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Interview with Dhiraj Verma, MD and Co-Founder - Depex Technologies

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MD and Co-Founder, Depex Technologies

How did you begin your journey with Depex Technologies?

Setting up a firm when all your friends still believe in better Jobs has never been an easy task. We started this firm in 2015 with just two (Mayank and Me) without knowing that one day we will get such a big recognition. Slowly and steadily we grew-up with the client trust and have better reputation in global market. It won’t have been possible with the due dedication of our Team who stand alive in odd and even situations. Today we are proud to employ approx 90 technocrats, working together under one roof, one vision, and one prosperity (prospective) to attain massive success.

In short, how will you describe your responsibilities at Depex Technologies?

Nevertheless, Management plays a very important role in part and parcel of a company to grow. I am proud that we have got very active and trustworthy bunch of people. I had worked hard in setting up a good team and once you have a good team, all you have to do is tune them with the latest trends and technologies. Being techno enthusiasts, I keep educating my team with the latest technologies and remain top in industry. Last but not the least, I share love to each of my employee and have direct contact with each of them. This is what made us outstand as a good management.

What do you think is the key role that you have to play as a Managing Director?

As a part of upper management, I keep on thinking how my each step towards better management acts to the end employees on the floor and how this can facilitate a better work environment to them. Also, as a founder, my key role has also been to develop the better business hierarchy and revenue stream of the company by keeping the close attention with the important clients and valuable projects executing under team.

Tell us about your most valuable achievement in the industry?

We are among the few companies started working on IoT and AI based application in the early stage. Also, we are known in bringing investment to the big apps, we have promised and fulfilled it by working closely with client interest and help them to bring in the investment to the apps. In the year to come, we are thinking to enhance our verticals in different IT domains and wish we may have few more accreditation

As an app development company, where do you think that Depex Technologies needs a close attention during app development phases?

We give close attention to planning, testing and delivery. We believe in quality because once the apps are launched, it reaches audiences and there the success is all depends on public reviews. It is said, “90% of the people never download the apps again, if they didn’t like the apps for the first time”.

Which project development methodology do you think is effective?

We follow Agile and DevOps Methodologies to cater all our Apps development and we think this is the best practice to assure quality delivery on time.

What will you advice for your peers for an effective management as a director of a technical firm?

For an organization to work smoothly, I would suggest you to treat employee and client on the same stream. If you consider clients are the king maker then employees are also the company maker. It’s their company and it’s very important to make them feel this to unleash their potential. Employees are also human being, matured enough to take the responsibilities but it’s on you that how your management is sharing the responsibility.

How do you balance your relationship with the technical and non-technical teams while leading them?

I am known for a quite mature relationship among our team whether it’s technical or non-technical. I keep in mind the team interest and interact with them accordingly.

Which do you think is the futuristic technology and why?

Web and apps technologies along with the implementation of AI, IOT and machine learning on to it has an excellent future because people around the globe are now more tech savvy and it’s getting revolutionized in the coming days. Chatbots Apps, Amazon Go, Apps controlled Acs/Home automation, Amazon Alexa etc are few examples that are gazing in the market and they will boom the industries in near future.

What are your plans for Depex Technologies in the year that has set in?

To enhance our technical abilities and switch to futuristic technologies; of course, the expansion of global footprints is more of our charms in the coming year. 

Which are your favorite mobile apps? Tell us at least 5 of those.

Few of our favorite apps in my personal diary are: Uber, Byju’s, Instagram, Primevideo, Zomato etc., are some of our interest and wish to develop something new in the trends to be followed.

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