10 Best Crypto Wallets of April 2024: How to Choose the Best One?

Gillian Harper By Gillian Harper  |  Apr 2, 2024  |  Cryptocurrency
Best Crypto Wallets

Growing digital penetration is making more and more users embrace cryptocurrencies, and that’s shaping the economic status. The number of users expected to increase to 992.50 million by 2028 in the cryptocurrency market will surge revenue to $71.7 billion. The significant attention of users attracts entrepreneurs to start a crypto business that enables easier transactions, enjoys unmatched security, and excels with a crypto wave.

Crypto businesses are increasingly adopting cryptocurrency exchange apps or crypto wallet solutions for secure transactions. There are many types of cryptocurrency wallets where, some of which allow users to control their private data, while some hand over the control of digital assets to third parties during the buy and sale of cryptocurrencies.

With numerous choices for crypto wallets, evaluating and finding the best crypto wallet is difficult. This need is recognized by TopDevelopers.co experts who have best-defined crypto wallets, and the way they work, and presented a list of the best crypto wallets of 2024 that makes the search easier and faster.

What Is a Crypto Wallet?

Crypto wallets provide a platform for businesses and individuals to make transactions using blockchain-powered cryptocurrencies. The wallets provide a private key to the users that allows users to store the cryptocurrencies safely and initiate transactions securely. In addition to transactions, users can check balances and transfer digital assets to other users using the same crypto wallet effortlessly.

A crypto wallet is good for individuals looking to have complete control over a single transaction carried out in a day. However, businesses conducting multiple transactions using different cryptocurrencies require payment processors. So, crypto wallet companies partner with web3 service providers to ensure seamless digital payment in the currency users want.

How Does a Crypto Wallet Work?

Cryptocurrency transactions through a crypto wallet don’t involve any kind of cryptocurrency transfer. Instead, the ownership of those cryptocurrencies sign-off to other user’s wallet addresses. After signing off, the cryptocurrency on the blockchain belongs to another user’s address. Private keys and public keys are used for initiating and completing transactions through public wallets.

The public key behaves like your email address that users need to share with other users to receive emails (Getting cryptocurrency through a crypto wallet). Private keys act like a password for an email account that’s shared with no one for sending emails. Public keys are assigned spontaneously for initiating transactions, and they must match with private keys for funds authentication. Balance in crypto wallet increases or reduces based on private and public key verification.

Top 10 Crypto Wallets Of April 2024

With thousands of cryptocurrencies available for trading, choosing the right crypto wallet is essential for people worldwide. An in-depth discussion of these top 10 wallets helps businesses find which is the best crypto wallet for transactions.

#1 Speed Bitcoin Lightning Wallet

Speed is the Bitcoin payment processor facilitating storage, transaction, and trading with stablecoin and bitcoin using the platform. The free crypto wallet allows businesses and individuals to get their transactions processed at lightning-fast speed because it leverages real-time Bitcoin value. With account creation for free, users can transact online or in-person in 20+ currencies at no transaction fee.

Special features of Speed

  • Seamlessly integrate with any type and size of business website
  • Allow fast and secure payout with a simple QR code scan
  • No transaction fees or cashback rewards
  • Detailed documentation and 24/7 dedicated support
  • Enable multiple Bitcoin payments using a single link


#2 Coinbase Wallet – Your key to the world of crypto

One of the best crypto wallets is a product of Coinbase- the cryptocurrency exchange company. Coinbase wallet is free to install on mobile devices, allowing users to store and manage several coins, tokens, and NFTs effortlessly across 130 geographical nations. The strict adherence to regulations and compliances makes Coinbase the most trustable wallet. With private keys, users have complete control over their wallets stored in their mobile devices.

Special features of Coinbase Wallet

  • Compatible to work on mobile devices and browser extensions
  • Two-factor and biometric authentication improve security
  • Token monitoring ensures transactions are safe
  • Supports transaction of 10,000 digital assets
  • Private keys are not stored with exchanges, ensuring data is safe


#3 Trust Wallet: Best Crypto Wallet for Web3, NFTs, and DeFi

Trust Wallet is the best pick on the list that’s trusted by more than 70 million users globally on mobile and desktop. The crypto wallet for mobile features a clean interface with built-in support for NFTs, dApps, and other assets. The product from Binance company is non-custodial and ensures private keys are provided to the users, and they are responsible for keeping them safe. Built-in web 3.0 browser makes buying NFTs with a wallet easier because tokens are accessed and purchased using decentralized exchange, eliminating the need for leaving the Trust app.

Special features of Trust Wallet

  • Support 10 million tokens and coins on 100+ blockchains
  • Allow earning interests for over 24 cryptocurrencies
  • Users can buy a large number of tokens with Binance DEX integration
  • Highest-rated mobile crypto wallet on the Play Store and Apple Store
  • No information is stored about users

#4 MetaMask: The Ultimate Crypto Wallet

The crypto wallet for Ethereum blockchain enables easier access to thousands of ETH-based tokens, NFTs, and dApps within the Ethereum network. The User-friendly interface has improved the accessibility and usability of the wallet for users looking to store and transact Ethereum-compatible cryptocurrencies. Compatibility with blockchain solutions, support for web 3.0 networks, and access to NFT marketplaces increased the user base to 30 million monthly. The wallet is also available as an extension using Chrome, Mozilla, or Brave browsers.

Special features of MetaMask

  • Linked with popular NFTs
  • Self-custodial nature allows swapping or transferring cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another
  • Various payment methods and networks are available using the wallet
  • Businesses can directly chat from the browser
  • Users’ account information is encrypted, and private keys are stored locally with users

#5 Electrum Wallet

The free and open-source Bitcoin wallet, built in 2011, comes with a high degree of customization and security features. The non-custodial wallet only deals in Bitcoin and comes with two-factor authentication, multi-signature, and transaction proof of checking, which makes it highly secure to use. There is a transaction fee involved that increases depending on how fast users want to complete transactions. The decentralized server ensures the wallet remains functional all the time.

Special features of the Electrum Bitcoin Wallet

  • Simple payment verification ensures required parts of the blockchain are downloaded that, speeding up transactions
  • Open-source wallets allow developers to scrutinize its robustness and quality
  • Easy integration with a hardware wallet and more secure than a hot wallet
  • Light client usage makes wallet setup faster and easier
  • Watch-only option with no private keys locked in

#6 Exodus Wallet

One of the best software crypto wallets initially launched as a desktop-only wallet is now available for mobile and web 3.0. users can sync desktop and mobile wallets with swap and manage the wallet with face scanning. Exodus mobile wallet is compatible with Trezor One, and Trezor T hardware wallets support 260+ cryptocurrencies and established altcoins (any alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin) as well. The intuitive interface features several apps such as crypto stacking, live charts, crypto deposits, and more that render great functionalities.

Special features of Exodus – Crypto Wallet

  • Speed up transactions as it runs on the light client
  • Transaction fees get modified based on the cryptocurrencies used
  • Apple Pay users can also buy Bitcoin
  • Secret recovery phase and control over keys
  • Facilitate profile detail and language customization

#7 BlueWallet – Bitcoin wallet and Lightning wallet

If Bitcoin users are looking to choose a cryptocurrency wallet with a simplified interface that’s highly accessible and intuitive to use, a BlueWallet is the best wallet for them. Going beyond storing, sending, and receiving bitcoins, a wallet is continuously innovating to improve user experience with incredible features like sending batch transactions and fee customization. Lightning network implementation enables faster peer-to-peer payments on a layer two network. There’s no two-factor authentication, but multi-signature vaults enhance the wallet’s security.

Special features of the BlueWallet

  • Supports both lightning network and one-layer transactions
  • Allow users to import various wallets
  • Facilitate tracking cold storage even without using private keys
  • Ability to create different passwords and decrypt the setup of forged wallet
  • Support transactions in 30 different currencies and 30 languages

#8 Ledger: Hardware Wallet & Crypto Wallet – Security for Crypto

The hardware crypto wallet is used at scale for buying, exchanging, and managing cryptocurrencies. Two ledger wallets are highly popular that are Nano S Plus and Nano X. Ledger’s Nano S Plus wallet is compact and even fits in the user’s pocket. It comes with cable, a recovery sheet, a keychain strap, and a chip that’s compatible with working on a desktop. Trading capability allows users to manage and trade using 5500+ coins and tokens. On the contrary, ledger Nano X is a mobile wallet with Bluetooth functionality, allowing users to make transactions on the blockchain. It’s also compatible with 64-bit desktops and highly secure to use.

Special features of the Ledger Wallet

  • The Ledger Live app enables direct buying and selling of cryptocurrencies
  • One hundred applications are installed simultaneously
  • All transactions get verified in just two clicks or taps
  • Certified by the government for the highest level of security

#9 Trezor Hardware Wallet | Bitcoin & Crypto Security

In a market for cryptocurrency wallets, Trezor wallet stands out with its ability to store and manage cryptocurrencies offline. There’s a chip that credit card has, which improves wallet security. With 8000 coins and tokens, users can transact and get confirmation right in the wallet. Products from SatoshiLabs support many assets and offer native compatibility with Exodus wallet, so Exodus wallet users can use Trezor as well.

Special features of Trezor

  • Built-in backup security and other security measures that keep hackers away
  • Easy to navigate and transact using 5500+ currencies
  • Allow storing a recovery phase that helps when users lose the ledger device
  • Facilitate 2-factor authentication and seed recovery

#10 Crypto.com | Securely Buy, Sell & Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and 250+ Altcoins | Best DeFi Wallet

When users look for a crypto trading platform that provides decentralized finance tools, crypto.com is the best pick because it provides a security framework with excellent onboarding. The popular DeFi wallet is good for beginners in decentralized finance and provides complete control to the users of their digital assets. The unique thing about crypto.com is it allows users to use the wallet even without creating an account on the exchange platform.

Special features of crypto.com

  • Secure enclave technology is used for secured transactions on iOS devices
  • Wallet connect tool enables connecting with other decentralized apps
  • Other wallets are created or imported effortlessly
  • Transaction fees depend on the speed of transactions selected
  • Transact using more than 250 coins

How to Choose the Best Crypto Wallet?

Ideal Crypto Wallet Selection Essential Tips

Cryptocurrencies are exciting assets that are making people invest to make millions. Still, at the same time, it’s volatile, unregulated, and not backed by anything, which makes it necessary to invest in crypto prudently. A crypto wallet is the best way to store and trade using thousands of cryptocurrencies. However, users prefer to transact various coins and tokens using one wallet or want to use a wallet that supports leading cryptocurrencies. Also, there are a lot of things that need to be considered before choosing a crypto wallet, as people are investing hard-earned money that they don’t want to put at stake.

Check the reputation

The wallet from a reputed company ensures that it’s good to use for holding coins and tokens. Tracking the record of the company and going through online reviews highlights whether the crypto wallet is trustworthy and reliable or not. Existing users endorse the company behind the wallet, which builds wallet credibility. A high security score is another factor that users should consider before downloading a crypto wallet.

Ensure it serves the purpose

You checked the trust and credibility of the wallet for cryptocurrency, but still, it’s better to test it to see if it works as expected. Initially, it’s better to transact using a small amount, and once you get confident about transactions, making bigger transactions is good. Such an approach reduces the risk of catastrophic losses.

Support for cryptocurrencies

With tens of thousands of coins available in the crypto market for trading, users want to transact using a few coins and tokens. It’s essential to see if the selected crypto wallet supports the currencies you are looking to trade in. The top 10 wallets listed in the blog support widely-known cryptocurrencies that make it easier for users to manage the portfolio of all the crypto coins under one application.


Security is the cardinal aspect of blockchain-powered crypto wallet. However, checking security measures such as end-to-end encryption, backup options, and users’ key management is necessary. Also, users should verify if the wallet supports 2-factor authentication, biometric authentication, multi-signature vault, and other security measures, ensuring cryptocurrency transactions through the chosen wallet are completely safe.

What does it feature?

Not all cryptocurrency wallets provide a range of functionalities that users are looking for. For example, when users need NFT storage or wish to transact using DeFi coins, they must identify whether the wallet enables accessibility to the decentralized web and provides NFT storage respectively. Also, NFTs investors prefer storing coins or tokens in cold storage and getting online when they need to do transactions.

Which Is the Best Crypto Wallet?

Cryptocurrencies are growing and soon get a sweet spot in the upcoming years. The unmatched growth and benefits are gearing up businesses to integrate crypto wallets into their businesses. The enlisted top 10 crypto wallets with rich insights allow start-ups to individuals to get around the crypto market inexpensively and securely. Go through the guide to find the best crypto wallet that serves your needs with the required functionalities and support for cryptocurrencies and is within budget. Find the best match to reap the rewards.

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