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Frequently Asked Questions about Hiring Developers

Topdevelopers.co allows you to tap into the untouched human potential by offering experienced remote developers with strong technical skills and high reliability at budget-friendly prices.

With TopDevelopers.co you can give wings to your brainchild within 48 hours. You can hire remote developers in four easy steps:

  • Discuss requirements
  • Check profiles and curate your own team
  • Sign NDA
  • Kickstart your project

Yes they do. We consider communication as an important aspect for developing a quality product, hence we take into consideration the language proficiency of developers for rating. Our Multi-dimensional testing approach tests not only developers’ technical skills vigorously but also their confidence index and communication skills strenuously. TopDevelopers.co has rigorous hiring standards to ensure that you have a quality product developed.

TopDevelopers.co helps selecting the best handpicked professionals with an assurance of quality performance delivery. We have a well-defined method that aids in choosing the top Remote developers for your dream project.

We accept different types of payment options such as online payments, wire transfer, bank transfers, etc. for your ease and feasibility.

How to Hire a Great Remote Developers Android Developer?

As With Any Technology, There’s Knowing Android And Then There’s Really Knowing Android. This Guide Offers A Sampling Of Questions That Are Key To Evaluating The Breadth And Depth Of A Candidate’s Mastery Of The Android Mobile Framework When Looking To Hire Android App Developers Part-Time Or Full-Time.

The Challenge

Android Has Become The Dominant Smartphone Platform On The Planet With Over 81% Market Share (More Than Apple Ios’ 15% And Microsoft Windows’ 4% Combined) And 240 Million Mobile Devices Worldwide. Not Too Shabby. With That Comes Enormous Demand For Developer Talent, So Locating Elite Android App Developers Can Be A Daunting Task.

Finding Them Requires A Highly-Effective Recruiting Process, As Described In Our Post In Search Of The Elite Few – Finding And Hiring The Best Software Developers In The Industry. Such A Process Can Then Be Augmented With Questions-Such As Those Presented Herein-To Identify Those Sparsely Distributed Candidates Across The Globe Who Are True Android Experts.

Android Is A Smartphone Operating System Built On Top Of Linux Based On Java And XML. Since The Android OS Is Not Just A Language, But A Complete, Rich And Growing Software Framework, It Has A Lot To Master. As Of This Writing, Android Is In Its 7Th Year, Now At Version 4.4 (“Kitkat”) And Has Undergone 19 SDK Releases.

Google Introduced Android As An Open Source Project In 2007 (See AOSP) So It Could Get A Foothold In The Emerging Smartphone Market. Numerous Hardware Vendors Have Used Android For Their Handsets (Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola And LG Just To Name A Few), Often Adding Their Own Custom
Features And Code. This Sometimes Creates Additional Headaches For Developers When Incompatibilities Or Vendor-Specific Bugs Arise (Read: Workarounds). Android Itself Isn’t A Perfect Mobile App Development OS Either, Of Course – With Its Sometimes Lacking Documentation And Some Quirky- Behaving Code – But It Is Still Certainly A Force To Be Reckoned With.

The Android Application Development Platform Offers A Plethora Of Features And Support Classes:

  • User Interface, Animation, Graphics, Varying Screen Size Support And Orientations
  • Touch Screen Keyboards And Gesture Recognition
  • Databases, Content Providers, Content Resolvers, Adapters
  • Location Detection, Sensors, expectformus
  • Threading Options
  • Accelerated Computation
  • Inter-App Communication
  • Media Playback And Recording
  • Networking And Connectivity
  • Google Play Store And In-App Billing
  • Localization
  • Debugging Tools
  • And Much More…

The Following Snippet Shows A Custom Contactadapter That Displays Contacts In A Listview. (Note: Only The More Important Methods Required Are Shown.)