10 Best AI Website Builders and Generators 2024

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Best AI-Powered Website Builders

Basic website development takes months, hundreds of dollars of investment, and a lot of effort. It’s a tedious and long process that’s sometimes found annoying. There are some tools that enable website development within a few hours through simple drag-and-drop features. How about if website development becomes a game of a couple of minutes? AI website builder takes the driver’s seat in helping you create website faster and flawlessly.

Using AI in website designing and development brings a wide range of benefits to businesses. Taking a step ahead, the AI web builders design the UI, organize content, and let you launch the website effortlessly.

With the help of new generative AI technology, the AI website generator asks a few questions to businesses and creates a brilliant website following the latest website trends.

Generative AI is one of the best AI trends that powers online website builders to create websites easily and quickly. However, only some AI-based website builders perform to the notch. Some will keep you from giving the level of uniqueness, fail to meet complex requirements, be quite expensive to use, or struggle with limited customization.

Realizing this need, some of the best AI website builders are identified after evaluating the ease of their website development process, features they have, and pricing. Discover the best one by knowing the reasons for choosing the right AI website maker, the top picks, and the process of generating a website using them.

Why AI website builders are the best?

Over the last decade, it’s experienced that 64% of businesses have partnered with AI development companies to transform their business and enhance productivity with AI innovation. Similarly, building a website using an AI website creator is no longer a buzzword. They are getting popular for myriad reasons.

Simplified web development: Using the power of AI and ML technology, AI web builders allow users to build websites with little to no coding. With a simple drag-and-drop option, users can use the pre-built templates to create personalized designs and intuitive layouts. Providing business details enables the generation of full-fledged website through an AI website builder.

Unlimited customization: AI website makers allow businesses to customize website design to reflect the brand’s mission. With various template options, businesses can tailor layouts, fonts, colors, and text and even scale the functionalities at a later stage.

SEO-optimized content generation: AI technology analyzes user behavior trends to make suggestions for site structure and design. Customizable image alt tags, meta tags, and schema markup by AI website generators enable optimizing content for search engines.

Cost-effective development alternative: AI-powered website development is an inexpensive approach to building websites. There are free AI website builders that help with automated coding snippets generation, debugging, and testing, saving time and money.

Easier maintenance: AI website creator ensures that website maintenance tasks are automated with built-in capabilities. It helps keep the website secure and up-to-date.

Great performance: The AI website builder continuously evaluates the website-related data and finds areas for improvement where content and other elements need to be optimized. With file compression, responsive design, and multimedia content optimization, site load time is minimized, which guarantees high performance.

Auto-content generation: Covering the needs of marketing, AI website builders excel in creating blog content, product descriptions, and others. Using NLG technology, vast data sets are analyzed to create content that aligns with the topic provided.

Top 10 AI Website Builders & Generators 2024

Market saturation with free website builders using AI technology, making it essential to have a list of the best AI Website builders. A glance at top picks for AI website generators.

Wix AI

Price: The basic plan is free with 900+ templates, and there are different premium plan starts at $199 per month. Business elite, business, core, and light plans with distinct price ranges are available that businesses can choose based on functionalities and cost.

AI tools: Test creator, section generator, and Wix Ascend.

Wix AI is the best AI website builder that is recognized worldwide with an extensive questionnaire. The AI text creator helps businesses shaping the vision for website with idea generation, writing product descriptions, and much more. Unlike other AI website makers, Wix AI asks a list of comprehensive questions to know more about the brand, target users, and other preferences that help create a website that syncs with your needs.

The generated website is either regenerated to reflect brand messaging or specific changes can be made such as site profile, site structure, site description, theme, or layout. There’s wix editor that allows editing website freely. The access to AI tools makes further customization easier. In addition to an intuitive navigation process, Wix AI features a Wix marketplace that allows businesses to extend website functionalities with premium access.


Price: Two different website builder plans are available. Premium website builder plan costs $149 per month and business website builder plan costs $249 per month.

AI tools: AI writer, AI logo maker, AI website generator, AI image generator, and AI page generator.

The well-known AI-powered website builder provides great results using various AI tools. With free domain name, 24/7 customer support, and zero technical skills, website is created in a few minutes. The website development with Hostinger is quite straightforward, starting with template selection from 150 templates followed by necessary customization.

Businesses can opt to customize the existing template or create a new template with style and color palette selection, which helps with minimal design creation. With domain name selection, the website goes live. AI can also do the whole work on your behalf by answering some questions. One-of-a-kind website with relevant images and content are created automatically.

It also features an image generator, page generator, logo maker, writer, and heatmap that enables comprehensive website development. With targeted ads display, live chat, and website data analysis, it’s easy to attract users and stand out in the competition.


Price: businesses can discover the perfect plan from three different plans offered. Starting plan costs $499 per month, business plan provides extra features at $999 per month, and advanced plan ensures extensive online presence at $1499 per month.

AI tools: content creator, drag-and-drop editor, email marketing tools, and social media handles.

NEO gives preferences to simplicity with the capability to create a website that tells your brand story along with unlimited hosting, global CDN, and multi-language compatibility. The website builder provides 1000+ templates, 36+ design elements, 700 global blocks, and 45 pop-ups that are easy to customize and deploy for premium design. User engagement is increased with personalized website creation and custom email marketing.

AI-powered email marketing tools help with writing personalized emails that improve conversion. Social media handles addition, and mobile responsiveness increases brand visibility and customer outreach. Neo facilitates website customization after the launch, which makes maintenance cost-effective. SSL certification and cloud hosting ensures website security.


Price: businesses can choose one of the four plans that’s right for them. It starts with basic plan with 0 Rs, starting plan costs $11, grow plan costs $17, business plan $21 and VIP plan goes up to $28 per month.

AI tools: AI logo maker, SEO optimization, and code generation.

Jimdo meets various businesses’ needs with business website, online shop, and portfolio website creation from scratch with limited customization. With Jimdo account signup, users are taken directly to the website creation interface, where they can select one of the available themes or build one according to business preferences. The intelligent suggestions from Jimdo for website color, style, and pages will be a great help.

Businesses can make their professional website appear trustworthy with a domain, including hosting, HTTPS encryption, and other benefits that increase SERP. With Jimdo, businesses can implement Google Analytics and manage business listings, which allows them to improve their online presence. Jimdo community helps businesses get the support of leading entrepreneurs’ experience in critical situations.


Price: It charges $20 per month, followed by a three-day free trial. Thereafter, four premium plans are available- basic, shopify, advanced, and plus with different set of functionalities.

AI tools: AI text creator, personalized recommendations, and fraud protection.

Shopify is a well-known website builder worldwide with thousands of themes, apps, and integrations. With AI integration, Shopify’s website builders help businesses increase their sales and ROI using intelligent insights related to customer behavior and preferences. With business name generator or domain name generator tools, custom domain name is created.

Budget-friendly builder allow businesses to access stock photos, image resizer, QR code generator, and SEO tools that helps building custom website. The AI website builder enables customizing images, text, and columns to tailor the Ecommerce store appearance. Additional perks include access to POS, improved security, and marketing tools along with 24/7 support.


Price: The pricing packages for various types of businesses are billed monthly or yearly. Basic plans costs $42 per month, professional plan costs $169 per month, and advanced plan rates goes up to $339 per month.

AI tools: Text generator, image creator, and email marketing tools.

B12 is a perfect package for the easiest AI website development because it helps with everything from website design and development to hosting and marketing. Text, images, and other tools help with building a website in a few minutes. The content editor enables the creation of blog posts and email campaigns. Additional tools such as online scheduling, documents, calendar sync, live chat, email marketing, and tailored invoice boosts user engagement levels.

The flexibility to customize the generated website in DIY way or the help of B12’ copywriters and design experts ensure the website get built and running in a few minutes.

Framer AI

Price: Other than free plan and custom plan it has pro plan of $15 and team plan of $25.

AI tools: No-code visual editor, effects, localization, text editor, and section generator.

Framer AI allows businesses to frame website design with text prompts and create new pages with advanced localization. AI translation enables multilingual experiences, AI style helps defining brand tone, and Text rewrite facilitate content polishing. The expedited design process has made the AI website builder- the best option for launching websites faster.

The capability to create stunning designs with the right mix of expressive animation, parallax scrolling, typography, and interactive components is outstanding. Performance upgrades, search engine optimization, and analytics integration allow businesses to meet their distinct needs.


Price: Free for 20 website generations and then Pro plan charges $28 per month with access to all features and support. Agency plan at $48 per month enables advanced collaboration, premium support, and AI features.

AI tools: Code generator, chatbot, and others.

A complex WordPress website development has become easier for users with little technical knowledge. It’s not a flair for building a website automatically based on a few answers. The AI website builder trained in WordPress code and plugin code facilitates conversational coding, 24/7 expert AI help, and troubleshooting.

When users raise the request for functionality, the builder returns the code required. Additionally, the code is requested to be customized over voice commands. Continuous learning of AI helps with accurate code generation. However, the code must be checked, which makes it an ideal choice for tech geeks as they get ideas for creating logic. It concludes that it’s not worth it for beginners.


Price: It’s free, but businesses need to pay $9 per month to use professional website editor.

AI tools: AI code editor

TeleportHQ revolutionizes the website development game with extensive customization possibilities that are the minimal requirements from AI website builders. With custom HTML and CSS code, any website section can be edited, and for further customization, businesses need to create HTML and CSS code. The text elements are edited with AI prompts and pre-built editing options.

AI-generated websites and prototypes are created that are fully mobile responsive and optimized for performance. The free domain from TeleportHQ is just a click solution that allows businesses to launch websites effortlessly. The drag-and-drop builder enables the seamless addition of components from the list.


Price: Free

AI tools: no-code editor, global design tool

If you are looking for an AI website builder that is available for free, GetResponse is the best no-code website development solution. It allows businesses to select the theme or templates and customize them or choose another alternative, such as answering a few questions that the website builder asks and then creating the website automatically.

Under the marketing tools, pop-ups help attract users’ attention; email autoresponders that intelligently send response to the customers; customer segmentation helps create tailored campaigns to reach out to the target audience with the right message at the right time. This way, businesses can quickly launch the website and begin marketing.

How to Build a Website Using AI in a Few Easy Steps?

When you are aware of the best AI website builder, the next step is to create a website using the builder. Follow the steps to build the website quickly.

  • Describe the website development and design requirements by entering text description, which enables the AI builder to create a website automatically.
  • Personalize the generated website using editors, including editing pre-built templates, content, typography, and others. Suggestions from website builders also help.
  • If you want to avoid customizing the website, let the builder regenerate the specific sections in a single click.
  • Connect the website with the domain name and then publish it.

Do you really need an AI website builder?

AI website builder is the future of website development. Accelerated development with minimal expenses, enabling businesses to make their website ideas come true. Also, users have the opportunity to unleash their creativity with unlimited customization. Step into the digital world with the right AI website builder selection. Different AI website builders that have delivered exceptional results are illustrated. However, every AI-based website builder has its strengths and weaknesses, so assess them to find the best one and build the website that meets your digital needs.

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