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Interview with Vipin Nehra, CEO - SVAP Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

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CEO, Svap Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Give us a quick overview on Svap Infotech. When and how did you begin this journey and what were your motives to be successful in app development?
SVAP InfoTech Pvt. Ltd., an IT and Development firm which strives to help organization gain stability and rapid business growth by developing and executing innovative ideas and staggering techniques to business problems in order to facilitate the building of the business was started in the year 2015. We at SVAP InfoTech are a team of 100+ employees who work on a concept of “Innovation + Practical application = Conquering the IT world.”
We take pride on the fact that we are acknowledged among the best technology companies in Jaipur, India, working with the biggest brands like My Team 11 and Story Pie.

What is your role in the management and development of Svap Infotech?
My main focus is on sales and marketing while leading our organization in a profitable way. I closely follow the app market trends to strategize the flow of our ROI towards better profits.

Tell us about your biggest achievement in the industry

At the moment, we have created many small and large projects that we are proud of, but I would like to single out our best projects named My Team 11 and Story Pie. Initially when we began, we worked hard and smartly, established ourselves in the market, built trust among the customers and succeeded in all our endeavors. This has now grown into an achievement that clients round the globe love to work with us.

How do you schedule the development phases of the apps to promise the timeline to your clients?
We follow Agile methodology for app development where we follow sprint cycles and detailed planning of the entire process. We listen to our client requirements clearly and understand their needs thoroughly. Once the requirements are noted we will proceed by researching on how their ideas can be designed, developed and launched ingeniously to meet their business goals. We work on the sprints and complete the project as the sprints concluded and in this way we keep our clients notified on the project progression. This helps us in delivering the projects on time to our clients.

How do you help your clients in choosing the right yet profitable platform for app development?

Initially we ask the clients a few questions about their project so we can plan the project as per the industry segment. We identify their requirements, views and their expectations from their business’s perspective and get an idea about their choice of platform in accordance with their preferences and audience in mind. This is the case when the clients’ requirements are clear, otherwise we do provide our ideas as per our experience after analyzing the necessities based on various factors.

Which would you suggest for a successful and profitable business progression, Native or hybrid apps? How do you define the factors that influenced you to make this choice?
Native apps will be a preferable option in most cases. Native app prevails since it usually has elaborated user experience, it is scalable, and it has higher quality. It completely depends on the clients prospective whether he wants to go with Native or Hybrid. If the app doesn’t need a high security level, specific OS features, offline mode, and others - Hybrid app is an option. But mostly our preference is native app development.

How do you scheme your pricing model? How do you fix your budget?
We follow the three pricing models for engagement, i.e. Fixed Price Model, Time and Material and Dedicated Base Model.
Fixed Price model is when the client has a budget defined and have the clear picture of the requirements. If he doesn’t have a crystal and clear requirements we follow the time& material model.
Dedicated base model comes in picture when the client requires a full time resource for his idea.

How helpful are the mobile apps developed by your team, for enhancing your clients’ business?
We have developed more than 500+ applications which collectively has a 40+ million downloads and 1000+ star ratings. We have worked on several domains and different structure applications, after discussion on the requirements we provide the client best profitable solution for it. Many of our clients come up with an idea and request us to build a Uber similar, fantasy apps in hybrid platform, we explain them the possibilities on the Hybrid and Native applications with the future enhancements on certain domain, giving them the preference of moving the project on Native application.

What according to you are the best practices to attain client satisfaction?
Our major goal is to deliver the best and profitable solutions to attain the client satisfaction. Proper channel of project management and providing the clients proper and daily updates make us deliver a quality project. Constantly being in touch so that we know how satisfied they are with us and how we can improvise in dire situations. This helps us a lot to boost our confidence within the team. We have a confident and committed team that knows what they are doing and never fail to showcase their best quality of work.

How do you update your business system to be in pace with the technological advancements?
I and my team always try to attend the webinars, tech exhibitions to understand the trends of the market. We always try to implement the latest technologies on the clients’ projects.

What are your thoughts about AR, VR and Internet of Things (IoT)?
I am sure that all these three technologies have a really huge potential not only for IT world but also for a business area on the whole. Augmented reality-based apps can substantially improve different business sectors like real estate, education, healthcare etc. So does virtual reality, but it requires additional hardware, unlike AR, so VR is more specific. As for the Internet of Things, it helps connect various devices around and it really turns the technology into a magic wand. Simply put, that’s the future.

What do you think will be the future of Mobile technology?
The future of mobile technology is going to be full of innovative applications. There will be all-new applications coming out with the new phones. Today, a huge population access mobile media. Also, the development of artificial intelligence in mobile development will grow and AI-based assistants will keep on evolving. Mobile commerce will enter the lives of people more firmly.

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