White label App Solution vs Custom App Development – Choose Wisely!

Derek Cohen By Derek Cohen  |  Apr 19, 2023  |  App Development
White-Label App vs Custom App Which to Choose

One of the greatest queries that arise in every entrepreneur’s mind when they finalize an App idea is whether to develop a custom solution or go ahead with a generic white-label solution.

Developing an app for a business is a must these days, be it in any of the niches. Customers these days are smartphone savvy, so you should try to put your mobile app in the app store or play store to ease things for your customers.

At the end of the day, you basically have two options, to go with pre-built Apps to save time and money or develop your App from scratch that is tailored to your business and requirements.

There is no clear winner, it all depends on your requirements and what you wish to achieve. I can let you know the pros and cons of each and let you decide for yourself.

Let’s begin with a brief explanation of both these technology stacks.

What is a White label solution?

A white label solution is a fully developed and tested readymade application. In white label mobile app solutions, you get a generic app that was initially built for your type of business. There are various advantages to white-label applications over building a custom mobile app, like an on-time launch in the market.

With white-label solutions, you can get an application whenever you want, as it’s ready to use and doesn’t have to be customized in any way than just some minor changes. The efficiency and flexibility can be a turn-off for someone looking forward to using a pre-made app solution, but for someone looking to enter the market in a short and limited amount of time, it can turn out to be bliss.

Development of Clone App For your Business

What is a Custom mobile app?

With a custom app, as the name suggests, everything is customized according to your requirements. Now, there’s much more to things than mere customizations which you can also get done with white label apps.

Building a Custom app means the development of a mobile app that is tailored to your requirements; all top mobile app development companies go as deep as you can explain your requirements. They build mobile app from scratch as per your requirement and features.

With custom apps, every single thing can be custom made and can scale according to the number of users that will be using your app, user flow can be precise, and you can select the latest and best available technology.

So, before you decide, you need to know your game and what you wish to achieve. Let’s compare both of these on various parameters.

Custom development

Comparing White label Solutions and Custom App

App Strategy

Before moving forward, make sure to sketch out an app design and the things you will need for your mobile app to perform.

Even if you plan on taking the road to white label apps, you will still need to choose from a variety of apps made for that same niche. A subtle hint of where you are heading is primary, keep on checking the points till you find the perfect one.

In the case of a custom-made app, you will need to explain your idea visually. Though most top mobile app development companies have qualified app development teams to understand your project requirements, it’s still necessary to know what exactly you are looking for.

Here’s a checklist to get started.

  •  Think about your idea
  •  Define core functionalities
  •  Make a sketch
  •  Plan the flow
  •  Pen down what you want your app to accomplish

These are some questions that entrepreneurs need to have answers before starting to build their own mobile app. So before heading to a choice, make sure you know your requirements, and then decide between white label or custom app development.


This is a very important step, UI/UX makes or breaks an App. Most consumers who use your mobile app can figure out if yours is a white label app or a fully customized app by looking at the UI/UX design of your app.

There is a vast difference between what you get from custom and readymade interfaces. Some people may argue that custom is the best in this case, but they usually fail to realize that white label apps are extensively tested and they are based on the positive feedback of the users. This means a white label app will have a much more usable UI/UX than a custom-made app. Things get tricky based on your business type and your niche. Choose the one that suits you the best.

App Design

The typical designs you get with white label mobile app solutions are a bit too generic for many types of businesses. This is something you really need to focus on, whichever niche you are targeting.

What you get with a custom app development is an exclusive design, which above all, suits your brand and your customer’s needs.

Most businesses go for custom mobile app as they will get the tailored mobile app design specific to their vision which will be different and unique rather than the generic design of white-label app solution.

App Development

Custom app development is a time-consuming process compared to the white-label app solution. When you choose to develop your mobile app from scratch you get the mobile app that is specially targeted to your audience and business

one of the longest and costliest processes. While in white label apps you get past it pretty easily, but you have to invest a lot in custom app development. However, when you get an app custom developed, there is so much more you can select according to your specific needs.

App Quality Analysis

Quality analysis and testing are highly time-consuming and costly, and so is the maintenance. So ideally here white label apps should shine, as they are tested and analyzed several times.

Well, it’s not that simple, it depends on the coding standard followed by developers. If the core foundation of the white label app is strong then it should be fine in the long run.

While in the case of custom application development, the app testing process can take up much more time. However, in a custom app, you can maintain your signature quality in the long run, while in a white label app, version control is nearly impossible.

Make a Decision!

Both White label and custom solution have their advantages. So, it’s important to choose your development partner wisely as the quality of the code will depend on the reputation of that company. Things can work or they won’t, so choosing a good strategy is important. We understand that a major part of your budget goes into building a custom app or getting a white label solution, so choose wisely and consider both options thoroughly before you select one.

If you still have any confusion you can send your requirement to us and we will help you make an informed decision.

Derek Cohen Derek Cohen   |  Apr 19, 2023

Analyzing business activities and data to formulate the best business development ideas is where I earn appreciations and remunerations. I’m an ardent reader, business adviser, gadget aficionado and an amateur yet an avid writer. My urge for innovative writing evokes every time I come across new gadgets, neo technology and novel technical events.


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