Tips for successful co-operation while outsourcing web development Projects

Avantika Shergil By Avantika Shergil  |  Sep 18, 2020  |  Web Development
Outsource Web Development

IT outsourcing marketing is expected to reach an exceptional level and become a $400 billion industry by the year 2022. New-age entrepreneurs are looking at outsourcing as a viable option as compared to building their own IT team.

From cost savings to getting the most out of the web developers, outsourcing your web development process can do wonders for your organization. Moreover, outsourcing helps organizations in improving their core competencies by a whopping 57%. Outsourcing web development services will give you access to some of the intellectual developers located all over the world and thus will bring out the best result for your company.

For modern entrepreneurs, outsourcing their website is a vital thing as the website will become the face of their business and the first point of contact with their targeted customers. Thus, it becomes natural to have countless questions regarding effortlessly outsourcing your development needs to one of the best web development companies, and with this, you can be assured of the co-operation from not only the company’s website developers but also with the professionals involved at various stages during the development.

Outsourcing your web development project isn’t supposed to be stressful if you have a list of best web development agencies at your disposal.

Thus, if you feel insecure about hiring a remote team, we will guide you through some amazing and proficient tips that would help you choose the right web developer and have a long-standing co-operation with them.

What is Outsourcing Web Development?

When you happen to hire another company or a professional to work for you on a contract or for a certain period, it is known as Outsourcing. In the case of web development, this applies when you hire a web development company for your website development project.

Outsourcing of services is not just limited to developing websites, it can be availed for Chatbot development, Business Intelligence application development, Blockchain Solutions, Mobile Application Development, Web App Development, and many more types of projects based on the requirements. Web development outsourcing is an effective method that enhances the service quality of your website and also helps to scale up your venture.

Which is better: Outsourcing or In-house Development?

Here, clearly defining the requirements will provide a brief insight but such decisions should be better taken after reviewing every aspect, and further whichever option is selected it must be ensured that the processes are defined and the path is clear. Let’s have a look at some of the basic pros and cons of both which can provide you a peek into the aspects that need to be considered;

In-house Development


  • You will have a team of your liking. Thus, there will be no dearth in communication or time lost in passing on the message to key professionals working on the project
  • With the professionals working at the same place, it would be easier to keep everyone on the same page throughout the web development process and any changes required can be embedded faster
  • You would have complete control over the team working on your website. Thus you can keep a keen eye on the progress of your website development process and changes that change in the flow that needs to be incorporated in real-time.


  • It is very costly as you would need to build everything, right from the human resources (HR) to the technical requirements from scratch.
  • The complicated hiring process, as it sometimes becomes difficult to find the right candidate who has the same vision for the website as you.
  • It requires you to set up the required infrastructure and will need to hire people to maintain it as well.
  • You will have to brainstorm and create a well-defined process that helps to streamline various processes.
  • There is a possibility that additional resources will be required and that might arise during the various stages of development and you would have to rope in an expert for consultation.

Outsourcing Web Development


  • Reduced HR work, and you can start instantly with your website development as soon as you finalize the best website development agency based on your requirements.
  • You could have flexible hiring depending on the needs and wants of your project requirement.
  • You would save a lot on office infrastructure, and thus outsourcing website development would be very easy on your pocket as well.
  • You will be only paying for the services offered and no additional costs.


  • There is a possibility that you and the tech-partner your select might be from different time zones as the company you outsourced could hail from a different country. But this disadvantage can be addressed as companies these days work round the clock or will decide on suitable time-frames to get in touch with so that the communication aspect will not be a hindrance.
  • You not only hire web developers but different professionals who would be required at different phases of developing a website. Thus all the tiny bits of the requirements if any are foreseen by the expert web development company and notified so that appropriate steps can be taken timely and the project doesn’t suffer.

How is Mobile App Development Outsourcing different from Website Development Outsourcing?

In mobile app development, the top organization employs a more platform-centric approach as compared to website development. Thus while finding the best company to outsource your mobile app development; you need to be very careful with the skill set of the app developers, their app development process, and how flexible they are in adopting the latest trends.

While, the skillset and flexibility are also important factors for web development as well, but today the most important thing for a web development company is to have a mobile-first approach.

Ways to increase co-operation in an outsourcing web development project.

Beginning with a Trial Project

It is okay and essential to be cautious at the beginning of the project; most of the entrepreneurs do so. Most of the professional web development companies would provide a trial project for you. A trial project would be the perfect method to test the company’s skills and see how the top officials react to different situations during the website development process.

In addition to this, you will understand whether your future outsourcing partner is reliable and trustworthy. During the trial project, you will get an idea about how responsive and skilled web developers are and the efforts they put into communicating things to keep everyone on the same page during the website development process. Do they ask relevant questions? Can they follow your instructions? These are some of the critical issues through which you will be able to judge and make a better decision for which trial project can be a good option.

Opting for the leading web development companies will ensure your punctuality, and they will meet the deadlines every time. The trial project will even give you an idea about whether the web development company you select can deliver the product on time or not.

Have clarity about your Goals

Finalize your goals; understand the concepts before handing over your website development project to the third-party website development agency. Before outsourcing your work, you need to do your homework correctly as the web development process is approached differently by different companies.

To understand what you want to achieve with the website, create a general description of the web project. List out the objectives like tech requirements, application of tech stack, etc. and then develop a list of questions that you would like to ask the web development company before giving them your project.

You need to be very sure about the budget that you are allocating for the website development. If you have a pre-defined budget, it will become easier for you to decide what payment method (hourly or fixed) you want to opt for and what would be the best for your business.

The importance of setting the expectations right first-up is high as things tend to fall apart rather quickly if you understand the technicalities differently and have a completely different perspective with respect to that of the expert web developers you hired. The solution here is to be clear with your thoughts for better coordination between you and your web development firm so that everyone is on the same page.

Keeping up with the changing Technologies

Once the website is built, you will look to keep it fresh and updated according to the changing trends. Your professional website developers should be able to maintain and upgrade the website according to the changing trends. With tough competition in the market, you might also need to optimize your website according to the SEO parameters in the future.

Opt for a company that follows a specific dedicated model that suits your requirements and makes it easier to maintain your website most efficiently. Make sure that your website is responsive and is perfectly accessible even on smaller screen devices, as a majority of the users like to use their mobile phones to access websites today.

Selecting the correct Type of Outsourcing Model

There are three different types of website development outsourcing model

  • Offshore outsourcing: It means you hire a top website development team from a foreign country. There might be a chance that an offshore website development firm might speak a foreign language, but majorly most of the vendors speak English, so that is not an issue. Offshore outsourcing stands high on cost-effectiveness, speed, and quality expertise. Moreover, the security risks in offshore outsourcing are highly manageable
  • Nearshore outsourcing: If you outsource the web development project to a company in the same timezone as yours, it is known as nearshore outsourcing. It is advantageous at times, as the development partner will be hailing from the same culture or even understand and speak the same language as you.
  • Onshore outsourcing: Onshore outsourcing is about finding the best web development partner in your region itself. If you outsource web development projects locally, it reduces the language and culture barriers. Here, the nearness of your web development company will be better. Thus you would get less grey hair thinking about the safety of your website. These are just some of the aspects but these it hardly makes a difference with better technology and connecting devices you can be in touch with your service provider as and when required.

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Cost of Outsourcing Website Development

The cost varies according to the location and the features that you want to embed on your website. The price ranges of some of the top destinations where you can find the top website development companies are:

  • Eastern Europe: $25-$75 per hour
  • Latin America: $40-$120 per hour
  • North America: $135-$215 per hour
  • Asia: $20- $70 per hour

Final Insights

Outsource web design and development for your project as it will not only enable you to develop a state of the art website but also provide better credibility to the site. Thus, outsource web development services has a lot of importance on proper communication on various aspects with your outsourcing partner, and clearing out every aspect before you make a decision is essential. If you apply and follow the comprehensive guide on outsourcing website development mentioned above, you can be sure to select the best website development company according to your business. And still, if you are in a dilemma let us know about your requirements we’ll be happy to suggest some of the best ones’ for your project.

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