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Interview with Ganesh Verma, Founder & Director - MoogleLabs

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Founder & Director, MoogleLabs

Give us a quick overview on MoogleLabs. When and how did you begin this journey and what were your motives to be successful in Blockchain development?

MoogleLabs is a startup company that is primarily focusing on revolutionary technologies like AI/ML, Blockchain, DevOps, etc. Founded in 2020 by Ganesh Verma, the company has already turned profitable and boasts of an exceptional team that has finished several projects based on these technologies.

The world is moving towards the new version of the Internet, and it will utilize blockchain technology even more in the future. Every industry can benefit from the various applications of blockchain, which is why we initially started working on the technology. As a company that wants to offer services related to revolutionary technologies, investing in Blockchain technology became a natural progression for the business.  

What is your role in heading the Blockchain project needs and in the development of MoogleLabs?

As the organization's founder, I have a hands-on approach to work, so I take an interest in every Blockchain project that comes to MoogleLabs. Keeping the Blockchain team enthusiastic and investing in their skill sets are some of the tasks I am responsible for in the organization.

I also have meetings with every team lead every morning to take updates on each task. The SCRUM system has helped our organization keep the highest standards of services for every client who avails our services.
I am also responsible for ensuring that MoogleLabs remains a profitable organization and meet the client's standards and business goals.  

Tell us about your biggest achievement in the industry.

The fact that I have created a profitable venture in less than a year is a considerable achievement. Of course, our set of technologies, years of work and experience have a huge role in the overall results.

I believe that my most significant achievement is creating a niche for my company in the market. Several organizations are offering a variety of services to clientele at large. But, only a few organizations can say that they provide services exclusively in revolutionary technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain, DevOps, Metaverse, and Web 3.0, and that too, at affordable pricing.  

How do you schedule the development phases of a Blockchain project to promise the timeline to your clients?

In the Blockchain development phase, we follow the four steps:
1. Identify the problem and goal
2. Identify the suitable blockchain platform
3. Blockchain Ideation
4. Developing a proof-of-concept

Once the client reaches us with their problem, we will create a complete action plan with timelines and hours spent on the task to develop the product.

We, as an organization, will create complete documentation of the work we will perform and the delivery dates for all deliverables. The system works well for us as it gives deadlines to the users and provides customers with the best products at the most reasonable time and price.

How do you help your clients in owning the best Blockchain solution for their lifetime to be successful in business?

There are a few reasons why our solutions are generally the best for every client.

Firstly, we are problem-solvers who take the input of potential clients and then research our options to find the best possible solutions. To do so, we keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the world of technology and the blockchain industry. Also, we are so good at offering the best solution because we rely on data.

 Moreover, we take the time to understand every client's individual needs. It is only after we know the purpose of the product that we make recommendations on the best way to proceed.

Furthermore, we consider the longevity of the final product to ensure that our solutions stay relevant.

How do you scheme your pricing model? How do you fix your budget?

We offer a flexible pricing model for our clients. Some projects are more suited for hourly pricing, and others can include milestones. We consider the effort and time it will take to finish a project, which is the baseline for the amount we quote. We keep the pricing fair, and do not compromise the quality of our work.

Though MoogleLabs aims to become one of the more affordable options available for the job, our pricing aligns with this goal. We keep our pricing reasonable while reasonably compensating the efforts.

Also, we are happy to have a dynamic relationship with every client with various needs to form a mutually-benefiting relationship.

How helpful are the projects developed by your team, for enhancing your clients’ business?
We are a B2B company, so it is fair to assume that our clients have researched how the investment will create revenue or improve their operations. Having said that, we have already made several blockchain projects to either help with the functions or improve user experience. Our clients are reaping the benefits of their investments and our efforts.

As a company, we understand the concept of Return on Investment, and it is our primary focus of discussion at the beginning of the project. And till now, we have successfully delivered on our promise with every project we have undertaken.

What according to you are the best practices to attain client satisfaction?
Client satisfaction has been one of our primary goals while working with people from around the globe.

In our first conversation with the client, we ensure that all their needs are heard and appropriately noted. Afterward, we create the appropriate plan to fulfill their needs and create a time and budget for the project. Then, we communicate all the details of the projects, along with the expected deliverables and timelines.

If you take the time to draw a clear picture of what to expect from the collaboration and stick to your plan in execution, most of your clients will be happy to work with you again. Of course, you must also ensure an excellent end product, and we manage that front quite well.

How do you update your business system to be in pace with the technological advancements?
Due diligence ensures that your business stays on the path to success, especially in IT.

As a company that focuses on upgrading others to stay updated, remaining in the loop of the latest technology is of the utmost importance to our brand and existence. And that helps us upgrade our business system to keep modernizing our businesses with technological advancements.

In my case, the first application of any new technology occurs inside and for the organization. It gives us the time to understand the concept better, and then we can leverage the information to create relevant solutions for our clients.

What are your thoughts about the trending technologies that will boost the use of Blockchain and why?
Well, almost all of the trending technologies today are finding ways to use Blockchain to improve their operations. It includes metaverse, web 3.0, Quantum Computing, and several others.

The new technologies are steering away from the central server system and moving towards peer-to-peer networks for better user experience and reduced downtime.

Blockchain technology also offers more privacy to users and gives them the right to their data.

These components make Blockchain an integral part of emerging technologies, and hence we will only see an increase in the applications of Blockchain in the future.

What do you think will be the future of Blockchain technology?
Quantum computing will only push Blockchain into more uncharted territories and help it improve its function.

Also, several industries are already leveraging Blockchain technology, and many others are following suit to improve their business operations and user experience. More and more enterprises will start using Blockchain in time.

So, it does have a bright future and a permanent spot in the world of Web 3.0.

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