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Interview with Vladislav Pivnev, CEO - ICODA Agency

Vladislav Pivnev Interview on TopDevelopers.co

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Give us a quick overview on ICODA Agency. When and how did you begin this journey and what were your motives to be successful in app development?

It was 2017, the mad period when any services quickly found in a cryptocurrency segment the client, and the unique ideas – even quicker. I instantly found clients and also quickly got to work. Certainly, at the first stage, the processes were based quite chaotically. A small team that managed to capture the basic needs of clients in those days was gathered: a mediabaing on the websites devoted to cryptocurrencies, PR, advance at forums, SMM and so on. In those days demand strongly exceeded the offer, however a non-standard approach to the solution of many tasks allowed to endure ICODA "cryptowinter" when the hype of projects left. Naturally, the stream of the companies interested in advance became much less, but a responsible approach favorably distinguished the agency among others. The team understood that clients don't need marketing for the sake of marketing – they need the concrete result measured in clients, money and leads.

What is your role in the management and development of ICODA Agency?

As I said, the idea of creating an agency belonged to me. Our task, as well as the task of any business, was to profit and develop the industry - we wanted to help other projects and earn money from this. Now the main goal is to make a unique product that can compete with others - we are successfully achieving this goal.

Tell us about your biggest achievement in the industry

The first and personal achievement is to assemble a team of strong and talented guys, it is long, difficult and not without mistakes. But the result is worth it.The second – satisfied customers. For all the time of work, there was not a single project that would be dissatisfied with our work.

How do you schedule the marketing phases of various projects creatively?

Overwhelmingly, we create comprehensive marketing strategies before launch to understand step by step plan in the development of the project. This helps to plan all creative, and not only, activity for the year ahead.

How does ICODA Agency help the clients in choosing the right yet profitable platform for app development and its marketing?

We try to find an individual approach to each client. We carefully study his requests, we offer various solutions. As is right, each client works with a whole team of specialists in the fields of PR, marketing and development. We identify the customer's needs and develop a strategy based on those needs. We can say that we are focused on a "personal" approach to each project. We consider that clients don't need marketing for the sake of marketing for a long time, and we try to adhere to the KPI, that is to bring really notable benefit for the client: to raise leads, sales, conversion, and so on.

Which would ICODA Agency as a company suggest for a successful and profitable business progression, Native or hybrid apps? What are the factors that ICODA Agency considers to make this choice?

Before the company opts to develop a native or hybrid application, we, as an agency, ask the question: what does this application need? Of course, if the client's company provides a sufficiently functional range of services, then we would recommend stopping at a hybrid application to be able to access services from any device. However, if the client product is based on mobility, for example, then it may make sense to limit itself to a native application. Although, agree, these days native applications are already becoming rare - after all, the market is too diverse. To promote a specific product, our specialists will also prepare strategic planning individually and offer a comprehensive promotion program. Here everything depends on the specific tasks of the client.

Give a brief idea about the latest digital marketing strategies you devise for promoting client’s business

We have our own strategy development plan for each client: we develop strategic planning, write Whitepaper, create advertising projects, write OnePager and develop presentations, draw up a budget, tokenomics, Roadmap. In addition, the agency is underestimating the development of brandbooks, design projects, the creation of corporate sites and videos, and is developing legal documents. Simply put, we provide a comprehensive range of services that allow us to promote the client's strategy.

How do you update your marketing strategies to be in pace with the ever innovating communication networks?

In general, in the modern world, in order to remain relevant, you need to be aware of market changes and trends. In the blockchain, crypt, fintech - mandatory, since the region develops in seven-mile steps. We ourselves try to study, to study new things in practice. Learn from recognized practitioners from the market.

What are your thoughts about AR, VR and Internet of Things (IoT)?

Of course, there is a future for these technologies. If earlier users, despite all the amenities and advantages, repelled the cost, then over the past few years the technology has become more accessible to the general consumer. In addition, the pandemic that swept the world gave an additional impetus to development. Some companies that adhere to the remote format of work began to hold meetings in the VR environment, and thanks to AR, it became possible to clearly collaborate on projects, for example, in the field of construction, maintaining a remote format of interaction between specialists.

What do you think will be the future of Mobile technology?

Talking about the future of mobile technologies is quite difficult. We're marketers, not futurologists. However, the general trend, of course, can be traced: this is the transition of traditional offline services to mobile applications (insurance, banking services, and so on), and an increase in the speed of work, and an increased level of comfort for work.

Your thoughts on the future of digital marketing in this continuously digitizing business world

Today, several main trends in digital marketing are clearly traced: these are short videos, the expanding functionality of voice assistants, inclusive marketing, the development of new social media platforms (the expanding Clubhouse is a very good example), the increasing demand for personalization of mobile applications and, of course, creative communication companies, which should be supported not only by marketing, but also PR tools, and design tools.

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