11 Reasons To Choose AngularJS For Your Next Project

Deepak Chauhan By Deepak Chauhan  |  May 18, 2019  |  Frameworks Web & Software Development
Choose Angularjs For Your Next Project

The world of internet is growing fast and the need for web developers is getting more Crucial. In March 2012 Netcraft surveyed the internet and discovered over 600 million active websites.

However, this figure has tripled, and as of January 2018, in another web-server survey by Netcraft revealed that the figure had increased to 1.8 billion and still counting.

There are several platforms you could use as a developer for your web development. But it is important that you make a good choice.

AngularJS is a Javascript-based front-end framework that makes the web development process a lot simpler. Since its development in 2009, the open-source framework has been slowly getting recognition in the market outshining several others.

As the competition among top web developers gets more and more intense, the AngularJS has maintained its leading position due to its amazing features.

Top Reasons to Choose Angular JS

Let’s have a look at top eleven vital reasons why you should not look further than AngularJS if you are a web developer who is serious with his craft.

Reason #1. AngularJS is Created and Endorsed by Google

AngularJS is developed and maintained mainly by Google. You might be shocked to know that AngularJS is not the first framework to be made by Google. Before 2009, Google had created the comprehensive web Toolkit, which was used mainly by the Google Wave team.

However, with the Advent and popularity of CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript – being the front-end and back-end language, Google changed its stance and understood that the web should not only be written in Java.

At first, AngularJS was made an open source community and the brooding passion of developers around the world has made AngularJS the framework it is today.

Thus, with AngularJS, you can learn from several skilled developers around the world. These engineers will answer your questions and guide you if you are new to web development.

Reason #2. Full Control

The user interface of AngularJS is well structured, therefore it is very easy to interpret and manipulate the keys.

In addition, the AngularJS uses HTML language as its pattern language. It is also broadened with directives, which supply the code information with the relevant characteristics. Especially the ones which are important for loading particular modules after the page has been loaded. With the use of MVC, you can also create full and easy control.

Moreover, Directives give you the chance to focus on creating logics and this makes you more resourceful. These directives can also be reused in order to improve the readability of codes.

With the right method and control, you can make use of AngularJS to create large applications. The ease of control has also contributed massively for its trending popularity.

Reason #3. Flexible, Fast and Reliable Front-end

It’s a common knowledge that AngularJS is an MVC framework created for the development of front-end pages as well as single page applications that are scalable.

It receives and broadens HTML to provide top quality content using a two-way data binding. Therefore, if you are conversant with JavaScript MVC or backbone, then you are just about to build an important front-end that is adaptable and super flexible.

Furthermore, with AngularJS, you don’t need an external framework or plugin to create a web application. Yes, it’s really that simple and straight forward.

More so, AngularJS makes use of customized HTML templates that contain expressions and tags. Therefore if you can apply HTML language, then you have all you need to create a front-end with lightning speed using AngularJS.

Reason #4. Clients Side Solutions

AngularJS operates on the client’s side and is suitable for both desktop computers and mobile browsers. Back-end solutions are not required with AngularJS and hence, it is appropriate for all front-end applications. More so, The AngularJS employs dependency injection software which helps you to transmit the service to a client.

You need not have a headache about other modules as AngularJS developer can easily develop web applications that are data-driven using just JavaScript. REST activities also give you the freedom to communicate rapidly with your clients and get the information you need to connect with necessary web pages.

In the process of using JavaScript, this quality leads to intuitive JavaScript objects, which follows the MVVM layout, to help structure source code easily.

Reason #5. You will easily Master Web Development

Unlike other frameworks, AngularJS is quite easy to learn. AngularJS has a nice structure and framework. And it satisfies virtually every need for web development. The community support also constitutes a major advantage.

Personally, I think that if you have a good understanding of how to use JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, you are going to learn AngularJS very easily. More often than not, why many find it hard to Master AngularJS easily is because they didn’t start properly by learning the basics.

Moreover, the finely structured interface also helps to improve the ability to learn, thus you can start to learn AngularJS without any prior knowledge of web development. With devotion and commitment, you will easily begin to gain proficiency in AngularJS as opposed to other platforms which involve lots of rigor.

Reason #6. You can collaborate easily with other professionals

Let’s begin with the number of web developers, AngularJS has a staggering number of developers in the community. This includes people who are in the core development team and those who just got in the community to make corrections and bring improvement to the open source framework.

Several conferences involving AngularJS are held in diverse places around the world. AngularJS is deliberated upon at Hackathon and Myriads of other IT communities. There are several online resources and books on AngularJS, resources for developers of different status and levels are also available.

Clients, however, are also aware that by opting for AngularJS, they become a part of the latest web development trends and won’t have any hassles finding developers to handle their projects.

Reason #7. Testing is simple

Testing is crucial to software development. The fact is that people who build AngularJS know this very well and make it stand out. This however generally decreases the time spent on coding, as code defects and errors are easy to identify.

More so, as aforementioned AngularJS do not require plugins and other frameworks and this makes it a lot easy to manipulate.

The modules of AngularJS allow you to load only important service and efficiently perform automatic testing. And this is very fast and saves you a lot of time.

Reason #8. It has SPA-Oriented features

AngularJS and SPA work for hand in gloves, and this makes it very easy to organize and regulate online forms. It creates a good workflow for the team and makes the overall process easy to get through. And developers then have absolute regulation of form validation.

Also, the SPA oriented feature makes a single page to be retrievable on AngularJS and you can navigate between pages without having to refresh the whole page. Thus, you can retain different data on each page.

SPA-Orientation makes the AngularJS feel much like a native application because it is fast and responsive. It makes your workflow a lot faster and easier since you don’t have to constantly reload pages.

Reason #9. AngularJS is Flexible with Filters

Filters are functions that operate alone. They are different from your app and look like directives. But they only undertake the transformation of data.

Many different filters work with AngularJS such as currency filter, which formats number to appropriate currency. Date, which formats date to accurate format. JSON, formatting JSON to a string. Order by, which orders arrays by expressions. Lowercase, which formats strings to lower cases. Uppercase, Limit to, etc.

You can also add your own filters to make your work a lot easier. You can also create HTML language solely by using filters without having to write any Java scripts.

Reason #10. AngularJS boasts a Simplified MVC Architecture

AngularJS handles all your components and also serves as the link that joins them. MVC architectural design separates view, logistics, and data. And this works to allow for creating a single-page application.

The MVC is also the lowest pattern level that has the job of data maintenance, and it displays this data to you too. Thus, it’s the software code handling the relationship between model and view.

It is referred to as model-view-controller and it works to speed up the process by splitting them in bits thus facilitating your work.

Reason #11. AngularJS applies a declarative Code Style

AngularJS applies HTML language to specify the user interface of the application. HTML language as a declarative language is more intuitive and better than using the interface. HTML is also easier to organize than any other interface that is written in Javascript. It means your data is easier to retain and you can consult many UI operators as HTML language has vast options.

HTML is also applied to determine the functionality of the application. The special feature of HTML is that it determines controllers that can be used for different elements. These features of HTML consequently determine what will get loaded but it does not decide how. This declarative action of HTML simplifies app development to a great extent.

Final Thoughts

With these amazing features, it is not hard to see the reason AngularJS is ranking high and getting the attention of every developer around the world. In addition to that, AngularJS is not only powerful and multifunctional but also allows you to fulfill all your coding desires with finesse.

Deepak Chauhan Deepak Chauhan   |  May 18, 2019

Deepak Chauhan is a digital business strategist and CEO of VOCSO Digital Agency based out of India, USA & UAE. The web business strategist, who has 12+ years of experience, has worked with many small businesses and startups across the globe to help them build successful websites/applications and launch them online with his strategic consulting. When not working, he enjoys traveling, writing, photography and satisfying his taste buds.


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