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Ways To Make Your Clients Loyal To Your Business

Most of the businesses focus obsessively on winning new customers rather than retaining the existing customers to grow the sales volume and revenue by manifolds.

However, it’s a great myth.

According to a Forrester research, “Acquiring new customer costs five times more than retaining the existing customer.”

Undeniably, the immediate sales appear lucrative, but the instant gratification is an expensive affair and won’t prove to be good in the long run. Solely focusing on customer acquisition is a myopic business strategy which won’t let the businesses thrive in the cutting-edge competition. Nurturing the relationship with the existing customer is equally important as they are the priceless brand ambassador of your business.

According to Gartner research, “The 80% of the company’s revenue in the near future will come from the existing customers.”

This is fabulous. It’s inevitably crucial for the Mobile app development companies to turn the first-time client into loyal clients and make it utterly irresistible to the clients that they look no further when they have app development needs. It’s all viable when the companies able to make the customers of their customer happier and happier.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, we have rounded up a few points which elucidate how can you strengthen the relationship with the backbone of your business and build a positive rapport with the mobile app clients:

  • Don’t treat them like left alone

Your clients are your valued partners. So once the app is developed, stay connected with the partner and constantly check if the design goes well with the target audience, ensure the code is not buggy that’s leading the customer attrition, verify that in-app connectivity is glitch-free so that users can browse the app seamlessly and it’s keeping up with the latest trends.

The two-way communication of getting the feedback and reflecting the same in the app builds your client’s trust in the company and keep your company as the first preference when they have a business need for building an application.

  • Listening is Good to stay Updated

Without listening to your customers, it’s implausible to know what changes you have to make into the account to keep the app updated according to the customer’s interest. Regularly releasing the updates not only delight the app users, but also the compelling content hooks up the users forever.

Instead, releasing the app updates should not be like following the herd because of the addition of extra features just for the sake of fulfilling user’s demand, if not worth enough then they can devalue the app and users may start uninstalling the app.

Beware! Striking the right balance between the updates and the quality that an app update holds matters a ton. It boosts up the client retention rates and loyalty.

  • Keep the Support going Forever

There is almost no reason to stop offering services to the clients after the app development. Be available to the customers 24/7 through various channels and respond enthusiastically when the app user encounter any problem in the app usage. Moreover, when the customer approaching your company, it’s the golden opportunity to up-sell by making suggestions to improve the app.

The phenomenal support is a key differentiator in the competition that helps in gaining customer’s trust and hold an extra edge in the market.

  • Continue to Satiate them with Specials

The reward-giving is an old-age technique, but still an impressive way to lock-in the customers. It works as a catalyst to retain the customers wherein you can offer free lifetime maintenance or extended support to the app you have built. Such specials prove to be more effective as opposed to gift baskets or giveaways.

The companies can even go an extra mile to reward the loyal customers by offering them to integrate the extensions or plugins at half-price to make the app powerful in the holiday season.

Going a step further, you can think outside the generic gifts with a charity program where customers can be offered to pick a charity of their choice and the company would make the donation on their behalf. It’s definitely been well received by the customers.

  • Be Honest accept your Mistakes

Staying transparent is a key that cement yourself in the mind of customers. No matter how good and huge experience your company has in the development, but mistakes happen which you should accept. Often, the app developers are found in the denial state with polished excuses, but that shakes the customer’s trust in the brand.

It’s better to ask for feedback, don’t be afraid of its type- positive or negative; never hide the complaints, instead, respond them in a convincing manner that other customers also like; and acknowledge your mistake and assure the customers that you have started working to remove the problems. When you make customers feel you are taking care of their complaints, they are bound to chase you.

  • Social Media- a key to take a hold of the Customers

The whole universe knows that no state-of-the-art technology is as influential as the social media. Social media is a brilliant platform to build the app business community and brand with social sharing along with reinforcing the customer relationship.

Going beyond conventional ways, getting social increases the connection with the customers and works wonder, when it comes to retaining the existing customers. Leverage social power to win your client and the app users in the long run.

  • Let the Customers’ Breath

Attempting to reconnect with the existing customers is good, but the bombardment of the emails or messages is not a right way. The unabashed spamming deteriorates the brand’s image and app’s value as it makes customers think that you have a need of them, instead of making them feel that they have a need of the application and your assistance. It should be just to the extent to help them understand the importance of mobile technology.

Give some space to the clients by not spamming and letting them opt-in for the notifications which tell you if they want to hear from you and stay with you for long or not. At the bottom of the line, this strategy depicts the level of professionalism you employ, which intrigue the customers and in turn make them come back.

Final thoughts:

Managing the relationship with the new astronomically rising customers and existing customers is a secret sauce of the established organizations. Handling the existing client is both an art and science. In the digital age, caring for your customers drives 3R’s namely Revenue, Referrals and Retention, that’s all- what the company needs. Work smartly to satisfy and convince the loyalty for garnering the million dollar success.

According to marketing metrics, “The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% higher than new ones.

Well, don’t wait for others! Let’s prove it by going through the existing customer’s data and making the efforts to retain them and turn into potential customers.   |  Jan 11, 2018 is a platform which brings to you a listing of all the competent web &mobile app development companies across the world focusing on the combination of traditional IT research offerings and the latest methods that have come up to provide more competent results.


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