Modern Web Design Trends and how it can keep your business thriving

Avantika Shergil By Avantika Shergil  |  Jun 9, 2022  |  Web Development Website Design
Modern Web Design Trends

Website design not just visualize services & product to online users but it’s a face of your business. Appealing attracts the user. Want to know how to make it impressive? Explore.

Many of us may think that a website is a mere tool to advertise your business. Hence, many business owners, freelancers, and bloggers settle for a basic website with loads of content and a few images. Mission accomplished, right?

Wrong answer! Visitors and potential customers browse through your website and form an impression of your company/services. 90% of website users switch to a competitor after a poor website user experience. 57% of customers admit that they won’t recommend a website that is not mobile-friendly.

How does effective web design impact your audience and your business? After reading the above statistics and going through some effective website redesign tips, most people would not ask this question. A website visitor’s user experience largely depends on its navigation, loading speed, content, images, and the value it provides.

However, we know these stats are not enough to convince you about the importance of a website with a modern web design. This blog will shed light on how impressive web design can take your business to the next level. No more talking, let’s get started.

Types of Web Design

No doubt when you approach web development companies, you get plenty of options, support, and suggestion regarding web design. They help you understand the type of best website designers, especially what design will best fit your business. Still, we have mentioned the type of website design to choose from. When you know about these types, you can take a better decision.

  • Adaptive web design: With adaptive web design, designers fix the website’s content in a layout size that can adjust while viewing on various devices. In this way, designers will have full control over the finished website.
  • Responsive web design: In this web design concept, the website’s design amends itself to suit varying screen sizes. Hence, visitors can view the optimized website version, enjoying easy navigation & enhanced performance, regardless of the device they use.

Web designers can follow any of the above web design approaches. However, an adaptive web design loads faster than the responsive one because it only transfers the necessary elements, depending on the device. Adaptive web design follows a more customized approach.

What Web Design to Pick?

Best web designers pick from either the readymade template or the custom design. Startups and emerging businesses tend to use a readymade template because they are on a budget. Using a readymade template, web designers can experiment, pick a template they like and adjust the content, videos, and images around it.

On the other hand, a custom template is for established businesses and corporations. Firstly, the web designers understand the company’s needs. Next, the company creates content plus a robust strategy and the web design will revolve around it. Then, the company can also create a marketing strategy that’s in line with the website design and brand image.

Keep in mind that custom web design is great but it is also more expensive and time-consuming. So, it is a good choice to go as you find it suitable for your business requirement. Meanwhile, you can discuss this with your tech partner or when you hire dedicated web developers.

Key Elements of Effective Web Design

When it comes to having a modern web design, it’s important to understand the trends, though understanding the trends alone will not will unless you know the key elements of effective website design. So, let’s explore the top elements of effective web design.

Key Elements of Web Design


In 2022, there is stiff competition among companies so the website had to look good. So, it is very important how the videos, animation, images, content etc are placed on the website. The key aspects of the layout are maintenance, balancing and consistency.

Leave the required space between different blocks of content to make it easier for visitors to browse. Nobody likes to see chunks of content stuffed together. Break up the content into smaller paragraphs if necessary.


Colors play a vital role in enhancing the website’s look and grabbing visitors’ attention. Also, web designers must use colors as per the client’s requirements and brand image. Moreover, the color patterns must be the same on all the pages because that will indicate symmetry and consistency.


How do you attract a visitor’s attention and make him read the content? You can use graphics like logos, maps, images, diagrams, flowcharts, etc. With these graphics, the website can convey professionalism, and brand value while lending visual appeal and functionality. Placing graphics appropriately is also crucial because it provides a proper structure for the website.


Apart from colors, what is more, important is the website’s fonts. Whether you admit it or not, bigger fonts get more attention but it is crucial not to overdo or visitors will lose interest. Define the hierarchy of your website with attractive fonts while lending a feeling of professionalism, consistency, and elegance.


Along with an attractive and modern web design, the website’s content should be unique and provide value while being on point.


The overall structure, links, menu items etc must be created while bearing in mind visitors’ browsing and search patterns. If users are unable to find the required information quickly, they will exit the website and go elsewhere.


Not every visitor uses a laptop/desktop these days. Many people use tablets or smartphones and your website must function optimally on those devices too. Create mobile/gadget-friendly websites or your potential customers will do business with your competitors.


Talk to your customers, not literally, but you should let your website content do the talking. Engage with visitors/customers by asking for ratings, holding contests, offering rewards and prizes, and keeping them engrossed with new updates. You can also incorporate quizzes, polls, and stories while encouraging user feedback. Lastly, you can also include social media buttons and post-user-related content.


Plain text and loads of it can become boring. Using multimedia files like images, videos, flash, etc will enhance visual appeal while boosting traffic and giving your visitors a chance to return.

Now again, you need to brainstorm over the trends, especially what trends are being followed for web design in 2022. When you want to have the best web design trends embedded to your website, it’s always best to hire one of the top web development company.

Let’s check the modern web design trends to implement for business success

Custom Illustrations: Let Your Brand Tell Its Story

Custom Illustration refers to a picture or drawing that is used to prove something. It’s not a new term in the website design, though it’s going to be a crucial one when it comes to communicating to customers on an intuitive level. It’s one of the key elements of a brand’s identity, helping narrate brand stories in an enduring way.

  • In simple terms, illustration gives your brand life.
  • When you look for a modern web design in 2022 and beyond, custom illustration going to a crucial factor.
  • It will help you make your web design unique and create effective brand awareness by showcasing your brand style.

White space: Let Your Design Breathe

White space refers to empty space around the content that enables users to see the texts clearly. However, in website design, white space allows your design to breathe, just like the custom illustrations. However, custom illustration is for images, and white space is for text. It simply reduces the text so that users can see the functional elements without noise. Besides, white spaces allow your users;

  • Move through the website
  • Identity sites hierarchy
  • Define relations between pages and folds
  • Find the most crucial and valuable information on your website

Playful cursors: Give Different and Unique Experience

As the name suggests, the Playful cursor gives a lonely yet catching effect, giving sin not to seize the opportunity to your website to keep your users or visitors engaged. Yes, it’s in trend, albeit tiniest yet effective in every sector.

Whenever users visit your website, they are likely to move the cursor across the pages; an animated cursor can fulfill various purposes apart from keeping your users entertained. You can customize the cursor with animation so users can spend a couple of minutes exploring the website without getting bored.

Grid design: Structure Content

Grid design enables designers to organize graphic elements to provide visual appeal to users. It gives rational and easy-to-absorb elements while allowing your website to be consistent across browsers. Grid design comes in various forms, though CSS Grid Layout has become popular in recent years.

CSS Grid Layout is and going to be a web design trend for 2022 and beyond as it simplifies creating layouts for complex responsive web design.

Dynamic scrolling: Create the Illusion of Depth and Layers

When it comes to giving your website design a visual appeal with an interactive and alive feel, then dynamic scrolling is the best web design option in 2022. It was in trend in 2021 and will continue to roll the roost in 2022 as the best website design trend.

Dynamic scrolling is a crucial tactic to equip your website with different scrolling speeds. For example, when a visitor moves the mouse cursor across the pages, it will create an impressive 3D effect. You can customize it according to your website niche, making its foreground and background provide a dynamic scrolling experience.

Dark Mode: A Key to Success in Digital World

The dark mode comes with a lot of benefits, from providing enhanced accessibility and less eye strain to visitors to elegant design and prolonged battery life. Offering dark mode design is already in trend, and most of the top brands, including Google, have started providing users an option of the dark mode design.

Flat Design: Gives Your Website Wing

Flat design offers easy comprehension to users while allowing your website to load faster. Usually, the design is preferred when you have a website with complex technical elements. Website speed matters and that’s the reason flat design has been in trend in 2022 and is likely to be in trend in coming years too. Most SMEs have adapted to this shift, but few still go with realistic skeuomorphism. You can also consider this for implementation, though you must take website redesign tips from your web development partner.

Background Videos

When it comes to quickly describe your website, background video can be an effective medium. Recently, we have witnessed these trends and will continue to prosper in 2022. However, you need to get guidance from web designers and developers to ensure your website can run background videos.

12 Reasons how Modern Web Design can benefit your website

benefit of modern web design

#1 Robust online presence

If you own a brick and mortar store then a website can help you gain more visibility while expanding your reach. Through the website, more people will know about your products and services plus it will also boost your business reputation.

#2 More brand awareness

Merely adopting a sales-oriented approach is traditional and does not work these days. Everyone wants to sell their products/services but branding is a vital tool for that. With a robust web design, you can convey information more effectively. Moreover, website visitors will get the desired information at the click of a mouse.

#3 24/7 Sales

The sales staff at your store/company may work 8-9 hours a day but your website works 24/7 and if you have a global customer base, the outcome can be huge. Imagine the traffic and leads your website could generate. Customers can place their orders whenever they want, all you need to do is fulfill them.

#4 Improved lead generation

A website is not just about providing information about your products and services. With the right content and SEO practices, your website can attract massive traffic, increasing the chances of getting more leads and references. So it’s up to your sales staff to convert these leads, but an effective website design will do the groundwork for you.

#5 Optimized conversion rates

The right CTA (Call To Action) buttons and content can encourage visitors to complete a sale. A well-designed website will hold the visitors’ interest and optimize conversion rates to boost business growth. No wonder businesses hire experienced designers or outsource their work to seasoned companies providing web design services.

#6 Builds trust

Not every business gets a chance to interact face to face with visitors and potential customers. Many times, your website is the only point of interaction between you and the visitors/customers.

If your website provides enough details about your products/services, visitors will conduct their research and decide if they want to do business with your company. Creating an informative and eye-catching website is like storytelling, the better you tell the story, the more interest it will generate.

#7 Cost-effective

Creating a responsive and attractive website requires less time and money compared to an application. In 2022, having a business application is vital, but if you are on a budget and don’t have the necessary time & resources, a website is your best bet.

#8 Requires less maintenance

Building an exclusive mobile-only website requires more resources and time. On the other hand, a website created with adaptive design is more feasible for business owners while ensuring optimal user experience on all gadgets. Moreover, such websites require less maintenance, allowing the company’s employees to focus on other productive tasks.

#9 Faster web pages

When web designers create optimized websites, they load faster, allowing customers to skim through the information quickly and decide. In 2022, customers don’t have much patience. As per Google research, 53% of customers will leave a website if it does not load in 3 seconds.

You can employ measures like browser caching, optimize images, use a performance-optimized hosting solution, reduce website redirect, enable caching of web pages, minimizing plugins while minifying CSS, Java, and HTML. With optimized web design, you can eliminate more than half the problems.

#10 Lower bounce rates

An optimized and responsively designed website will hold customer interest for longer and reduce bounce rates. In turn, a lower bounce rate also increases the chances of conversions.

#11 Analytics reports

Having an optimally designed website enables effective monitoring while telling business owners about the source of traffic and how visitors interact with the website. Additionally, tools like Google Analytics shed light on website performance which you can use to make further improvements.

#12 Improved SEO

Content is king, everybody knows that. Top-notch content and responsive web design are integral to creating stronger backlinks while lowering bounce rates. Eventually, these healthy SEO practices result in higher rankings on search engines. An interactive and well-designed website will perform well on all digital devices, thereby creating a positive first impression. When you sort out the online browsing experience, it is time to pay attention to the offline browsing experience too.

Another reason why responsive design is critical is that most devices like smartphones and tablets are HTML enabled. With a well-designed, responsive website in place, visitors will find it easy to view content in HTML5 web applications without an internet connection.

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Final Thoughts

The above points should be more than enough to emphasize the importance of embracing modern web design trends and creating a responsive website. A few simple tweaks can do wonders for your business. If you cannot do them yourself, consider outsourcing web design services. Good luck.

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