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Chief of Revenue, Ekoios Technology

How did you begin your journey with Ekoios Technology?

Before founding Ekoios Technology, I spent 7 years working in Business Development & Sales at FPT Software, the largest IT company in Vietnam, specializing in Japan and the US markets. This experience has brought me a tremendously valuable network, and a strong understanding of the global IT industry.

In late 2017, a partner in need of blockchain development services reached out to me for help. So with the support of Dylan, Ekoios' other founder and an esteemed tech leader, we put together a team to work on my partner’s ICO project.

That became our very first project. Ever since, Ekoios Technology has been delivering over 200 blockchain and software development projects for clients all over the world.

What do you think is the key role that you have to play as a Chief Revenue Officer?

As the title suggests, I’m in charge of the Revenue of the company. This includes directing marketing and sales activities through changes in the market, as well as training my team members in having the necessary skills and knowledge to professionally collaborate with global enterprises and startups.

Tell us about your most valuable achievement in the industry.

One of my most valuable achievements must be when Ekoios received its first awards for Top B2B Services provider. As a young startup that has been working tirelessly, it feels ecstatic to finally get recognized on a global scale.

Ekoios is proud to be the development team behind some of the infamous products in the blockchain industry, naming NFTify NFT Marketplace platform, Ultorex crypto exchange, Monsterra NFT Game, and Travala travel booking.

As a web and mobile app development company, where do you think that Ekoios Technology needs a close attention during the project development phases?

We pay close attention throughout every phase of the process, to ensure successful delivery and utmost customer satisfaction. Ekoios guarantees:
•    Requirement gathering: we fully understand client goals, requirements, and deliverables.
•    Design: we make the user experience visually appealing, seamless and intuitive.
•    Development: we always update on the latest technologies and best practices to deliver high-quality products with clean codes. This is proven by our experience with Japanese companies - a market with rigorous standards.
•    Testing: We execute both manual and automated testing to ensure the app is free of bugs and errors.
•    Security: We take this into consideration since the design phase and employ various security measures to protect the app from potential vulnerabilities and attacks.
•    Performance: We optimize the mix of hardware and software to make the app fast and responsive, even under heavy loads.
•    Maintenance: We provide continuous upgrades and support after the app is launched.

Which project development methodology do you think is effective?

I believe that the effective development methodology will depend on a project’s specific requirements. At Ekoios, we are well-versed in both Waterfall and Agile/Scrum methods. And in our experience, Waterfall is more suitable for projects with well-defined budgets and deliverables; while Agile/Scrum is more suitable for those that require constant iteration, communication and optimization.

What will you advise your peers to effectively improve the productivity as Ekoios’s CRO?

Having a clear goal is probably the most important first step. However, for the people working in the tech industry, we need to stay informed of the latest advancement - and I mean daily. Developers around the world are building innovative tools and solutions that hold so much power if companies know how to use it the right way.

Since the boom of ChatGPT, we have been integrating more of AI into our daily operations and saw massive improvement in both productivity and quality.

What according to you are the best practices to attain client satisfaction?

Firstly, communication is key to not only delivering a successful project, but also to building a long-term relationship with clients. With that in mind, we always ensure our team clearly understands project requirements, and that clients are regularly informed of our progress via meetings and reports, in order to avoid any misunderstandings or operational hiccups.

Secondly, quality is crucial. We implement strict standards for project management and testing to maintain high-quality output as well as client satisfaction. Ekoios is recognized by global institutions for this quality. And I’m happy to inform you that we are getting the ISO 9000:2015 quality management certification at the company level, on top of the ISO 27001!

There are other practices of course; however I think these are two most important ones to attain client satisfaction.

How do you strategize your business system to be in pace with the technological advancements?

We make it a top priority, and a daily discussion. Ekoios is also a member of multiple industry-leading organizations to stay at the forefront of tech advancements.

In terms of people, we have a dedicated research and development team to explore the applications of these advancements to the fullest, and hold frequent training sessions and seminars for our clients and employees. Every Ekoios staff is always encouraged to leverage their capabilities by taking up new responsibilities, joining professional courses, and other initiatives with a clear roadmap for personal growth - and reward as well!

Which do you think is the futuristic technology and why?

3 of the futuristic technologies that Ekoios believes in and is directly being a part of are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR).

These technologies have proved to improve productivity and performance (AI), decentralization and transparency (Blockchain), and blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds (AR/VR).

What are your plans for Ekoios in 2023?

We will continue to build our strong presence in Japan, Asia Pacific and the US as the leading company in Blockchain, AI and software development. At the same time, we plan to expand our partnerships and collaborations in new markets such as Canada and Europe.

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