Top 10 Location Tracking Apps That are Making Lives Easier

Avantika Shergil By Avantika Shergil  |  Mar 23, 2023  |  App Development Mobile Apps
Best Location Tracking Apps

Mobile apps have made our lives damn easier.

Be it booking a movie ticket, booking a taxi or cab, ordering food, searching nearby restaurants, finding loved ones who are away, locating digital devices, or tracking recent order status- everything has become viable with location tracking GPS integration. Furthermore, with location tracking apps, family members or loved ones when they are away or out for travel can be helped in emergencies by identifying their last active location and tracking their path.

This way real-time location tracking app reduces anxiety levels and puts the minds at ease when loved ones are far away and get late. It signals every app requires location tracking wherein the geo-location tracking feature and apps come to the rescue.

Realizing the need for location-tracking apps and their accelerated usage, entrepreneurs have launched location-tracking apps with the help of mobile app development companies based on a unique idea that differentiates them from the crowded market. Take a look at the top 10 location tracking apps that are making different aspects of the modern lifestyle simple by providing global positioning monitoring.

10 Best Location Tracking Apps to consider in 2023

Precise and accurate position tracking to inches has made location-tracking apps an integral part of our lives that is less often realized. Take a look at the most prominent location-tracking apps that are used at scale.

Google Maps – Best live tracking app

Google maps is a premier location tracking app that allows users to view the current location and showcase the directions to another location with a variety of routes to follow based on traffic conditions. The app suggests and displays another route automatically based on live traffic conditions.

Also, the map application by Google maintains a record of previous locations searched and showcases them on the timeline. It allows users to share real-time locations or custom locations in a single tap. With technology progress, the app has become so precise that it can be used as an indoor map to quickly find the way. It can also show you the nearby and related locations according to your search.

FamiSafe – Best location-sharing app

The FamiSafe app is aimed at keeping family members safe with the ability to track the mobile phone of family members such as kids, loved ones, or old-age members without them knowing. The geo-fencing capability of the app alerts the users when a family member moves out of the defined proximity. Smart parental control settings help in tracking inappropriate content that kids are accessing or viewing on social channels. Also, warning signs are added by the users that display on the family members’ screens that warn them not to access the content.

App blockers and web filtering power the users to disable the family members to use specific apps or access certain websites that are not good. The FamiSafe app users can also control screen time with the ability to know for how long family members are using the device. It keeps the parent or head of the family live with peace of mind even when they are away from family members.

Find my iPhone – Best app for tracking the location of iPhone

As the name suggests, the app is dedicated to people having iPhone devices that allow users to find and track all the devices that are signed into their iCloud account. By turning on the family sharing feature, the app allows you to track the location and whereabouts of peers, kids, spouses, and parents for free.

The app is a great help in case you lose your phone and wondering about the critical information stored on your iPhone device. The Find my iPhone app allows you to erase the content and settings remotely followed by remote device locking with a passcode that no one can crack.

Life360 – Location Sharing, Safety & Family Tracking App

In the 21st century, knowing the life of kids from 360 degrees is all-important to ensure they are in touch with the right people. In the digital world, it’s a hard nut to crack, but thanks to location tracking Life360 app that has provided a smart way to track the kids all the time or keep a check on their mobile in real-time.

It’s essentially a family locator app that enables creating a private group known as circles, wherein the users can track the location of circle members. In cross-platform location sharing, the users can opt to turn off sharing feature that inhibits other circle members to track their current location. It helps in tracking the lost phone 24/7.

MapMyRun by Under Armour – A complete set of tracking & training tools

If you are looking for a mobile location-tracking app that seamlessly integrates with wearable devices, Map My Run Under Armour is the best solution. The app act as a good workout partner that monitors workout precisely which is impossible to assess by ourselves.

For instance, the app with the help of the wearable records ground contact time, foot strike angle, stride length, and more, and displays the statistics on the mobile phone. It helps in understanding the mistakes and ways to make them better. The MapMyRun app is synced with Google fit, Suunto, Fitbit, and more to keep tabs on your workout like a trainer. The location-sharing app is available for a free trial for 1 year and visual and haptic updates are rolled out in real time. It’s best for tracking location, routes, and workouts.

Family locator – Best GPS tracking and monitoring app for Family

As an elder or responsible and caring person in the family, if you are concerned about the well-being and safety of family members, a family locator is the app to consider. It allows you to track family members digitally without their permission all the time. the geolocation tracking app displays a map where you can view the location of family members in real-time right on the map.

When the family members move out of pre-defined zones or proximity areas, the alert is sent and the location of the member can be viewed on a map for easy tracking. Not to forget, the app helps you in tracking stolen or lost mobile devices of the members as well.

Glympse – A Platform with Real-Time Geo-Location Technology

Glympse leads the chart of top free phone tracking apps that are specially designed for real-time tracking with a location-sharing feature. The dynamic app enables positional surveillance and location sharing immediately with no downloads required.

Instant alerts are sent when roadside assistance or emergency help is required. The app is available for both platforms- iOS and Android that also enable users to turn on/off the location tracking feature. With no registration required, the app also supports cross-platform location sharing.

mSpy – parental tracking and monitoring tool

The free phone tracking app gradually evolved as the best location tracking app globally that can best spy on children’s mobile phone activities. The spatial tracking and monitoring app helps in maintaining a record of children’s GPS location, call history, contact numbers, and call details that users can access anytime, anywhere. Besides, the users can spy on the text messages and internet activities of the children.

In addition to maintaining a record, the users get real-time alerts for children’s location, restrict incoming calls, access images and videos from the gallery, and more. Ultimately, it helps in monitoring children 24/7 even when they are at distance.

Find my kid – GPS Tracker For Kids to keep your family safe and secure

The GPS monitoring app works best in emergency cases to find kids when they are away at an unknown place. The geolocation tracking app helps you find your kids by listening to their environment even when the kid is not able to receive the call. When alerts are set for security purposes, users will get notifications when kids reach different places such as school, back home, reached the park, or other places.

There’s a facility to set custom alerts when kids move out of the traceable location or wander somewhere which is not a safe place. There’s a loud signal feature in the Find my kid app that sends a loud alert even when the user’s phone is silent.

Verizon Smart Family, Location Tracking & Parental Protection

The GPS phone tracker app stays ahead of the curve with its phenomenal features. Users can monitor the mobile phone activity of the target device through the app which can be installed with a single click. The app is a boon for parents that enables them to track their child’s location, detect the content they are accessing, and control digital content accessibility with website browsing and app access filtering.

The smart family app also provides insights into driving behavior that enables parents to understand child’s driving habits and warn them to make changes for their betterment.

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The top picks of location tracking apps among thousands of location tracking apps populated on the app stores and play stores are embraced by the users at scale. The location-based apps are delivering amazing experiences with rich risk mitigation functionalities and aesthetic designs. Thereby they meet the need for convenience, affordability, security, and parental spying on child’s activities. Come up with your mobile app location tracking needs and then select the app that best fits your needs. The apps are available as paid, for free, or packed with an in-app purchase that users should consider before narrowing down the choice to one application.

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