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Top Blockchain Development Companies

Blockchain Development companies

Do you want to find the best blockchain development companies of your choice? We have a list of selected and analyzed agencies having expertise in blockchain development with over a decade of experience. Blockchain is the most trusted decentralized and distributed ledger technology, which allows the recording of transactions and tracking assists. Building blockchain applications or solutions requires an experienced and specialized Blockchain development company. TopDevelopers.co is the only free, fair, and transparent platform where you will discover analyzed, researched, and refined blockchain companies with excellent working histories, extensive portfolio ranges, reviews, and testimonials. Choose your desired agency with proficiency in blockchain development and get your project developed.

List of Best Blockchain Development companies | Top Blockchain Developers

11 Companies | Last Updated 13 July, 2024


(4 Reviews)

Web and Mobile Development

ROCKETECH is a leading software development company located in Ukraine and Russia. With years of experience, We At ROCKETECH, believe in providing intelligent and practical web and mobile app solutions according to the given budget and requirement. Our skilled team is completely devoted to offering convenient, quality, innovative, and timely services to all our clients. We have designed &…Explore the detailed profile of Rocketech


Team Rocketech quickly and efficiently developed the frontend.

  • 51 to 250

  • $26 - $50

  • $5001 - $10000

  • Ukraine, Russia, Singapore

King Bird Studio

mobile web native frontend backend swift kotlin java php…

General info: • Highest Qualification «А+» from Ruward portal (https://ruward.ru) • Interesting projects in the field of mobile and web development for largest Russian and International companies • An experienced team of professionals, who had launched more than 250 projects • A statuette from National Russian Runet Award for contribution in development of Russian Internet and many prizes like Golden site, Golden app, Tagline awards, Runet contest etc • Daily audience of our projects is more than 1 000 000…Explore the detailed profile of King Bird Studio

  • 51 to 250

  • $26 - $50

  • $5001 - $10000

  • Russia

Burning Buttons

IT Company, Web Development, Software Development, IT…

Hello, everyone!Burning Buttons is an IT development company accelerating your digital transformation. We build cutting edge IT solutions integrating into your business strategy to help your company grow. Remote dedicated IT department perfectly matched for your requirements can successfully develop end-to-end IT products or add value to existing ones.Based on our 10+ years of expertise, we develop industry-specific solutions for Travel, Fintech, E-commerce, Medtech, Real Estate, and Networking.We have a wealth of experience working with international…Explore the detailed profile of Burning Buttons

  • 51 to 250

  • $26 - $50

  • Less than - $5000

  • Russia


(2 Reviews)

Mobile • Web • Startup Development team

We are a tech team who help develop large projects with hundreds of thousands of users, projects that are attracting millions of dollars in investments and with a turnover of up to a billion dollars We work with complex projects and use new technologies, such as React, React Native, Swift, Flutter, Node.js, Ruby, Python We have helped with block chain projects, machine learning and AI projects. We…Explore the detailed profile of Noorsoft


MVP Development for Freelance Startup

  • 11 to 50

  • $26 - $50

  • $25001 - $50000

  • Russia, Germany


(3 Reviews)

Smart solutions to maximize the value of your business

We create smart, reliable and efficient turnkey solutions.Specializing in Ad Tech (programmatic), Fintech and Blockchain.We contribute to the Hyperledger Fabric project.Focussing on comprehensive IT development services and QA automation.Founded in 2015, Maxilect employs a modern approach to building a lean and highly professional team reaching out across Russia.Our mission is to connect talented…Explore the detailed profile of Maxilect


Awesome work!

  • 51 to 250

  • $51 - $100

  • $5001 - $10000

  • Russia


Complex Mobile App Development

MobileUp is a skilled company that specializes in design and development of technologically complex mobile apps. Including products for transport, mHealth, wearable devices, financial services, as well as applications with complicated business logic. We help businesses to be ahead of competitors with the help of high-demand mobile products, using the experience of creating more than a hundred projects. Develop apps that run in multithreaded mode, interact with the periphery of many devices. Practicing machine learning, computer vision, and…Explore the detailed profile of MobileUp

  • 11 to 50

  • $26 - $50

  • Less than - $5000

  • Russia

SoftMediaLab, LLC.

Software development, Mobile development, Web development

SoftMediaLab LLC (SoftMediaLab, SML) is a Russian IT company founded in Yekaterinburg in 2015.We specialize in custom web and mobile development for technology companies with high demands on the quality, reliability and performance of their solutions. The core of the company is a team with 20 years of experience in complex projects. Our industry expertise: Industrial enterprises, construction companies, product IT companies, banks and FinTech. For each request, we form the optimal solution, taking into account the characteristics of the industry,…Explore the detailed profile of SoftMediaLab, LLC.

  • 11 to 50

  • $26 - $50

  • Less than - $5000

  • Russia


Successful innovative IT developments

ARTWELL group of companies is leading in custom WEB development, integrations, PHP,  JAVA programming, analytics, creative design, UI/UX, blockchain, neural networks, business process automation, ERP, MDM. We have our own development center and our own resources for solving any tasks related to the development of information systems, portals, and integration solutions. More than 75,000,000 people in Russia use ARTWELL solutions. The turnover of the ARTWELL group of companies is 470,000,000 rubles, and its own staff is 150 people. ARTWELL provides PHP…Explore the detailed profile of ARTWELL

  • 51 to 250

  • $26 - $50

  • $25001 - $50000

  • Russia, Kazakhstan


(1 Reviews)

Top blockchain developers: ready-made and solutions and…

Developing for private Fintech & Crypto. Full-stack blockchain development company with 10+ years of experience, 30+ highly loaded projects in portfolio and 30+ senior developers in team. Ready-made and custom solutions: Crypto exchange, NFT & NFT-marketplace, Wallets, SWAP / DEX / P2P, Crypto ATMs, DeFi, dApps & DAO, Payment systems, Smart contracts, Crypto loans, Audit & Consulting.…Explore the detailed profile of Konomic


Professional and Efficient - Konomic Blockchain Development

  • 11 to 50

  • Up to $25

  • $10001 - $25000

  • Latvia, Spain, Estonia+1


#1 Europe Outsource & Outstaff Production

17 years on the market, 120+ employees in offices in Moscow (head office), St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Lipetsk. Best of all, we create and support complex web projects: eCommerce, b2b, marketplaces, personal accounts and portals. We love to write APIs, data buses and high loads. Our solutions work in the largest companies in Russia and the world: Grohe, MaxMaram, Sberbank, Volkswagen, Man Truck, Esse, AVON, Virgin and others. In addition to browser solutions, we develop mobile applications, as well as helping our clients with support, consulting…Explore the detailed profile of Extyl

  • 251 to 1000

  • $51 - $100

  • $50001 - $100000

  • Russia

EDISON Software Development Centre is a dedicated team of talented architects, engineers and coders.  The company has offices with highly skilled project managers and development centers in Moscow and San Francisco. Broad geographic representation allows EDISON to attract the most reliable and qualified programmers and quickly respond to the needs of customers from all over the world, all while maintaining competitive prices. EDISON offer full-cycle custom software development services, specializing in MedTech solutions, VR…Explore the detailed profile of EDISON Software DC

  • 11 to 50

  • $26 - $50

  • $25001 - $50000

  • USA, Russia

Buyer's Guide

What Is Blockchain Development?

Blockchain is a new sensation in the tech arena, offering businesses the opportunity to streamline operations, secure data and information from online robbers, and improve overall visibility. Basically, blockchain development enables businesses to build a robust distributed ledger technology (DLT) that is shared and unchangeable. The technology is mainly used for recording and tracking transactions and assets. It encompasses a range of unique features that solve problems and create opportunities.

Businesses such as banking, finance, and real estate use this technology to keep physical assets, like money and properties, and nonphysical assets, like copyrights and transactions, safe, saucier, and trackable within a network. Through blockchain development, developers build decentralized applications (dApps), which help businesses get rid of intermediaries while allowing users with direct control over data and transactions.

What Does A Blockchain Development Company Specialize In?

A blockchain development company specializing in comprehensive blockchain development, with specialization in;

  • Core Blockchain development
  • Specialize in Peer to Peer (P2P) Networks
  • Open source technologies, like development, designing, QA
  • Smart Contracts development
  • Public Key Cryptography development
  • Algorithms and data structure
  • Network Architecture Design
  • Network Security
  • NFT and Metaverse
  • dApp development
  • Blockchain Integration
  • Software development
  • Application programming interfaces (APIs)

What Are the Services Offered by Blockchain Development Companies?

Blockchain technology has emerged as a revolutionary force in various industries, such as finance, supply chain, healthcare, gaming, and more. Blockchain enables safe, fair, and decentralized transactions and data sharing among multiple parties without intermediaries. Blockchain also facilitates the creation of digital assets, such as Cryptocurrencies and NFT marketplace development, that can be traded on peer-to-peer platforms.

Blockchain app development companies offer a range of services to help businesses leverage the potential of blockchain technology and create innovative solutions for their specific needs.

Blockchain development companies offer a variety of services, including:

Blockchain consultation

Consultation analyses the business requirements and goals of the client and provides expert advice on how blockchain technology can be integrated into their existing systems or developed from scratch.

Blockchain dApp development

Blockchain dapp development can include creating decentralized applications (dApps) that run on smart contracts, developing blockchain wallets that store and manage digital assets, building crypto exchange platforms that enable secure and fast trading of cryptocurrencies, developing tokenization solutions that convert real-world assets into digital tokens, and more.

Smart contract development

This service involves creating self-executing agreements that are written in code and stored on a blockchain network. Smart contract development can include writing smart contract code in languages like Solidity or Vyper, testing smart contract functionality and security, deploying smart contracts on a blockchain network like Ethereum or EOS, auditing smart contract performance and compliance, etc.

MVP development

A minimum viable product (MVP) demonstrates the core features and functionality of a blockchain application. MVP development helps clients validate their idea with real users and investors before launching a full-fledged product. It includes the scope and specifications, UI and UX design along with integrating the MVP with a blockchain network or platform, etc.

IEO and ICO services

It involves helping clients launch Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) or Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), which are fundraising methods for blockchain projects. IEOs and ICOs involve issuing new cryptocurrencies or tokens to investors in exchange for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money. IEO and ICO services can include preparing a white paper that describes the project vision, goals, roadmap, team, etc., generating cryptocurrency or token for distribution, developing a landing page or website for marketing, promoting the IEO and ICO through various channels, and the like.

Blockchain supply chain

This service provided by Blockchain company involves the process of creating applications that use distributed ledger technology to improve the productivity, transparency, and safety of supply chain management. Blockchain supply chain development requires expertise in blockchain platforms, smart contracts, cryptography, and integration with existing systems.

Blockchain decentralized exchange

This is the process of creating a platform that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies without mediators. A decentralized exchange (DEX) operates on a distributed ledger network, such as Blockchain, that ensures secure trades and transactions with better efficiency.

Blockchain wallet development

Blockchain wallet development is the process of creating software that enables users to store and manage their cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Blockchain wallets store the records of transactions and public and private keys which are used to perform transactions. Blockchain wallet development requires expertise in cryptography, blockchain technology, web development, and user interface design.

Blockchain tokenization

Blockchain tokenization development service is a process of creating digital tokens that represent real-world assets on a blockchain platform. Tokenization enables asset owners to access global markets, increase liquidity, reduce transaction costs, and enhance security. Blockchain tokenization development service can help you create and manage your own tokens for various use cases such as real estate, art, gaming, loyalty programs, and the like.

Which Businesses Should Consider Hiring a Blockchain Development Company?

Blockchain development is a specialized field that requires expertise in cryptography, distributed systems, smart contracts, and consensus algorithms. A blockchain development company can help businesses that want to leverage the benefits of blockchain development solutions, such as security, immutability, and decentralization.

Some examples of businesses that should consider hiring a Blockchain development company are:

  • Supply chain management
  • Healthcare and medical
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Finance and banking
  • Gaming and gambling
  • Social media
  • Defense and big data
  • eCommerce and mCommerce
  • Super apps of all kinds

These are just some of the industries that can benefit from blockchain development. To solve your specific business or industry challenges, you should hire and consult with a blockchain development company to help you achieve your goals.

How to Hire a Blockchain App Development Company?

Blockchain technology is transforming various industries with its potential to create safer, more efficient, and scalable solutions. If you have a business idea that can benefit from blockchain, you need to find a reliable and experienced blockchain development company to turn your vision into reality.

Here are some steps to help you hire the best blockchain developers for your project:

Develop your business idea:

Before you start looking for blockchain developers, you need to have a clear and feasible business idea that can leverage the advantages of Blockchain technology. You should define your goals, target audience, value proposition, and features of your solution.

Search for Blockchain development companies:

Once you have a solid business idea, you can start searching for Blockchain development companies that can meet your requirements and expectations. You can use various platforms such as Google, LinkedIn, and TopDevelopers.co to find reputable and trustworthy blockchain developers.

Test their abilities:

After shortlisting some potential top blockchain development companies, you need to test their abilities and skills by checking their reviews and ratings. You should look for feedback from previous clients on their quality of work, communication skills, timeliness, and professionalism. Additionally, review their portfolio to see the types of projects they have worked on, the technologies they have used, and the results they have achieved.

Negotiate the budget:

The next step is to negotiate the budget with your chosen blockchain development company. You should discuss the scope of work, timeline, milestones, and payment terms with them. You may also ask them about any hidden costs or additional charges that may arise during the project – aim for a fair and transparent agreement that suits both parties.

Assure post-sales support:

Finally, you should assure post-sales support from your Blockchain development company. You may ask them about their maintenance and support services after the project is completed; in addition, learn about their warranty period, bug-fixing policy, and update frequency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply search on TopDevelopers.co for the best blockchain app development companies in a particular region and the portal shall show you relevant results. Simply compare and shortlist a few companies to contact. Depending on other factors such as price, post-sales support, etc., you may get the best one that is right for your project needs.

Outsourcing Blockchain development is more preferred by businesses around the world as they don’t need to manage the team and hence the entire management hassle shall get off of their shoulders. It also allows them to have more time on hand to focus on their business. In short, hiring blockchain developers offshore is fruitful by all accounts.

There are four primary types of blockchain technologies, including the Public blockchain which is non-restrictive and permissionless, allowing anyone to use Private blockchain which is permissioned blockchain, allowing only persons to access Consortium blockchain which combines both public and private blockchain, suitable for businesses with multiple stakeholders and Hybrid blockchain which also combines both public and private blockchain, though it works to reduce disadvantages and maximize benefits.


There are many popular blockchain platforms, though Ethereum is the top one, followed by IBM Blockchain, Tezos, Stellar, TRON, EOS.IO, Corda, Hyperledger, Solana, Ripple, and just a few.

Yes, whether you choose blockchain developers or companies, they offer blockchain project development consulting. Most importantly, most blockchain development companies provide free consulting, though you need to confirm with the blockchain development agency in the beginning.

Yes, blockchain developers specialize in industry-specific blockchain development. They build blockchain solutions for healthcare, real estate, finance, voting, supply chain, etc.

For simple blockchain apps, a company charges $40,000–$60,000, $80,000–$150,000 for semi-complex blockchain Solution, and $150,000–$300,000+ for complex blockchain solutions. Check their pricing and engagement models before making any call. The charges mentioned here are based on data available online and experts' suggestions; the actual costs for blockchain development or the charges by the company depend on different factors. It can be technical aspects, app complexity, industry compliances, cost for third-party tools implementation, and development methodology.

Yes, blockchain does require coding. Blockchain's most basic features such as designing smart contracts and creating decentralized applications (dApps) will require programming and coding skills. Also, coding will help to enhance the performance of the entire digital ledger of your Blockchain application development.

There are many programming languages available that are used to develop Blockchain. The most common languages used for Blockchain development are C++, Java, JavaScript, Go, Ruby, Solidity, and Python.

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