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Interview with Paresh Sagar, CEO - Excellent WebWorld

Paresh Sagar Interview on TopDevelopers.co

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CEO, Excellent WebWorld
Give Us A Quick Overview On Excellent Webworld. When and How Did You Begin This Journey and What Were Your Motives To Be Successful In App Development?
Excellent Webworld is an IT service providing company spread across 6 countries and serving clients from over 35 countries across the world. Our primary services are in Native and Hybrid Mobile and web app development. Our industrial solutions like CRM, SaaS, ECM, and CMS have helped hundreds of companies in improving their performance. Since the past couple of years, we have been developing industry-first products in future techs like IoT, AR, VR, and Voice-Enabled Technology. We are shortly starting our research on XR (Extended Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) technologies.

I, Paresh Sagar, had been working in the software development industry for 6 years as an employee. I love to code and solve complex problems, but I always felt there was more I could do with my talent. In a short time, I got promoted to the post of project manager where I worked.
Interacting with clients from all around the world expanded my vision and showed me the bigger picture. I understood what the world wants from individuals like me. That’s when I decided to start my own software development company that would not just sell boring pre-set of past solutions but innovate with each project and build something new every day.
We began this company with the single aim to change the IT industry for good and to help business people from all around the world to start and scale their businesses with our technical support.

What Is Your Role In The Management and Development of Excellent Webworld?
I do not want to be the CEO who brags and believes that all was done only by him. The most crucial role in developing Excellent Webworld is of my team. The developers, designers, marketing, sales, and QA; every team has intermingled into a perfect machinery that works seamlessly.
My role is to help out the teams if they get stuck, which is very rare as my teams are experienced and well qualified. Besides that, I love to read and research about the future of trending technologies. So, I am more of an R&D guy who keeps pushing the teams towards new avenues.

Tell Us About Your Biggest Achievement In The Industry
GITEX. It was our first IT Trade show where we showcased our IoT based solution. Our Smart parking project was witnessed and praised by many at GITEX Dubai. We got our biggest IoT-based project from Kuwait from this same event.

How Do You Schedule The Development Phases Of The Apps To Promise The Timeline To Your Clients?

We have a team of business analysts that takes all the requirements from our clients and research thoroughly on every aspect from the app’s potential in the market to its every feature.
Then we make a precise timeline according to the finalized list of app features and design. Once we explain the client about the project timelines and each module’s checkpoints, we begin our work.
We keep our clients updated about the project after each milestone is achieved and follow agile methodology to stay flexible with our working.

How do you help your Clients in Choosing the Right yet Profitable Platform for App Development?
Our sales and development team sits with the client and has a complete discussion about what they are aiming to achieve from their app and what are their plans for the future of the app as well as their company.
We then suggest them accordingly which platform and framework would be the most precise yet flexible option for their app development needs. We show them the app’s capability and future scenarios if they go with other platforms.
After this discussion, we pay heed to the requirements of the client and work with the decided app development platform.

Which Would You Suggest For a Successful and Profitable Business Progression, Native or Hybrid Apps? How Do You Define The Factors That Influenced You To Make This Choice?
Well, there is no one precise answer. We strictly hate the “one size fits all” approach, especially in the app development industry. Such an approach is harmful to any company.
Going with Native or Hybrid app development is a very personal choice for each project and cannot be done merely based on a Pros and Cons list. Many people believe that hybrid is the answers to all their problems; you can’t change a tire with the same tool that mows the lawn.
We take into account what type of features are they looking for in their app and how advance is their design needs. We also take in account whether developing two separate apps for iOS and Android will be better for them in the long run or creating a single hybrid app. We discuss all these factors with them and then come to a final decision.

How Do You Scheme Your Pricing Model? How Do You Fix Your Budget?
We have 4 pricing models in place:
I)    Fixed Cost Model
II)    Time & Material Model
III)    Dedicated Resource Model
IV)    Offshore Partnership Model
We discuss with the clients about their objectives of the project and what their timeline expectation. We will then suggest them the best one according to their individual project needs.
If the client has a clear idea about the project, then we make the pricing model according to the timeline and number of resources needed for the project.
Fixed Cost Model is the right call for the projects that have well-defined work and time-frame. This model has almost no improvisation when it comes to development and follows a fixed set of requirements and feature list specified before the project starts.
Time & Material Model is right for the projects that don’t have fully defined set of client requirements and feature list and which may vary as we move ahead with the project.
Dedicated Resource Model is right for the clients that only need a single or limited resource either to finish their unfinished project or a project that would be lead by (a person with sound technical knowledge) client.
Offshore Partnership Model is the right choice for development companies that are looking for outsourcing resources on a monthly hiring model for an individual resource or dedicated team for multiple projects.

How Helpful Are The Mobile Apps Developed By Your Team, For Enhancing Your Clients’ Business?
I believe very helpful, that is the reason why we have a 95% customer retention ratio. You will only come to work with someone once again if you loved and benefited from their work previously.
We have developed over 900 apps that have collectively achieved 10+ million downloads and 200k+ star ratings. Several of our apps have been mentioned in the top mobile apps of their respective industry categories.
We are proud to help many budding entrepreneurs to grow their business ideas into a fully-functioning and profiting business model.

What According To You Are The Best Practices To Attain Client Satisfaction?
We have a saying in India, “Our Guest is Our God”; we practice the same in our business. There is nothing more important than our client’s satisfaction (except the satisfaction of their end-users).
We also maintain very consistent communication with our client and keep them looped in on all the updates of their project. Our agile methodology makes it easy to pivot our project in-between the development process according to the client’s changed requirements.
We aim not just to fulfill the requirements of our clients, but also provide the preferences that their customers would love in their app. We believe in a healthy work culture and make friends out of our clients.

How Do You Update Your Business System To Be In Pace With The Technological Advancements?

Our resources are always learning so that they update themselves with every new version of software and trending upgrades. Our infrastructure is up-to-date with the international standards so that we never hit a snag in our works.
We hold discussions and learning sessions with our tech teams where we share our knowledge about new technologies and decide on what future avenues to pursue and expand to.

What Are Your Thoughts About AR, VR and Internet of Things (IoT)?
I’m quite positive about AR, VR, and Internet of Things (IoT). That is why our R&D team has been working on these technologies and several others like Voice-Enabled Devices, Smart Living, and Cryptocurrency (our latest addition).
I believe that software development agencies can’t just keep on making websites, apps, and industry software. We need to upgrade to new prospects and not just build but invent stuff of the future.

What Do You Think Will Be The Future of Mobile technology?
Oh man, where do I even begin! First of all, Mobile is no longer just “smart-phones.” Anything that is literally “mobile” in nature, be it your laptop, fitness bands, and any other wearable, everything is changing for good.
IoT has opened up a glorious new path for us to discover. Remember the first man on the moon? What Apollo 11 did for space travel, IoT is doing for the Mobile Technology. Bring in the rest of the clan like AR, VR, machine learning, and AI; and we are looking into something massive and beautiful.

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