Staff Augmentation vs Consulting – Similarities, Differences, and Benefits

Derek Cohen By Derek Cohen  |  Mar 28, 2024  |  Staff Augmentation
Staff Augmentation vs Consulting

Building and maintaining a highly skilled development team is a top priority for most enterprises today. To achieve this, they actively recruit top talent from the global marketplace. In the software development arena, businesses often seek a staffing solution that is both cost-effective and of exceptional quality.

Staff augmentation and IT consulting services offer viable options for any business that wants to access the best global IT resources. Staffing augmentation and consulting services allow companies to optimize project overhead costs as they get benefits from streamlined project management.

Microsoft News reports that around 50 million new startups launch every year, there are more than 150 million startups in the world. The simple calculation says that 137,000 startups are shaping up every day! While these figures are for startup companies, the number for established companies all over the world is literally countless.

Now, how do these companies survive? How do these companies meet all IT challenges?

They meet such challenges by seeking additional help from established IT companies. They do it to get professional guidance or scale up their production capacity by extending the developer’s team remotely. There are IT staff augmentation companies and consulting firms available to professionally scale up the workforce and help enterprises meet the bigger challenges of scaling up their skills or workforce without any hassle.

This comprehensive blog will make you understand the benefits of staff augmentation and consulting while mentioning the subtle differences and suitability to your industry niche.

Let us begin with the basics – the definitions.

What Is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a strategic approach to fill the skill gaps within an organization by outsourcing domain experts for specific projects or tasks.

Staff augmentation was invented to help organizations bring in relevant talent and skilled workers including third-party vendors. It was opted to get transient assistance in carrying out a specific task such as developing a software product or meeting a mobile app development project deadline on the floor.

What Is IT Consulting?

As with other consultancies, IT consultancy is the help sought to define a project’s parameters, scopes, feasibilities, and even resources. Here, IT consultants are hired for a specific project but they are not called as company’s regular employees. IT consultants could be from a reputed IT outsourcing agency or independently working freelancers. There has been a new trend of hiring a fractional CTO wherein IT consultation is performed by a seasoned Chief Technology Officer from an established software development company. A consultant himself or herself is not hired to design and develop software products; rather they are there to strategically drive your offshore teams.

Key Differences Between Staff Augmentation and Consulting

Know the Difference Between Staff Augmentation and Consulting

The services of staff augmentation and IT consulting serve the same purpose which is to enhance the workforce and technical skills; nevertheless, what makes them different is the duration, scope of service, and other crucial factors.

Let us compare staff augmentation and IT consulting in detail:

Scope of service

There is a marked difference in the services they provide. While staff augmentation means expansion of the enterprise’s workforce for the short or long term to acquire specific skills or expertise, IT consulting services chiefly focus on providing strategic guidelines and problem-solving solutions. It is to address various business challenges and opportunities.

Control and oversight

The client holds direct control over the augmented staff to maintain control over project management and direction in the staff augmentation process. In contrast, IT consulting often involves consultants heading the projects independently. Here, clients entrust them with a certain degree of authority in decision-making.

Integration with existing teams

Staff Augmentation emphasizes seamless integration into the client’s existing teams. It is done to foster collaboration and synergy among workforces. In contrast, IT consultants interact with existing teams but typically maintain a distinct role. This is to offer strategic guidance and insights from a neutral perspective.

Objectives and outcomes

For objectives and outcomes, IT staff augmentation simply aims to fill specific skill gaps or resource needs while assuring professional support for ongoing projects or initiatives. On the other hand, IT consulting services are initiated towards driving transformation and innovation while ensuring improvements within the enterprise. It ultimately focuses on gaining long-term strategic objectives.

Engagement model

The engagement model separates staff augmentation from consultation. Staff augmentation engagement is often based on human hours or the duration of engagement that offers flexibility in scaling resources according to project requirements. However, consulting engagement is outcome or project-based. It means clear objectives and deliverables fixed at the outset of the engagement.

Different Types of Engagement Models

Expertise and skill level

Staff augmentation provides a wide range of expertise which may span from junior to senior levels according to the specific needs of the project or task; however, the consulting services typically involve highly specialized or industry-specific veterans who focus on delivering strategic insights and solutions.

Impact on company culture

Though both services are asked to improve enterprise operations and business, staff augmentation initiatives generally have a minimal long-term impact on the company’s culture. This is because augmented staff seamlessly integrates with the existing workforce. In contrast, consulting engagements potentially influence change or may bring new perspectives. Thus, it impacts the enterprise’s culture and strategic direction.

Cost implications

Staff augmentation services offer variable costs according to the duration and skill level of the additional staff; hence, it provides a cost-effective solution for short-term resource pulling. On the other hand, consulting services could entail higher costs as they reflect the strategic value and expertise offered by senior consultants.

Time to value

For a time-to-value ratio, staff augmentation services provide an immediate contribution to projects as they offer quick support to meet pressing needs or challenges. The other side, IT consultation, focuses on delivering longer-term strategic impacts. Hence, it takes time to materialize but offers long-term benefits.

Flexibility and scalability

For the part of scalability and flexibility, staff augmentation services offer high flexibility to scale the teams up or down as per project requirements as they occur. Hence, it provides agility in resource allocation. An IT consulting service offers flexibility in scope but encounters challenges in embracing changes that may affect the overall outcomes.

Risk management

Staff augmentation entails risks linked with personnel fit and quality; thus, it requires careful selection and management of an enhanced workforce to neutralize calculated risks. Conversely, IT consulting brings risks related to strategic recommendations and project success. Thus, they necessitate thorough management and risk assessment strategies.

Knowledge transfer and sustainability

Knowledge transfer is essential in a company’s growth. While staff augmentation banks on knowledge transfer mechanisms (like documentation) and processes to safeguard the sustainability of project outcomes, consulting services focus on deliberate knowledge transfer that facilitates enterprise learning and ensures long-term improvements.

Long-term vs. short-term solutions

Just like the knowledge transfer mentioned above, staff augmentation often perceives short-term solutions to facilitate constant resource needs or project requirements. While a consulting service aims to provide long-term strategic value. It focuses on driving the best possible improvements and entrepreneurial transformation over time.

Customization and personalization

The services of staff augmentation offer high-degree customization to immediate needs which allows enterprises to tailor resources and expertise to particular project requirements. In contrast, an IT consulting service provides personalized strategies with a broader scope; hence, it aligns with the organization’s overall goals/objectives.

Staff Augmentation vs. Consulting: Comparison

For an easy comparison, here is the table that summarizes the nuances between IT staff augmentation and IT consulting

Aspect Staff Augmentation Consulting
Scope of Service Temporary or long-term staff expansion. Strategic advice and problem-solving.
Control and Oversight The client maintains direct oversight. Consultants often lead projects independently.
Integration with Teams Seamless integration into existing teams. Interaction with teams, but maintains a distinct role.
Objective and Outcomes Fills specific skill gaps or resource needs. Drives transformation, innovation, and efficiency improvements.
Engagement Model Based on man-hours or duration of engagement. Outcome or project-based engagements.
Expertise and Skill Level Wide range, from junior to senior levels. Highly specialized or industry-specific expertise.
Impact on Company Culture The minimal long-term impact integrates with culture. Potential to influence change and bring new perspectives.
Cost Implications Variable, based on duration and skill level. Can be higher, reflecting the strategic value and expertise.
Time to Value Immediate contribution to projects. Longer-term strategic impacts.
Flexibility and Scalability High flexibility to scale teams up or down. Flexibility in scope, but changes may affect project outcomes.
Risk Management Risks associated with personnel fit and quality. Risks related to strategic recommendations and project success.
Knowledge Transfer Knowledge transfer depends on documentation and processes. Deliberate knowledge transfer to ensure sustainable improvements.
Solution Term Often seen as a short-term solution. Aims to provide long-term strategic value.
Customization Highly customizable to immediate needs. Personalized strategies, but within a broader scope.

What are the Benefits of Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation services offer numerous advantages to businesses that want to bolster their workforce efficiently.


It provides unparalleled flexibility by allowing enterprises to scale their staff up or down based on fluctuating project requirements. This adaptability ensures optimal resource utilization and enables quick response to volatile business needs.


One of the primary benefits of staff augmentation is its affordability. Instead of bearing the overhead costs linked with employees on a permanent payroll, enterprises can leverage staff augmentation to have specialized skills, though temporary, but reducing overall expenses.


A staff augmentation service offers access to a diverse pool of talent with specific expertise in various verticals such as IT development, marketing, or project management. Enterprises can tap into the particular skills they need to achieve their objectives.

What are the Benefits of Consulting Services?

In contrast to staff augmentation services, an IT consulting service plays a pivotal role in driving organizational excellence. It offers strategic guidance and insightful solutions customized to the evolving needs of market and customer demands. Through their expertise and industry knowledge, consultants assist businesses to optimize operations and achieve sustainable growth.

Improved efficiency

Consulting services are crafted to enhance operational efficiency. It is done by identifying inefficiencies and streamlining processes while implementing best industry practices. IT consultants bring fresh perspectives through proven methodologies and drive organizational effectiveness to maximize outcomes.

Increased success

When entrepreneurs partner with consultants, they can significantly increase their chances of success in gaining strategic objectives and facing challenges successfully. IT consultants provide professional support in decision-making and risk mitigation. Thus, any project execution leads to better outcomes and results.

Greater insight into your business

An IT consultant hired offers a comprehensive understanding of business dynamics by evaluating market trends and verifying industry benchmarks. Through in-depth analysis and strategic assessments, consultants provide actionable insights to make informed decisions and capitalize on newer venues.

What are the Similarities Between Staff Augmentation and Consulting?

Know the Similarities Between Staff Augmentation and Consulting

While staff augmentation and consulting services differ in their approaches, they share some essential benefits contributing to business efficiency and success. Both options offer valuable solutions to address staffing needs and strategic challenges effectively.

Saves time

Both staff augmentation and consulting services save businesses time as they provide access to domain expertise and resources and there are no lengthy recruitment processes or internal training required compared to full-time in-house hires.

Saves money

Enterprises avail of external resources through staff augmentation or consulting to avoid the overhead costs of hiring and training full-time staff. Thus, it leads to significant cost savings in the long run.

Reduces risks

Both staff augmentation and consulting services mitigate risks as they provide experienced professionals who can identify complex challenges and potential pitfalls. After careful evaluation, they can implement risk management strategies.

Improves business

Ultimately, both staff augmentation and consulting services improve overall business performance. Availing of such services optimizes operations and drives innovation while supporting strategic initiatives resulting in steady growth and competitive advantage.

Staff Augmentation vs. Consulting: Which Is Better?

Choosing between staff augmentation and consulting solely depends on the specific needs and objectives of the entrepreneur.

For businesses that require instant support to fill skill gaps or meet specific project demands, staff augmentation can offer a flexible and cost-effective solution. Business entrepreneurs can augment their existing teams with tech-specific talent and ensure timely delivery of projects without the overhead costs.

On the other hand, IT consulting services are ideal for business entrepreneurs who seek strategic guidance and transformative solutions for their complex challenges. Consultation also opts for long-term growth because an IT consultant brings valuable expertise and domain insights. In addition, enterprises can bring proven methodologies to the table enabling them to optimize their business operations and improve efficiency while achieving holistic growth.

Takeaway Points

In summary, whether you opt for staff augmentation or consulting, you are likely to gain significant advantages:

  • Flexibility and Scalability: Flexibility in scaling resources based on project requirements.
  • Access to Expertise: You gain access to valuable expertise tailored to your specific needs.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Businesses outsource resources more efficiently and hence it’s more affordable.
  • Improved Efficiency and Success: Both services contribute to enhancing operational efficiency and achieving organizational goals.

By carefully evaluating their requirements and objectives, businesses can determine the most suitable approach and leverage the benefits of both services.

Derek Cohen Derek Cohen   |  Mar 28, 2024

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