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Interview with Marc Karasu, Chief Marketing Officer - Vention

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Chief Marketing Officer, Vention

Give us a quick overview of Vention. When and how did you begin this journey and what were your motives to be successful in app development?

Vention partners with forward-thinking companies, from dynamic startups to Fortune 500 giants. We equip business leaders with the expertise they need to accelerate their roadmaps, innovate faster, operate more efficiently, and ultimately increase revenue.

At Vention, we’re in the business of providing customers with ‘engineering peace of mind.' Our strong software skills and flexible engagement models guarantee they get the right product the first time — with no unnecessary do-overs typical in the software services industry.

I joined Vention as CMO in mid-2022, attracted by the challenge of working on a major rebrand in a global company. This opportunity to work with seasoned professionals and push application development beyond traditional industry standards were the key factors in my decision to join.

Since day one, I've been deeply impressed by the exceptional quality of our engineering teams. Their commitment, agility, and collaborative spirit are unparalleled.
Leading the global marketing team has been especially rewarding. We've strengthened our foundations and honed our focus on key metrics and efficiency, prioritizing transparency and collaboration as we expand our capabilities and innovate.

What is your role in the management and development of Vention?

As CMO of a global team, I build the marketing team, help create brand awareness and category leadership, drive lead generation, and grow revenue. This means laying the groundwork for infrastructure, communication, positioning, and messaging for Vention’s three marketing teams — Brand, Growth, and Design.

For a global company like Vention, it's crucial to establish ourselves as thought leaders in what is often seen as a commoditized category. The combined efforts of our three teams across advertising, content creation, social media, SEO, lead generation, and PR enable us not just to present Vention effectively, but also to innovate in a sphere where ‘business as usual’ doesn't bring the usual results anymore.

Tell us about your biggest achievement in the industry.

At Vention, we’re proud of our recent brand overhaul. The Vention name comes from a global rebranding effort launched last June, building on our 20-year reputation to better align our personality and mission with the world economy and innovative technologies.

We're also proud of how, as a global company, we are navigating a noisy and unstable economy, political instability, and the emergence of major new technologies like AI. By being thoughtful, agile, and decisive, we’re able to transform these challenging dynamics into differentiators that enhance our value proposition.

How do you schedule the marketing phases of various projects creatively?

We carefully align each campaign with the broader industry context and economic conditions, as well as our own areas of focus and strategic prioritization. This alignment, which we regularly update and analyze, ensures that every phase — from creating top-of-funnel UX assets to driving funnel conversions — matches external dynamics and client needs.

Our dedicated Creative Production team brings extra agility and responsiveness to our strategies, enabling us to adapt quickly to real-time market feedback and trends. This way, we ensure our marketing efforts are impactful throughout the entire customer journey.

Essentially, we transform the marketing timeline into a strategic asset. We foster cross-functional collaboration and nurture a culture of experimentation, which enhances our market position and sets a benchmark for excellence in software services marketing.

How does Vention help the clients in choosing the right yet profitable platform for app development?

Our process integrates deep dives into official documentation and insights from top-tier market research like Gartner and Forrester, along with our own custom research, ensuring authoritative data back our tech stack recommendations.

Our edge lies in leveraging the firsthand experiences of our developers, who have previously navigated similar challenges. This allows us to understand the practical implications of each platform, particularly focusing on those that have proven essential for specific business functions like Salesforce for CRM.

We evaluate each platform's direct and indirect costs, including licensing, operational, and maintenance expenses. We also assess the learning curve and support needs to ensure alignment with the client's in-house capabilities.

We take what we know and compare it to the possibilities of a fully bespoke solution, tailoring our recommendations to meet immediate client needs while also keeping an eye on long-term growth and cost-effectiveness. This way, we ensure the tech solution fits perfectly now and continues to deliver value down the road.

How does Vention scheme the pricing model and fix the budget for a project?

We initiate each project with a product discovery workshop (PDW), where project managers, business analysts, UI/UX designers, and technical leads collaborate to define the project specifics. The PDW not only minimizes risks, but also sets a solid foundation for the project by aligning our team composition and timelines with the client’s objectives.

After the PDW, we present a detailed, adaptable budget projection as the project evolves. Our hourly billing model promotes flexibility and cost-efficiency, charging clients only for the resources they use. This approach ensures financial transparency and aligns our services with project requirements, fostering a partnership that seamlessly adjusts to changing demands and consistently delivers exceptional value.

How do you ensure brand consistency across various digital platforms?

To truly differentiate, brands should aim to be their own media powerhouses, creating and sharing content directly with their audience. This strategy eliminates the intermediaries and builds a more genuine connection with the audience.

Vention, for example, has embraced this strategy with the launch of the Vention Brand Portal. This platform centralizes essential brand assets and guidelines, ensuring consistency and empowering stakeholders with easy access to the tools they need for accurate brand representation.

In the evolving world of video production and new AI tools, it’s more important than ever for smart and innovative companies to own more of the end-to-end production stack and produce new work at scale.

What according to you are the best practices to attain client satisfaction?

Achieving client satisfaction requires deep empathy, responsiveness, and customized solutions. By understanding clients' unique needs and consistently communicating, businesses show that clients are valued and prioritized. Adapting services based on ongoing feedback further demonstrates a commitment to their success, which is essential for building lasting relationships.

At Vention, we treat our customers as true partners and take an active interest in their business and the company's goals.

How do you update your marketing strategies to be in pace with the ever innovating communication networks?

When the future is uncertain, we go back to the basics: understanding our brand identity, mission, how we communicate, and the values we hold. It's crucial to continuously reevaluate who our clients are and the specific problems they need you to solve. We adopt the mindset of a founder or business owner, understanding that when clients choose a company like Vention, they need assurance that they are making the right decision, expecting real expertise and genuine passion.

Historically, many companies have been too focused on the mechanics of their products (how they work) rather than on why these products are valuable and how they connect with customers emotionally.

In this context, storytelling is key. It's about maintaining a consistent message and crafting content demonstrating how a technology brand adapts in a changing world. 

The most adept strategy seamlessly integrates timeless marketing techniques with the ability to adjust to ongoing changes; this ensures brands remain relevant and maintain a strong connection with their audience as communication channels continuously evolve.

What are your thoughts about AR, VR, and the Internet of Things (IoT)?

AI, VR, and IoT are reshaping work in ways we haven't seen since the industrial age. These technologies enhance human capabilities, creating more interactive workspaces and streamlining processes. Leaders should focus on integrating these innovations to augment rather than replace human efforts.

By fostering a culture that adapts quickly to technological advances, businesses can use these tools to boost job satisfaction, accelerate growth, and enhance customer acquisition.

Your thoughts on the future of marketing in this continuously digitizing business world.

I anticipate a renewed focus on traditional media like OTT, audio, and outdoor advertising. While digital platforms provide unprecedented reach and precision, traditional media's tactile, real-world presence remains crucial in a holistic marketing strategy and storytelling.

Looking ahead, we're preparing for a comeback in personalized customer engagement, prioritizing a deep understanding of customer needs and crafting stories that genuinely resonate with them.

In this context, it's evident that digital and traditional methods aren’t competitors, but complement each other effectively. The most successful brands seamlessly integrate both, enhancing customer experiences and fostering lasting loyalty. This balanced approach not only helps brands maintain pace, but also helps stand out in crowded markets.

I call that ‘performance branding.’

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