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Interview with Tarun Nagar, CEO - Dev Technosys Pvt Ltd

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CEO, Dev Technosys Pvt Ltd

Give us a quick overview of DevTechnosys. When and how did the company’s journey begin?

DevTechnosys is an ISO certified Mobile and Web Development Company. We began our journey with extensive knowledge of IT and a motto to make technology understandable, reachable and accessible. Since our first step, we have continued along with our international partners' delivered optimized solutions that best meet the modern technology problems. Our bespoke, customer-centric Web/ Mobile App Development Services cater to digital needs with groundbreaking technology, globally functional personalized software that boost the growth and earning a potential of a business.

Till date, we rendered 950+ projects, with 450+ satisfied clients. DevTechnosys is a team of 80+ experts with great experience in their fields, determined to serve nothing but the best to their clients. The dynamic of the CompanyStatistics is to constantly innovate, improve the products and services and serve for customer satisfaction.

What is your role in the management and development of DevTechnosys?

As a Founder and CEO, my job entails me to be ultimately responsible for management decisions and sketch out DevTechnosys’ long-term and short-term policies and plans.

 I’m responsible for crucial business decisions of the company.

Tell us about the biggest achievement of DevTechnosys

Apart from globally received Awards and Accolades, our biggest achievement is our establishment amongst top IT Solution providers in global markets. In 7 years we have managed amazingly well to provide our end to end IT Solutions and Services from grassroots level to peak that helped enterprises in better management, marketing, sales and also better ROI. We have our global presence around 36+ countries, with a record of 90% business return. We count our achievement in a number of long-term relations we generate with our clients and till date, we have served 450+ clients and offered our services in 1500+ projects. 

How do you approach a client and understand their perception of app development process for the first time?

It is one of the most challenging parts of the development process, and yet it has been made simple and unique with technology. We utilize technology to its most and try to create a very fist visual impression of Applications by generating an application’s prototype.

With this technical approach not only, we are able to see ourselves with a basic idea of kind of development our client seeks, it also gives our clients a unique experience to re-evaluate, reconsider and get the first visual glimpse of somewhat-like their final product.

Thus, using technology on each step has made our most challenging task into our strength, in this way we are able to one the same page as our clients.

Which would you suggest for a successful and profitable business progression, Native or hybrid apps? How do you define the factors that influenced you to make this choice?

In my opinion, everything in technology has its own unique flare and same is the case of Native and Hybrid. When the challenge is tapping a heterogeneous market, Hybrid stands in a much more win-win position. It is much more flexy and approachable when it comes to development. Also, it provides ease in development while opening the much wide market for businesses.

Out of many reasons we can say technology and consumer behavior play a crucial role in changing the trend. The technical boom provided a lot of variance in consumer behavior thus dividing the market into portions. While looking forward to mobile app development it becomes very difficult, costly and time-consuming to attend to every consumer need uniquely. Thus, hybrid mobile applications have come for a rescue to many businesses have made its mark quite successfully.

How do you scheme your pricing model? How do you fix your budget?

We came in the industry with a singular notion of ‘making technology as reachable, as accessible and as simpler as it can get’ for our clients. Thus, while scheming our pricing model we indeed offer our very advanced services at a very competitive price.

With our technological know-how and our sheer commitment towards technology, we are naturally able to strategize and plan in a way that makes things very much economic for our clients. While we are offering services at low prices it should be noted that the quality is still maintained at par here at DevTechnosys. Our competition is neither with the surge in price nor with others in the domain, it is basically with the major challenge that is part and parcel of advanced and modern technology and that is -Accessibility. Thus our pricing model is a great blend of breakthrough technology, expert services, and economic pricing.

What are the major challenges that you face as a Business Head throughout a project cycle?

I believe the biggest challenge arrives while blending the technology with innovation. For us, our ultimate goal is to bring simplification and make technology understandable to our clients. Thus, while developing web projects we have to be very cautious so that we are able to meet our clients and their business requirements while making backend and frontend management very easy and user-friendly. For which we thoroughly research our client’s competition, technology trends and also engage in active conversations with our clients to maintain the equilibrium between the two ends.

How helpful are the mobile apps developed by Dev Technosys for your clients in enhancing their business?

Technology is evolving every passing moment and so is a consumer’s behavior, to which it is highly important for an enterprise to react positively with counter solutions. While talking about Mobile Application development, we believe they are the modern way that offers enterprises immense potential. Be it marketing, sales or creating brand awareness, Mobile Applications are the most efficient way to retaliate the modern business challenges. It makes your enterprise very approachable, trendy while making your services and products available on an extremely handy platform.

Sensing which, here at DevTechnosys Mobile Application Development is a well-defined process that involves deep research of enterprises discreet needs, market analysis, competition analysis, brainstorming, development, optimization implementation and much more. We are a full-grown team of mobile app developers and creative designers- experts in their field that make applications well aligned with clients needs as well as enterprise needs. This approach helps us a lot while defining the features of the application which is what makes our applications flawless. Thus, Applications at DevTechnosys have built-in extraordinary qualities that help our clients take lead in their business domain.

What according to you are the best practices to attain client satisfaction? 

There are many practices that ensure client satisfaction of which I personally believe, Client Involvement in the development process throughout App development lifecycle is very much effective. 

A client’s role just beings on the verge of seeding us with the idea. Designing of an app, feature allotment, choosing the platform for the app, regular feedbacks are other roles which as important. Thus, we can say a client’s continuous engagement, seamless communication with your development team via project managers or other ways, daily or weekly reports, end to end discussions can help you a lot to reach very much closer to client’s satisfaction.

How do you update your business system to be in pace with the technological advancements?

Technology is something we thrive upon at DevTechnosys, it is the very resource that makes us a bit higher than our competition in the domain. We are a tech-savvy company which has a lot of passion and love for technology that reflects in our work.

With this love we are also visionary that help us foresee and prepare for the advancement that has yet to happen, thus we keep a close track on the tech-world outside and inside our company and try to set a perfect equilibrium into them.

We expose our designers and developers to the technology boom, contest in many competitions, global conferences, seminars, intense training etc. that keeps them always updated.

Considering the infrastructure of DevTechnosys, being tech-experts and technophiles, we believe in collecting the best of the best technical toolset that helps us strategize and deliver a lot better to our clients.


Which type of mobile app do you think is special in terms of development?

Well, it is a long debate and involves a lot of discussions. When not digging deeper I believe the advent of Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm and there has a meteoric shift in App Development trends that is witnessed.

Also, since it is only on the primary stage, there is still a lot that has yet to be explored and experienced. However, involving technology to the business verticals has started and that has proven to be very successful.

In Mobile App Market verticals such as Wearable App development and IoT App Development will be very much affected by the technology and now they will also be able to reach their full potential. Thus, given that the technology is amazing and also very new, I think its blend of segments such as Wearable, On-demand, IoT App Development will make things very different in the coming future.

What are your thoughts about AR, VR and Internet of Things (IoT)?  

They are the game changers of modern times, just like any other discovery we see that has changed the course of history completely. Technology has made our most vivid dreams come true, when we go back in time we could not even have imagined just with a single tap you can control your home activities- it was magic in those times. Or when we talk about our visual experience technology is dissolving the gap between imagination and reality.

AR, VR, and IoT are next-generation technology that are changing the way we see the world around us. Also, I believe in the undiscovered potential of these technologies, they are very promising technologies that are entitled to change the way we do our daily activities such as management, work, a business also entertainment and leisure. We can say it is just the start of a new era and the world is ready to evolve.

What do you think will be the future of Mobile technology?

As per me, the technology will not confine itself to be in a well-defined shape or size, it is going to change its form and continue to live in our world as in the form of Wearable, AI, IoT etc.

Thus, we can say that Mobile technology future is very bright and in coming future it would be all about mobility, accessibility, and approachability. Communication norms and trends are about to evolve completely, with the upcoming technology. And the future seems very promising considering the present development.

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