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AI Tools for Video Editing

AI video editing apps and tools are all geared up to take over the conventional video editing software market since the future of AI is apparently bright. Here are the top tools for video editing with the pricing (prices are listed as of today when this blog is getting written) that are powered with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make your video editing experience enjoyable:

List of top 10 AI tools for video editing

  • Pricing : Standard (at $19 per month), Premium (at $39 per month), and Enterprise (custom rates).

Pictory is your one-stop shop for all your video creation and video editing needs. This AI tool works two ways and gives you just the right service. It can get you a video from a script and can even provide you a transcript from the video that you’re editing so that you don’t have to go over the video again and again. This one extensively searches its library for images and visuals that can fit into the script that you’ve formed.


  • Pricing : you can either choose a free version or from the three of the following- Creator($12/month), Pro($24/month), or Custom.

Considered one of the best AI video editors, this one allows you to either create a video or import it and then work on its editing. The editing, however, is no more a hassle with this one because the AI tool helps transcript the video for you. You can then easily cut and edit things right from the text without having to watch the video a million times.


  • Pricing : Free, Basic ($9.99/month), Plus($19.99/mo), Business ($29.99/mo).

The easy-to-use interface of this one says it all for video editors. FlexClip aids in curtailing the time spent on editing a video. This video editing AI tool gives you features like video trimming, merging different videos seamlessly, getting rid of the background, inserting filters, or even transforming your video into a GIF.

  • Pricing : Free, Business($15/month), Unlimited ($30/mo).

InVideo is a noteworthy artificial intelligence video editor because it is loaded with distinct features from the above-mentioned AI video editing apps. The AI video editing platform InVideo offers has ample features and is easy to use. Your AI-generated video can be formed in several formats such as square, vertical, and wide formats. You can use InVideo to make motion pictures for social media, Instagram stories, YouTube, and many more.

Having provision for customizable templates, a huge library of stock photos and videos to include, video quality upscaling, and the most stunning of all, audio editing, InVideo is preferred by thousands.

  • Pricing : Visionary ($5/mo), Venture($20/mo), Enterprise(custom)

Carrying AI in its name, this one is truly a player in the field of AI video editing. Muse allows you to record your screen, record audio, and even video without the need for third-party apps. Muse employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify speech patterns, recognize movement, and contextualize situations for a more human-like approach and easier comprehension.

Muse recognizes the monetary needs of its users and this is why it has a provision for monetizing the videos using ads and licenses. This AI-based system helps you edit audio and video on one platform and create subscription portals on the side. You can also screen and camera record while editing the video.

  • Pricing : Premium($4/month), Professional($9/mo) and Business($34/mo)

This online AI video editor emerges as a flexible, multiservice platform claiming that you would not need to look beyond it for any of your video editing needs. It is loaded with custom features including editable templates and industry-specific templates all in one place. This ai for video editing can be used to create and edit videos for YouTube, social media platforms, business videos, videos for special occasions, and much more.

  • Pricing : Free, Starter ($10/mo), Professional ($29/mo), Enterprise (custom)

Wisecut is tailored for video editors who wish their work could have some mercy on them. Sitting longer hours for editing doesn’t necessarily sum up a great video. In the end, it’s the tools and creativity you use that shine. Wisecut specializes in removing silence, unwanted sound, and background disturbances, adding subtitles, adding music, and making your overall video experience swift and fun.

It has AI features for video editing. It provides royalty-noise-free video editing, audio editing features, smart music suggestion options, and a lot more.

  • Pricing : Free, Basic ($19/mo), Pro($39/mo), Pro+($79/mo)

If you’ve been looking for a top AI video editing app that specializes in professional video creation and editing, Wideo is the one for you. Here, you can create and edit videos for professional, educational, webinars, online meetings, business, and even social media purposes. You can choose from a range of templates and get color customization done based on your video’s requirements.

You can animate objects, customize your videos to add your brand name or create videos from scratch. Wideo is a video editing AI that also provides 100+ fonts, text editors, and graphic libraries.

VEED video editorVEED video editor

  • Pricing : Free, Basic ($18/mo), Pro($30), Business($59/mo).

VEED is suitable for a wide range of applications and caters to various kinds of individuals and businesses. VEED has features that let you make high-quality video content, whether you need to create videos or captions made by AI. VEED is known for its AI-generated videos and captions. You can also add sound waves to your video through this one. One of its key features is video creation for specific niches like marketing, education, social media, etc.

  • Pricing : $468/year.

Toonly takes you back to the good old school days. It can be used to make promotional or educational videos for schools. Captivating graphics are available on the AI video editor app to add to your videos. You can use Toonly, which offers drag-and-drop editing, to build animated artificial intelligence-generated videos from scripts.

It lets you create animations, and put interesting sound effects for kids to learn in a fun way. it also has a feature voiceover which allows you to give your videos an edge along with the animations.

AI Tools for Video Editing: An Introduction

AI Tools for Video Editing

It made an appearance in the film industry first and now it’s everywhere, video editing manifests as a hobby for many in today’s time. From Instagram reels through TikTok videos, to long videos on YouTube, video editing has become an essential part of people’s lives today.

By 2018, the global video editing software market had already reached 779.8 billion US dollars. The same is all set to grow to a humungous sum of 932.7 bn US dollars by 2025. With such gigantic demands growing each day in the field of video editing, artificial intelligence had to step in. Artificial intelligence helps build smart video editing software wherein the customer can cater to the demands of the audience without any hassle.

This is an era of Gen Z and they won’t lag a step behind when it comes to technological advancements. the AI adoption rate by the people of the Gen Z age group is 29% which is higher than both of its counterparts, Gen X and Millennials.

Why choose AI tools for video editing?

Because why not? If the world that you’re living in is going to be governed by the future of AI, why not include it in a field that is so close to us, these days? Whenever you pick up your phone and play a video on YouTube, you are looking at someone’s hours, days, and months’ worth of hard work. Creating a video is not confined to recording a video. The real work begins at the editing stage. This is where Artificial Intelligence can bestow you with its charm.

Artificial intelligence can help build video editing software that can provide tons of customization options for editors, can regulate the statistics of the video, can monitor the information regarding which part can be watched by whom, and a lot more. AI can help get the best shots, and best angles, and help you organize the bits and pieces of your videos whilst making the whole process fun and personalized for you.

AI features for video editing apps

Artificial Intelligence is packed with features to help humans in almost every industry today. AI video editing is one such application of the concept. The extensive features of AI that allow it to mimic humans, recognize patterns, and work according to those patterns is what is the hitch for AI development companies.

Almost everyone is a videographer and photographer with the best tool in their hands – a smartphone. With a highly advanced super hi-definition camera in the pocket, one can shoot anything at any time; nevertheless, the purpose does not get solved if the videos put on social media do not grab others’ attention. Hence, AI-enabled tools for video editing can provide you with a breakthrough to make your motion picture not only look unique but also force other users to appreciate and applaud video editing.

benefits of AI in video editing

Here are a few features of artificial intelligence that are blowing it off in the video editing field –

Removing unwanted visuals

AI-powered background remover is one of the most demanded features off of the AI video editing tools shelf. It is as simple as learning for the mobile app about the background and foreground and removing unwanted visuals.

Audio improvement

Editing audio and removing unwanted sounds from the background is another tedious task for all those video editors out there. AI helps remove the noise and makes your video smooth to listen to.

Video stabilization

People do not pay heed to a quivering video. Video stabilization can be difficult to achieve especially if you have a low budget, which is mostly the case with new artists in the field. AI video editing tools help to stabilize the video footage by applying smart algorithms and logging motion data.

Upscaling the quality

The resolution of the video can be uplifted with the help of an AI-powered video remastering feature. Video with upscaled video quality attracts users as blurry and low-quality videos are not liked by viewers.

Color correction

This feature of the AI-powered video editor further enhances the overall appearance of the video and makes it pleasing to look at.

Get Started with AI Video Editing!

You can change the entire video editing game using AI video editing tools. The market of video editing has been seeing unforeseen growth in the past few years and AI is the new cool. Bringing both together can revamp the face of the video editing industry. AI can use sophisticated algorithms to “interpret” videos, gauge colors, stabilize images, remove obstacles, and so on. Smarter AI-assisted editing capabilities are being mastered by editors. and solutions, thereby minimizing inconvenience, expenditure, time, and effort.   |  Dec 21, 2023 is a platform which brings to you a listing of all the competent web &mobile app development companies across the world focusing on the combination of traditional IT research offerings and the latest methods that have come up to provide more competent results.


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