Best SEO Audit Tools in 2024

Avantika Shergil By Avantika Shergil  |  May 15, 2023  |  SEO
Best SEO Audit Tools

The websites are built to acquire maximum leads through search engines. However, it requires ranking of your website on the top of the first page of search engines such as Google and Bing. Increasing the SERP of the website requires removing content gaps, UX issues, structure issues, off-site problems, and technical and on-page SEO issues from the website. All of these things are often overlooked to closely monitor and analyze. That’s where SEO audit steps in.

SEO audit is the best practice for analyzing and identifying website problems impacting organic search results. The big picture provided by SEO audit showcases the current state of the website and missing pieces that are not allowing businesses to achieve their goals through the website.

To get the best results and achieve success through their website businesses should opt for top SEO companies, as they can help them to determine whether their website can help them to achieve the success that they are looking for or not. To check the website status before optimizing for better results experts in SEO agencies first perform SEO audits. After careful and detailed analysis of website done via SEO audit tools they would create a strategy that can help to achieve the result sought by website owners.

There is a wide range of SEO audit tools available that provide actionable recommendations with a clear roadmap of what needs to be prioritized and how much effort to be made. Several options for SEO audit tools overwhelm businesses. Realizing the need, a list of popular SEO audit tools that SEO agencies use to check websites for creating SEO strategies continues to drive the best results are enlisted.

There are many online and offline tools available to audit your website with free to premium pricing models. Depending upon the depth of research and analysis you require to be done on your website you can opt to choose one or more SEO tools to audit your website to check its status. These tools check and score your website depending upon the task that has already been done and needs to be done.

Let’s check your SEO score and find out what’s working and what’s not using any of the premium and free SEO audit tools.

Most Popular SEO Audit Tools to Consider

SEO Audit reveals valuable insights about websites that are not allowing them to rank high on search engines. Leverage the SEO audit tools list to fix the issues proactively and enhance the website to maximize the results.

SEMrush Site Audit

Price: Free & Premium

Purpose: Keyword Research

Semrush– the popular site audit tool that would help businesses attract their target audience on all channels by providing detailed reports with suggestions that will help your website to achieve a high ranking. It scans the website on its terms quickly to make it highly usable and high-performant for search engines and users. It facilitates checking site health during site audit for more than 130 issues and generate reports for the site’s crawlability, performance, internal linking, and markup usage.

Semrush excels at eliminating technical SEO issues at the flick of a switch. International SEO, on-page SEO ideas, and easy reporting help in optimizing website performance. The SEO Toolkit is highly practical and free to use, which is why it ranks high in our list of the best SEO audit tools.

Ahrefs Site Audit Tool

Price: $99 for Lite Plan

Purpose: Keyword Research, Uncover Technical and On-page SEO issues

Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools that work as a one-stop shop for businesses to improve website ranking and increase traffic. Alibaba, Adidas, Uber, and Shopify-like leading players are using Ahrefs for their digital marketing needs. Ahrefs covers all the aspects of website SEO optimization such as site explorer, Backlink explorer, keyword explorer, content explorer, and rank tracker.

Under the site audit umbrella, Ahrefs help businesses identify On-page SEO issues and other things that are holding the website back from higher rankings. The Ahref crawlers crawl all the pages and analyze them for more than 140 issues to declare SEO scores. Everything is easy to visualize in the chart with different color codes. The recommendations to fix SEO issues are true bliss.

Cloud-based site audit makes it easy to schedule audits and track the website’s progress. Also, businesses can opt to crawl the mobile version of the website to know its performance on mobile devices as well.

Google Search Console

Price: Free

Purpose: Site audit and reporting

Google search console tool helps with SEO audit online and generating SEO reports free to make the website shine with high ranking. Search analytics helps with content optimization so that websites receive maximum impressions, clicks, and higher positions on Google. The tool sends email alerts when issues for specific URLs are identified by Google.

There’s a URL inspection tool that allows businesses to understand how Google looks at their pages with detailed crawl, index, and other information about pages. Additionally, it helps with optimizing and enhancing the website by monitoring and tracking AMP pages and custom reports.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Price: Free

Purpose: Website speed Analysis

The SEO speed analysis tool provides a report on user experience for various devices- mobile and desktop followed by suggestions to enhance the page. Pagespeed insight tool powered by Google provides lab and field data about website pages.

Lab data of the pages collected in a controlled environment makes it useful for debugging issues handling. Field data helps in capturing real-world bottlenecks i.e. real-world user experience that play a vital role in providing insights to make enhancements to a website to improve its page speed.

The user experience distribution into three metrics- Good, Need Improvement, and Poor allows businesses to know their website performance on mobile and desktop and take necessary actions to stay in the game.

Screaming Frog

Price: Free LITE Version, $160/Year for Paid Plan

Purpose: Website Analysis

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is one of the technical audit tools that’s trusted by many of the leading SEO agencies for improving the on-page SEO of the websites after necessary SEO audits. The SEO spider tool is a website crawler that crawls large and small websites to find broken links, analyze page titles and meta-data, discover duplicate content, review robots, and XML sitemap generation.

All of these are crawled and analyzed by the tool for the URL of every page to find out prevalent SEO issues. The SEO marketing tool excels at gathering data from a website page’s HTML using CSS path, scheduling audits, facilitating audit redirects, integrating analytics tools, and visualizing site architecture.

What’s more? The progress of SEO issues and opportunities are possible to compare to know the differences in the results post-Screaming Frog suggestion implementation.

SEO Site checkup

Price: Free 7-Day Trial with Basic plan starting from $29.95/Month

Purpose: Website Analysis

SEO Site checkup is trusted by SEO agencies across 120 nations for analyzing SEO issues by running unlimited analysis on servers. The reports generated makes it easy to view improvements in SEO score and notifications are also sent when the SEO score changes. The tool facilitates side-by-side SEO comparisons with 5 competitors to make changes in SEO strategy accordingly.

There are built-in automation tools that provide an overview of website performance and uptime at regular intervals. The ability to generate customizable SEO reports is a time-savvy endeavor that further helps in understanding what actions to take. The reports are produced based on six different parameters namely SEO Issues, mobile usability, social media, servers, security, and semantic Web.


Price: $79.99/Month for a Pro Plan and $199.99/Month for a Premium Plan with a Free 14-day Trial available

Purpose: Website Analysis and Optimization

Woorank has helped more than 50 million websites across 107 nations geographically to know their website SEO score, perform instant analysis, and reveal what needs to improve. It helps businesses stay on top of the digital marketing game with a competitive analysis to reveal the SEO strategy of their competitors and keyword research and tracking to uncover opportunities hidden in plain sight.

Technical website audits to discover SEO issues and checking the SEO health of the website help businesses generate more leads. Facilitating customized, white-label report generation streamlines sales processes. If you want to see the real effect of Woorank, you can avail of their 14-day free trial.

Moz pro

Price: Free 30-Day Trial with Paid Plans Starting from $99/Month

Purpose: Keyword research and complex analysis

Moz is an all-in-one suite of SEO tools that helps in better understanding visitors with strategically targeted keyword creation and updating the keywords list as required. Plus, Moz Pro provides a holistic picture of keywords ranking and tracks competition keywords as well.

In addition to keyword rank tracking, Moz crawler excels at digging into every nook and corner of the website to perform SEO audits and provide solutions to fix the issues encountered. It can examine up to 3,000 links on a single URL and provide recommendations for specific improvements followed by link opportunities to maximize the impact.

Custom report creation of the popular SEO audit tool is immensely valuable to paint the picture of what needs to be done with simple drag-and-drop. Also, recurring reports scheduling saves time by automatically sending them to clients.

Which is the best SEO audit tool for your website needs?

SEO is important for websites and there’s a dire need for an SEO audit tool to identify everything related to SEO improvements to make the website visible on the first page of the search engines. The comprehensive list of SEO audit tools has distinct use cases and it’s difficult to choose the right fit. For instance, Semrush meets all-in-one SEO needs and Google Console is free to use.

Come up with SEO audit needs and specific areas you need to assess, then go through the capabilities of the tools and match to know which tool meets your needs. If you are unsure about SEO audit tool selection, consider the tools that facilitate free trials to ensure the chosen SEO audit tool meets your needs. If you need more help, consult the digital marketing agencies for the right selection and winning outcomes.

Avantika Shergil Avantika Shergil   |  May 15, 2023

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