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Interview with Vikrant Jain, Owner & CEO - Codiant Software Technologies

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Owner & CEO, Codiant Software Technologies

Give us a quick overview on Codiant Software Technologies. When and how did you begin this journey and what were your motives to be successful in app development? 

Codiant is an ISO 9001-2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company headquartered in Illinois, USA and offices in UK, Australia, and India. Empowered by a team of technology experts, Codiant specializes in offering customized services in the field of Mobile App Development, UI/UX Development, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, and Application Maintenance Services across various platforms.

With around 15+ years of experience in mobile app and web development, I started this company in 2010. I have always kept my spirits high to help startups, SMEs, and large enterprises achieve their goals by offering them result-driven and strategic IT solutions in various domains and across different industry verticals.

We have delivered over 500 apps, web, software and digital solutions with a high success rate for the Web, iOS, and Android application environments.

What is your role in the management and development of Codiant Software Technologies?

I work in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer. I am responsible for the strategy and execution of projects coming along ensuring the end product is delivered with utmost finesse and excellence. I also oversee long-term customer partnerships, business development and company expansion.

Tell us about your biggest achievement in the industry

If you play your cards right, your exemplary work can help you gain recognitions globally and eventually win potential clients. Winning an award is really satisfying as it validates our work and proves actual business results. Throughout our tenure, we have achieved a handful of awards and recognition. Few of them are listed here:

• Won two gold digital impact awards with our partners Autism West Midlands

• ITFirms listed us in Top Mobile App Development Companies and Developers to Hire in 2018

• GoodFirms listed us in the top 10 Trustworthy Web Designing Companies in the UK

• Ranked amongst Top 50 Web and Software Development Companies of 2018 By TopDevelopers

• Ranked amongst Top 20+ Blockchain App Development Companies 2018 By AppFutura

 How do you schedule the development phases of the apps to promise the timeline to your clients?

  It is nothing less than the industry standard where we follow the complete SDLC model. We have adopted agile methodology that divides the whole project into different chunks viz.:

1. Analysis

2. Planning

3. Wireframing & prototyping

4. UI/UX

5. user stories/cases

6. Databases and Architecture

7. Mobile Application Front end development

8. Backend development

9. Thorough testing and bug fixing (includes unit testing as well)

10. UAT

11. Deployment

These are the typical milestones of a mobile app where the reach of the development milestone is divided into multiple sprints and clients are informed and demoed for the functionalities of multiple sprints where we make sure the suggestions, improvements and corrections suggested by the client are kept as a backlog and improved on priority along the way.

During the whole development, a BA is assigned as a single point of contact to the client and monitored by team lead and managers that makes a communication efficient and helps in timely delivery.

Radically, the whole project is presented to client at every step, feedbacks are taken care at the initial level and resources are managed accordingly so that we meet the deadlines proposed.

On contrary, if we have reusable components in our repository we make immediate use of them to reduce the project timeline and pricing of the project.

How do you help your clients in choosing the right yet profitable platform for app development?

In mobility, there are many factors that influence the choice of right platform for app development. Each app has a specific set of requirements and context of usage. After analyzing core features and functionalities for the client’s requirements, we factor in all the variables such as scale, sensors dependencies, usage urgency, and connectivity dependencies before recommending a platform that is best suited for client’s end business objective.

Which would you suggest for a successful and profitable business progression, Native or hybrid apps? How do you define the factors that influenced you to make this choice?

We highly recommend Native mobile app development (Android, iOS) for a successful and profitable business progression, presumably owing to the significant advantages it has to offer over other. Some of the key factors that sit well and influence me to choose it include security, reliability, high performance and better positioning on the app store.

How do you scheme your pricing model? How do you fix your budget?

Radically, we deliver our services in three different engagement models- Fixed Price, Time and Material and Dedicated development center (DDC) model based on clarity of project requirements.

If the scope of the project and requirements are clear, fixed price model can be an effective choice, while time & material is preferable when client comes to us with dynamic project requirements and chooses to go flexible by taking the opportunity to replace features, shift directions, adjust functionalities and modify the project at any stage of development, whereas, dedicated developers team is preferable when the client is technical and wants to have dedicated technical team in direct communication with the client. This model works best when the project is in continuous evolution, refining and updating phase.  

Fixing a budget has a simple methodology that is based on various factors such as no. of people involved in project based on experience, no. of other resources, infrastructure, and miscellaneous.

How helpful are the mobile apps developed by your team, for enhancing your clients’ business?

We not only help clients in the design and development process, in fact, we do a thorough analysis that includes a complete market research and competitive analysis. This way we propose them a plethora of features/functionalities to accommodate so that their project reaches in every corner of their targeted market i.e. we help them with our consultation based on our experience and analysis of similar applications that yields better results for them.

One of its prevailing examples running in the market is Careclix- a telemedicine application developed by Codiant. Apart from the basic functionalities a healthcare app must possess, we have integrated WebRTC for superlative video conferencing and voice calls, screen sharing, whiteboards and more. The results are today Careclix is counted in the list of best telemedicine companies in the world and is highly acclaimed to adopt use of understandable formats used in the App.

What according to you are the best practices to attain client satisfaction? 

Not bragging but Codiant is synonymous to all those traits that uplift the customer satisfaction quotient to another level. Our avant-garde customer-centric solutions developed while maintaining 100% transparency with clients underpins profound communication at every stage right from the conceptualization and deployment to maintenance and marketing.

These practices, in turn, stir out to be the most active drivers to deliver them a hallmarked product/service with an overall pleasant experience.

How do you update your business system to be in pace with the technological advancements?

Technological advancements have been instrumental in assisting every company in streamlining processes. For keeping up with the latest technology, our marketing and technology research team stay abreast with the latest updates and changes and provide our developers the brief about the changes on the horizon on a weekly/monthly basis.

Besides that, we fuel tech adoption by training and acquiring staff that has skills in new technologies and then we broadly apply their knowledge in the company to meet our IT challenges.

What are your thoughts about AR, VR and Internet of Things (IoT)?

AR, VR and IoT are nothing less than a revolution. These three cutting-edge technologies will disrupt and irrevocably change how we live and learn. They are endlessly pervading and bringing radical changes in the mobile app development process and with an aim to offer more pleasant and interactive user experience to our customers we are simultaneously leveraging these next-gen technologies.

What do you think will be the future of Mobile technology?

Technologies like blockchain, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality have been at the forefront and showing no signs of slowing down. They will surely become the Holy Grail to shape the future of Mobile technology.

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