be a new form of connection, and communication established among the objects and mobile, which provides high visibility into the object performance, and proactive actions can be taken ahead of the time. To join the IoT bandwagon, Apple and Google have also launched their own toolkits such as Homekit and Brillo to help the developers innovate at the intersection of mobile apps and IoT.

Take a look at how IoT technology is changing the face of mobile app development and accelerating the shift towards a smart world that comprises of smart things:

Giving more control in the hands

Control of the devices over the smartphone is gaining the momentum and offering the benefits in plenty. It won’t be an overstatement to say the mobile apps and IoT technology are two inseparable entities. See how?

The IoT apps development need an endpoint as an interface where they can send the data and the data values can be tracked. Further, the data are used for analyzing, so that suitable action can be initiated. Here, mobile apps act as the best data analyzation tool and the user interface for transmitting the processed data to the end user. Let’s understand it with an example;

While enjoying the holidays, you have complete control over household from checking the status of AC and light to changing the temperature of a refrigerator and microwave oven to opening the doors and windows with a mobile app right in your pocket. This reduces human efforts and intricate tasks can be performed centrally with greater precision.

The access to everything

The mobile devices are integrated with a variety of sensors that are capable of communicating with other devices or sensors and can analyze the data in no time. The default features of mobile devices make IoT the best fit in the mobile ecosystem.

The best instance of it is the fitness bands and smartwatches that are gaining huge traction with increasing health awareness. The health wearable is connected to mobile using WiFi or bluetooth connection, and transfer the data to the mobile devices from where the people can easily glance at the calories consumed, heartbeat or other health-related data. In addition, the data can also be transmitted to the health apps, where the necessary computation determines how much the users need to run or exercise to stay healthy.

The other instance of IoT mobile app is better geo-tracking where even you don’t need high-end IoT devices. When the mobile GPS system is complemented with the power of IoT, tracking the shipment at a granular level becomes a breeze where not just the location of shipment while the impact of the environment on the shipment can also be tracked on mobile. The location and quality tracking help a ton in the management of the transport of perishable commodities.

Seize the opportunity by staying competitive

Mobile technology is now a way of life and combining the power of IoT is becoming a natural expectation of the people with the rise of  IoT smart homes, smart cars or smart offices. Amidst the immense competition, incorporating IoT is a solution to leapfrog the contenders in the market with new ideas.

The retail sector is very much benefitting from the path-breaking innovations of mobile technology with IoT. The personalized recommendations and offers based on the user’s browsing and purchase history give the online stores an edge over the brick-and-mortar store. Using IoT apps, the offline retailers can also collect the data about customer interaction with store items through RFID chips, beacons, and sensors. When the data is analyzed using machine learning solutions, the glean insights virtually from every object helps in sending the personalized push notifications or launching loyalty programs. The personalization takes the customer experience to a new level and improves the upsell.

Transforming the industries as a whole

IoT is making a great contribution to the mobile app world with incredible changes and enticing possibilities. The closed loop of the network with seamless connection among the objects provides the rich insights that unearthed the valuable information which was never thought before. It carries the potential of turning the table upside down for every industry.

Consider an example of agriculture sector where we have seen the apps informing the farmers about climate conditions or predicting any future changes in the weather, but it is unimaginable that farmers will be informed about the availability of other resources, soil fertilization, pest attacks or nutrient presence. This all is possible with the perfect sync of IoT and mobile apps technology.

To keep up with the increasing food demands, the farmers are moving towards IoT based farming where they can increase the productivity using the same land. The IoT sensors embedded in the soil will notify the farmers about everything from seeding to water level in the soil to crop cutting without any waste on the mobile. Also, the farmers can be trained for automated farming techniques and provided the crop control related useful data which ensures high productivity and crop quality.


The trend of app development is at its peak and even one could say it’s matured with billions of apps for every niche, that’s where the evolution of the apps leveraging advanced technology like IoT has become a must-have to get to the top. The emerging possibilities and drastic impact of IoT technology is helping the enterprises in conquering a piece of the massive mobile market and create wonders with one-of-a-kind apps.

In the event you are thinking it’s just the beginning, I point you, it’s wrong as IoT app development companies have made their presence felt by providing the much needed innovative solution to businesses. The behemoths have revolutionized the industries by adding a new dimension of IoT to the mobile app considering it as a need of the hour and the latest trend in the market. It’s pushing the mobile development forward by turning the sci-fi into reality in the real-life use cases. Are you also expecting such change in your app? When so, then get ready to make this happen.   |  Apr 26, 2018 is a platform which brings to you a listing of all the competent web &mobile app development companies across the world focusing on the combination of traditional IT research offerings and the latest methods that have come up to provide more competent results.


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