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We provide dedicated teams of specialists matching your technology stack, ready to join your software project and development process.

We offer:

- ​Mobile & Web & Software Development

- Blockchain Development Solutions for Business

- Agile teams and dedicated specialists of different levels

- Big Data / Cloud / HighLoad

- Technical Support & DevOps

What makes us unique:

- Stable teams & direct communication with specialists

- Full transparency with daily reporting

- Deep involvement in your processes

- Wide range of engineers from analysts to maintenance

- Advantageous costs

- Available for onsite visits


Java, JavaScript/React/Angular/Meteor/ Babel/D3.js/Backbone, Blockchain (Cryptocurrency, Etherium, Smart Contract, Hyper Ledger), Node.js, iOS, Android, Hybris, Xamarin, С#/.NET, PHP, RoR, Embedded, Solidity

Membership: High-Tech Park (Belarus), tekom, bwcon

Partnership: Amazon Web Services Partner Network


Top Blockchain Development Companies - 2019, TopDevelopers.co
  • Founded : 2000
  • Strength : 251 to 1000
  • Phone : 375292877437
  • Cost Per Hour : $26 - $50
  • Minimum Project Amount : $5001 - $10000


Lermontova, 29, Grodno, Grodno-230029, Belarus

Hauptstaetter Str. 89, Stuttgart , Baden-Wurttemberg BW -70187, Germany

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An excellent team!

Reviewed by Dimitri Popolov , Research and systems data manager at CANet
date_range 2019-02-27
monetization_on $50001 - $100000
important_devices Mobile App Development
check_circle completed
5.0 Reliability & Trustworthy
5.0 Quality Of Service
5.0 Creativity & Expertise
5.0 Timelines & Budget
Overall Rating

Please, introduce yourself / company / project.

My name's Dimitri Popolov and I am a search and systems data manager with Canadian Cardiac Arrhythmia Network (CANet). Our organization is not exactly a commercial company. It's an organization that is tasked by Canadian government in a way through funding to advance arrhythmia research and practicein Canada. So we do that through funding research and we also create a platform to improve an IT platform, engagement of the patients, their communication with the whole care team including electro-physiologist, cardiologists, family, care physicians, care givers.

How did you learn about *instinctools?

I think I was contacted by somebody from*instinctools. Just called pretty much quite a while ago and I kept that information because that seemed interesting and after a while, we found ause for that information, so we got in touch with *instinctools.

Are you satisfied with *instinctools as a technical partner?

Yes, very much. I think it has been and it is a very successful collaboration because, you know, when the partner is good things are just getting done and that was the case with *instinctools. We wanted Front End created for our system including mobile application for both platforms for Android and IOS and also web portals for patients, clinicians, researchers so that has just been done. So, we're quite pleased.

What issues *instinctools faced while working on your project? How were the issues resolved?

The main issues were coming from the domain that we were working in. Healthcare has its own specifics. One of them was the Back End. We're using a specialized Healthcare oriented Back End called FHIR. *instinctools team had to basically learn very fast those protocols and so their frontend would be connected to that. Also, oneof the issues came from just requirements for timeline. We absolutely had to have something ready for demoing at a certain date, where we had a major event and that created a big urgency in the project. And*instinctools responded quite well by pretty much doubling development team from five to ten people so that allowed us to be on time. I understand that it was an additional work load on the Technical Lead and the Project Manager but so they kept it all together and the challenge was very well handled.

How can you describe the quality of service provided by *instinctools?

You know when the service is good, it just goes smoothly. You just don't notice any bumps. I think that pretty much was the case with *instinctools. And for example, when a Project Manager was changed on a project, I did not notice any sort of significant disruption or something. So that's what has been very good. I liked that they were active in learning new things, in suggesting better solutions and options, like all we cando it like this or we can do it like that. So that for me is very important. At the same time they really stayed within the sort of remits of technical partner. So that collaboration has been very successful.

Are you going to continue your cooperation with *instinctools?

Yeah absolutely, we already have a couple of more projects in the pipeline. So, the first project has been very successful, very good value for money, so here wehave request for more. And the contractsare being signed and I look forward tocontinuing.

They are one of the best teams to work with!

Reviewed by Richard Lohwasser , Co-founder and CEO at Lition
date_range 2019-02-27
monetization_on $50001 - $100000
important_devices Blockchain
check_circle in progress
5.0 Reliability & Trustworthy
5.0 Quality Of Service
5.0 Creativity & Expertise
5.0 Timelines & Budget
Overall Rating

Please introduce yourself / your company & project

I am Richard Lohwasser. I am the founder and CEO of Lition. I found it in the beginning of 2018. Lition is a company that does blockchains. We are developing actually co-innovation with SAP, the world's largest maker of business software, - a Blockchain for business use. And next to this Blockchain for business use we have one use case so what application were we use a Blockchain and that's a peer-to-peer energy trading. Actually, we're the world's first company that does peer-to-peer energy trading on the Blockchain in the mass market. And that's also how we got together with*instinctools. We have a couple of activities: we have our website, our trading platform, we have a part of the Blockchain integration, and for this we've been working together with *instinctools since the beginning of this year.

Are you satisfied with *instinctools as a technical partner?

Yes, so people at *instinctools are quite tech hats which I like, I meaning my heart I'm a developer myself. They use a very advanced toolset. In my old companies inthe large corporations we switched from waterfall development methods into agile development, and that was a standard of the *instinctools which makes it very easy. We also had a few discussions which architecture to use, and we'reusing a React-based architecture and JavaScript as a programming language, and there you notice that they have used very advanced libraries, advanced techniques, advanced coding paradigms and so the advantage is thatwe get reusable code, well testable code, well maintained code, which is quite important if you want to have a robust tool and robust solution.

What challenges has *instinctools team faced at your project and how were they resolved?

I think we had two challenges inthe project. The first one is I think communication. We had several parties involved in the project. It wasn't just us and *instinctools, but we had for example a back-end development team, we had a Blockchain development team, we had an energy billing system supplier team, and here we notice that the interaction and the collaboration between the teams and us sometimes was a bit tricky and that led to a couple of miscommunications of delays, to buggy code, to misunderstandings, which of course demotivates the team and also demotivates me as a company founder, because of course we need results. And now we were softer I would say by two ways, one of them is to having the *instinctools project management more active, which worked out very well andalso, we stepped in closer. So, we stepped in into many of the discussions, also some of the technical discussions, when it comes to the application programming interfaces between some of these topics, and I think that led to a very good solution. We also defined some rules how do we deal with certain parts of changes, what time schedule we have and I think that helped to give more structure. Especially as we have like in total 12 developers in this whole Lition space and that of course requires a lot of communication. The second topic is the English language. It's sometimes a bit challenging, the consistency of the knowledge of the English language is not always the same for every team member, but here again we put the project management both from a co-ordination part also from a lead development part more in the driver seat and that helped a lot.

How can you describe the quality of services provided by *instinctools?

I think what definitely a plus is the technical knowledge I mean really advanced when it comes to the libraries as I mentioned earlier. The quality of the code is just good that's very important if you want to have a maintainable system. And what'salso very good is the quality of the leadership, the programming lead and the coordination lead, and that's very helpful and I'd say it's very crucial improving on communication and the area to improve would be a business process, but that's a very normal step I mean that's nothing you can expect from a software development company from the beginning I mean so the issues about that.

Are you going to continue cooperation with *instinctools?

Yes, I mean you know I'm a manager I've been managing from all most of my life so I'm a very rational guy and I look at input versus output that's good, co-operations also fun which I think is from a humanside also very important, so yes, yes.

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