TopDevelopers Methodology

We all know that, identifying proper and prominent app development and web service provider companies can be a daunting task. Moreover, the activity can get more complex if the client has no proper guidelines or knowledge about what kind of companies will be helpful in providing the services or developing the apps which he desires for. Thus, TopDevelopers have worked out gauging standards that provides a well mapped and focused listing of mobile app development and web service providing companies.

Our gauging standards are well equipped with all the marketing matrices and while listing the companies we focus on all the key areas and also their unique skills.

We employ a unique kind of research methodology that includes factors like company's ability to deliver, reliability, Quality of works, customer reviews, projects handled and Certifications.

Ability to Deliver:
The ability to deliver apps profoundly holds a prime position in our gauging standards. We focus on the company's app & web design and development methods and in general analyze the time taken to develop and deliver the app or the services from the time the idea is conveyed to the company. In addition to this, the particular firm's hold in each of the mobile technology aspect like Android, iPhone, iPad, Wearable and Web app development is given optimum consideration while analyzing their delivering ability.

The reliability of the app and web development company is important as this will decide its longevity and the loyalty of customers towards it. TopDevelopers Reliability gauging standard depends on 4 vital metrics viz. Market Presence, Market Penetration, Company experience and Social Media following.

We decide the market presence of the company on the level of professionalism on the company's website. Also, we rate their market penetration by the diversified number of clients that the company has served in the past. By this, we get an overview and a competent insight about the genres that the web or app development company is capable of working in and their experience in each of the category.

In addition to all this we consider social media as an important criterion. With the advent of mobile technology, Social Media becomes an important medium to pass information and gauge the company's followers.

Quality of Works:
After analyzing the ability to deliver, we next gauge the quality with which the development is done. For this, the main factor that we look into is the references and feedback provided by the clients through different sources. As the clients would provide their unbiased responses, determining the essence and the quality of the work done for an app or the web development done for the company becomes easy and more reliable. Also, the quality of service will provide the full observation of the fact that whether the company is able to meet the guidelines or not, as it was set by the client.

TopDevelopers gauging standard also look at the past works of the app and web development company and the accomplishments that they have achieved for their clients. The study of their portfolio helps us understand the level of complex assignments the company has handled, and thus, would give a clear idea about the credibility of the services the company is providing.

Customer Feedbacks:
Feedbacks are really important as they give the clear idea about the actual service provided by the company. TopDevelopers analyze the customer feedbacks by keeping them in different category according to the tech expertise of the company and then cordially evaluate them keeping some basic criteria in consideration.

Certifications, Awards and Honors:
Any company working consistently and providing its customers their desired products and services is bound to get noted for their work. Therefore, TopDevelopers gauging standard looks considerably into the certification and awards, the company has endowed with for their work because this will tell how authentic and formidable the working procedure of the app and web development company is.