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Interview with Vikash Sharma, Co-Founder & Director - SparxIT

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Co-Founder & Director, SparxIT

How did you begin your journey with SparxIT?

My journey began with the goal of redefining how businesses use technology. It started with my passion to innovate and deliver the world with future-ready digital solutions. My founding partners and I established our company in 2007 after accessing gaps in the market for complete digital transformation. We had a vision to offer secure and scalable services that not only followed industry best practices but also develop a resilient IT ecosystem for our clients.

We founded SparxIT by putting together a group of experts who were as excited as we were. Not only that, we also put efforts into creating a work environment that is based on teamwork, inventiveness, and customer satisfaction. Our aim was not just to meet the client's requirements but to exceed their expectations.

How will you describe your responsibilities at SparxIT?

As the Chief Executive of SparxIT, I have many responsibilities to take care of, from leading the company in the right direction to business success. It is my duty to build strategic planning, encourage innovation, and guarantee operational effectiveness. As a leader of our vibrant team, I take a hands-on approach to fostering a culture of cooperation and iterative improvements.

Furthermore, I stay updated with the current market developments, encourage partnerships, and drive SparxIT's motto—‘Ideate, Innovate, Create’,  to provide superior mobile and web app development services. To put it simply, my job is to boost SparxIT's growth while continuing to take an inventive and client-focused approach.

What do you think is the key role that you have to play as a Co-Founder & Director of SparxIT?

My main responsibility as a Co-Founder and Director of SparxIT is to develop the company's strategic plan. It mostly includes developing and conveying our vision, encouraging an innovative culture, and making sure that our services meet our clients' changing demands.

Apart from navigating the vessel, my primary duty is to enable and guide our skilled group, fostering a feeling of purpose and commitment. In a nutshell, my job is to maintain quality, client satisfaction, and technical innovation in the ever-changing field of technology.

Tell us about your most valuable achievement in the industry.

While we have won several accolades, the recently awarded “Most Trusted IT Company of the Year-2023” by the esteemed Business Connect Magazine is amongst our proudest accomplishments. Additionally, we are incredibly proud to have earned the title of “Global Award Winner for Top Mobile App Developer 2023” from a reputed B2B site, highlighting our dedication to delivering outstanding digital solutions on a worldwide scale.

How do you schedule the development phases of the apps to promise the timeline to your clients?

At SparxIT, we schedule the app development stages in a very careful and sophisticated manner. We begin every project with a thorough study, working closely with our clients to comprehend their needs and goals. After that, our project management team creates a thorough timeline that divides the development stages into achievable milestones.

Our strategy is based on agile methodologies, which enable efficient and flexible adaptation to changing requirements. We are able to fulfill deadlines and provide reliable, excellent mobile and web applications within the predetermined time frame because of periodic evaluations and customer feedback loops.

Which project development methodology do you think is effective?

We at SparxIT believe that the Agile methodology is quite useful in project development. Its iterative procedure provides flexibility and encourages collaboration, as well as rapid adaptability to ever-evolving business needs.  Agile development methodology ensures ongoing client engagement at every stage of the process, which enhances communication and makes the development process more responsive.

This process improves the overall quality of web and mobile solutions while also speeding up delivery. In the ever-changing world of digital solutions, we continuously achieve customer satisfaction and excellent project outcomes by adhering to Agile principles.

What will you advice for your peers for an effective management as a director of a technical firm?

I would advise my peers who are in directorship positions in technology companies to strike a balance between technical know-how and leadership. A leader should encourage open communication and promote ongoing learning to build a positive and cooperative working environment. Moreover, they should give priority to hiring and retaining talent and understanding the importance of having a knowledgeable and driven team.

Additionally, it’s quite necessary to adopt emerging technologies and business trends to remain flexible in a world that is changing quickly. Consequently, a thought leader should be client-centric and cognizant of their changing demands. They should also look for balancing operational expertise, strategies and focus on client-centricity to achieve long-term success.

How do you balance your relationship with the technical and non-technical teams while leading them?

We create an atmosphere of mutual respect for one another and make sure that technical ideas are communicated to non-technical teams in a clear and understandable way. At SparxIT, we use harmonious work dynamics that are enhanced through feedback sessions, regular team meetings, and the promotion of an inclusive culture. With this strategy, we facilitate a coherent and cooperative work culture that increases overall productivity and strengthens the collaboration between our technical professionals and non-technical teams.

Which do you think is the futuristic technology and why?

I believe Artificial intelligence is one of the futuristic technologies with great potential to facilitate digital transformation. Its capability to analyze enormous datasets, identify & learn patterns, and provide smart solutions are transforming various industries for good. Innovative solutions in automation, healthcare, BFSI, supply chain, and other sectors are being led by AI using machine learning and natural language processing. As AI technology is still evolving, it will be a major factor in determining the landscape of digital transformation in many industries.

What are your plans for SparxIT in the year that has set in?

SparxIT is well-positioned for strategic expansion and ongoing innovation this year. Our aim is to increase our service offerings and provide even more significant solutions across the globe by utilizing technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain, AR/VR, and the like. In fact, maintaining and improving client relationships is still our top priority. All things considered, our goals are to maintain consistent quality, satisfy our client’s needs, and make a significant contribution to the constantly changing digital ecosystem.

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