List of Best AI Apps Transforming the World

Avantika Shergil By Avantika Shergil  |  May 6, 2024  |  AI Tools Artificial Intelligence
Top AI Apps to Know

While everything has turned online, mobile apps have become smarter; they learn our habits and preferences. AI-enabled apps have transformed the way we act, choose, or perform our tasks. Artificial Intelligence apps suggest movies we will enjoy and recommend the fastest route avoiding traffic jams. Revolutionary AI apps keep humankind safe by spotting illnesses early to identify health risks; furthermore, on the road, AI-powered self-driving cars promise a future with better safety yet faster traveling.

Forbes, quoting GrandViewResearch, writes that the global artificial intelligence market size is likely to witness a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37.3% from 2023 to 2030 resulting in a value of $1,811.8 billion by 2030. These stats say that the future of AI is promising and the capability of Artificial Intelligence will increase manifold due to its associated technologies such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AR/VR. That said, businesses will have revolutionary apps that provide immersive experiences to end users or customers to avail of products and services.

Here, in this interesting write-up, we will list the best AI apps that are already transforming our world through highly innovative, engaging, and interactive features and functionalities.

AI Chatbots

Chatbots are AI-driven programs engineered to simulate human conversation. These unique tools utilize NLP (Natural Language Processing) to understand and respond to queries put by users. They serve various purposes such as customer service, online booking, and simply providing entertainment.

Some of the best AI chatbot apps include:


Based on large language model ChatGPT is a best free-to-use AI system and the most famous chatbot. It is an advanced conversational AI model built by OpenAI. The app is capable of generating human-like responses on any given topic with accuracy and coherence. It is also used for engaging conversations, gain insights, and automate tasks.

Google Gemini:

Google Gemini was formerly known as BARD. It is a generative artificial intelligence chatbot developed by Google. It can generate text and translate languages plus providing different types of creative content. The tool also answers questions in an informative way.


Powered by OpenAI’s GPT “My AI” Snap is a multimedia messaging app known for its unique disappearing feature. Similar to ChatGPT and Bing Chat, My AI can answer questions, give advice, generate content, and help to make plans.


CoPilot is like ChatGPT but an AI tool built by GitHub and OpenAI. The tool assists users with writing code and answering any query through suggestions. It also helps automate repetitive tasks.


AskAI app is another AI-powered chatbot service platform engineered to help users find answers to various questions through NLP. It accesses a vast repository of knowledge to provide insightful responses which makes it a go-to personal assistant for those who seek unique information.

AI Image Editing Tools

Image editing AI apps allow users to edit/amend digital photos. With AI image editing tools, you can perform basic graphic enhancements as well as artistic transformations. For instance, you can adjust lighting and color, crop/resize, and apply filters. More advanced AI editing tools let you remove objects and edit facial features as well as create an entirely new scene of your choice and elements.

Some of the popular AI apps for image editing include:


FaceApp is one of the top photo editing AI applications that offers a range of filters and effects to change facial features. FaceApp can also alter photos to reduce/increase age or change gender in appearance.


PicsArt is another popular AI image generator and editing app with social network integration known for its versatility. The app is equipped with a wide array of tools for image manipulation, collage creation, and sketching to bring creativity to life with its AI powered editing features.


Lensa is an all-in-one AI-powered image editing app that focuses on portrait enhancement. With this app, users can perform facial retouching, apply trendy filters and effects, and create unique AI avatars, skin smoothing and teeth whitening as well as background blurring.


Facetune is a powerful AI tool for portrait editing. It is world’s top selfie editor for photos and videos that offers a wide range of tools. Designed for mobile devices, the app enables users to retouch selfies by adjusting features on the face, such as smoothing skin, removing blemishes, and whitening teeth. Also, it lets you create stunning, eye-catching visuals with ease.


StarryAI is AI Art Generator App – AI Art Maker app. It is named one of the best apps for Artificial Intelligence utilized to improve images of any kind. It uses the power of neural style transfers with cutting-edge machine learning to craft contemporary AI-driven art. Furthermore, it is used to enhance astrophotography as it offers features like noise reduction and star enhancement. The app also enables users to perform color adjustments for astronomical images.


Lauded as the most popular AI app using advanced AI models built by OpenAI. The tool is known for its imaginative capabilities. DAAL-E, an AI system, that can astounds with its ability to create realistic images and art from a description in natural language. It creates unique and imaginative visual content based in text input.

AI Virtual Assistants (VA)

Virtual assistants are AI-based software applications specifically developed to perform tasks and provide information based on voice commands. VAs offer convenience as users don’t need to type any text to get replies. VAs have been introduced in apps to perform daily life task automation such as appointment scheduling, Google searching, and controlling smart devices.

Some of the popular AI Virtual Assistant tools include:

Google Assistant:

Google Assistant is among the top AI apps. This virtual assistant software was developed by Google and is primarily available on various mobile and home automation devices like smartphones, speakers, and smart TVs/displays. The virtual helper leverages Google’s huge knowledge database and services to provide personalized assistance such as search results and smart control over devices. Moreover Google Assistant can engage in two-way conversations, providing instant help with everyday tasks using just your voice.


Siri is revered for its pioneer role in virtual assistant; it is one of the earliest and best AI apps. Apple’s virtual assistant is integrated into iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. Siri comes in two voices (male and female) to respond to users and also helps users perform several tasks such as finding information and controlling their devices. It is Apple’s voice-enabled virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, NLP commands, and voice recognition.


Alexa is developed by Amazon. Amazon Alexa AI is an Amazon’s cloud-based voice service that allows creating and managing voice apps and integrating them with Alexa-related smart devices. Also, it helps to augment the functionalities of the entire Amazon Echo line of smart speakers. This Virtual Assistant offers a wide range of skills and integrations to control smart homes, music devices, and more. Using a voice user interface (VUI), people and Alexa can communicate effortlessly.

Educational AI Apps

The sector of education is not left anymore. AI-based education apps use technology to enhance learning experiences. Popular AI apps for education personalize content and provide instant feedback while fostering individual learning styles. These AI apps offer interactive learning through AV content, quizzes, and progress-tracking features. Overall, they make education more accessible and engaging.

Some of the most popular AI apps for learning include:


A popular language-learning platform backed by AI to offer personalized lessons and learning. Its AI system, Birdbrain, profiles each user and makes accurate predictions about their learning journey to ensure a personalized experience Also, it has features of interactive exercises and gamification experiences to help users learn languages with fun. The tool is known for language acquisition more enjoyable and accessible to learners from the remotest areas.

ELSA Speak:

ELSA Speak is another AI-powered language learning app known for its precision in English pronunciation enhancement. The learning app focuses on every syllable in English pronunciation by providing personalized feedback. ELSA Speak, personalized AI English coach, also uses speech recognition technology for better UX.


Yet another Google AI-backed app is Socratic. It is a homework assistance app aimed to help students understand complex subjects or topics by providing step-by-step explanations. The app houses video tutorials and relevant educational resources for myriad subjects facilitating learning outside the classrooms.

AI Finance Apps

There are finance apps that utilize artificial intelligence to offer personalized financial solutions. Some of the best AI apps for finance provide users with deep insights and budgeting assistance for investment and more. Smart finance apps use ML algorithms for data analysis and optimize financial decisions to improve output.

Best AI applications for fintech usages include:

Ally Financial:

It is a digital financial services company that offers a breakthrough AI-enabled finance app for online banking and investing. The tool also offers lending solutions known for its friendly UI and competitive rates. Furthermore, The application allows integrating any type of AI capability, including generative AI and large language models, into business operations at an Enterprise scale.


Cleo is an AI-powered financial assistant that sets itself apart to help customers manage their finances by tracking spending and setting budgets with effortless ease. The AI money coach also interacts fluently through intuitive chat-based functions. The AI-powered budgeting app Cleo simplifies finance management, track spending and bills, builds credits, and provides personalized insights as well.


Fyle is best AI expense management software that is easy to use. It automatizes expense reporting and streamlines reimbursement processes. The AI powered expense tracker ensures compliance with essential policies and enhances user’s financial efficiency.


One of the best Artificial Intelligence apps is Robinhood, a commission-free stock trading & investing app. It guides users to buy and sell stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. The app is known to waive any traditional brokerage fees. It democratizes access to financial markets to improve user’s finance plans.

AI-powered Health apps

Top AI apps in another sector are mobile-based solutions for health and wellness. Such apps utilize artificial intelligence technology to personalize fitness solutions for mental and physical well-being. A smart health app offers features like personalized workout plans, dietary regimens, mental health support, and symptom assessment. AI apps for health empower users to live healthier lifestyles.

Some of the best Artificial Intelligence apps for health include:


It is revered as a soothing meditation and sleep app that offers guided meditation sessions and sleep stories. The advanced AI voice-cloning technology uses AI-generated voice of Jimmy Stewart to read a bedtime story. Calm helps users achieve tranquility and mindfulness amidst the chaos of routine urban life. The app also teaches breathing exercises and users can play soothing music to experience relaxation and mindfulness.


FitnessAI is a personalized workout app powered by AI to create tailored strength training programs as per an individual’s needs and goals. It also customizes programs based on a user’s fitness level and strength. Fitness AI Gym Workout Planner relies on machine-learning algorithms and gives instructions on how to do each exercise.

Woebot Health:

One of the best AI apps in healthcare is Woebot. It is a mental health chatbot app that works on cognitive-behavioral models and natural language processing. The tool provides motive support to those who need it through personalized therapy sessions for emotional well-being. Furthermore, Woebot health is an AI-powered platform that provides base for digital therapeutics and tools that seamlessly integrate within health ecosystems and provide solutions to the health needs.


Youper is another solution in the chart of top AI apps for mental healthcare. This is an emotional health assistant app powered by AI to get users a personalized therapy session. It also has features of mood tracking based on cognitive behavioral therapy. This app offers mindfulness to tackle stress and thus improve mental well-being. It combines psychology and artificial intelligence to understand users’ emotional needs and engage in natural conversations.


Ada is an AI app for healthcare that helps users to assess signs and symptoms. The app utilizes the power of Artificial Intelligence to analyze user-reported symptoms and medical history. After analyzing, it provides personalized health assessment reports and all possible ailments. The app further recommends dos and don’ts to take medical care.

AI Music Generators

Music has long been a source of creativity. The latest technology of AI allows composers to create the best melodies, harmonies, and rhythms according to their emotions and moods. The latest apps backed by AI walk the extra mile in providing top-notch composing of songs, themes, instrumentals, and even vocals.

Here are the best Artificial Intelligence apps for music and creativity:


This AI app from OpenAI is a music mastermind. It is a Neural Network that generates music, including rudimentary singing. It helps musicians generate realistic and creative melody pieces in various styles. Jukebox is known to empower musicians to explore new creative avenues with no boundaries in music notes.


MuseNet is one of the best AI apps for music and creativity. It is a masterpiece from OpenAI. The tool can create autotunes, and music of all kinds and genres. Plus it can also compose both melodies and accompaniments with finesse inspiring artists all over the world. It’s a deep neural network that generated musical composition using different types of instruments.

AI Content Creation Tools

AI-based content creation apps provide enhanced experience due to artificial intelligence’s features. The tool can generate high-quality written content with ease. Such popular AI content writing apps employ advanced NLP algorithms to grasp user inputs to produce coherent and relevant content in the form of articles, blog posts, and more.

Here are the best AI apps for content creation:


In content creation, Jasper is one of the best AI apps that help users generate content with just text-based prompts. This AI copywriting assistant makes the writing process faster and more efficient. Jasper is lauded for producing human-like text outputs to enhance productivity in businesses dealing with short and long-form content such as ad agencies, news agencies, and the like. Jasper is built on top of custom, proprietary AI language models; it is designed to help content creators generate effective writing using comprehensive suite of tools.


In the list of top AI apps for content creation, ShortlyAI is another writing tool with the ability to generate precise text content based on instructions put into the prompt. Get rid of your writer’s block as this AI writing partner offers assistance in generating content such as articles, stories, and other write-ups at the click of a button.


Simplified is an AI content creation platform that utilizes natural language processing to generate 80+ types of copy in seconds. The Simplified AI writing generator can help to write unique & plagiarism-free content for summaries, articles, ads, social media, websites, blogs, and other write-ups. The AI writer of Simplified provides concise and easy-to-understand text with unmatched clarity and precision for quick reading.

AI Cybersecurity Apps

Among the list of other best AI app domains is software solutions for cybersecurity. These are the best AI apps that leverage machine learning algorithms to trace and respond to cyber threats instantly. Thus, such applications offer superior protection against any security risk factors. You can analyze vast amounts of data to identify strange behavior and, therefore, prevent breaches by strengthening the overall digital defense ecosystem.

Here are two of the best AI apps used for cybersecurity purposes:


Deepwatch is known to provide managed security services shielded by Artificial Intelligence. The AI cybersecurity app offers threat detection and reports incidents almost instantly. The leading managed security platform also helps in vulnerability and digital risk management to safeguard businesses against cyber attacks.


Another top AI app for cybersecurity is Darktrace. It has set a new standard in autonomous cyber defense through the best of AI algorithms that detect and respond to cyber security issues across digital devices and landscapes such as networks, cloud infrastructure, and IoT devices.

AI Customer Service Software

The top AI apps for customer service use the latest features of Artificial Intelligence to improve customer support. The app can automatize efficient responses by personalizing the interactions and assisting your esteemed customers with 24/7 availability. Overall, this leads to improved customer experience and reduced operational costs.

Two of the top AI apps for customer services include:


Drift is revered as a conversational marketing platform that leverages AI-enabled chatbots to ensure marketing prowess. This AI-powered buyer engagement platform remarkably engages website visitors and answers their concerns and questions through personalized interactions. The tool also have advanced features to qualify leads and provide 24/7 customer support to businesses. As Drift’s AI chatbots respond to open-text inquiries 24/7 and see 40% higher engagement than button-only chat, allowing you to satisfy your customers’ needs without putting unnecessary burdens on your employees.

Zendesk Sunshine:

Another top AI app for customer service is Zendesk Sunshine, a powerful CRM platform that integrates app into Zendesk Support. Zendesk has a conversational AI-powered self-service backed by automation which allows businesses to develop custom chatbots by leveraging AI for complex tasks such as sentiment analysis, proactive customer outreach, and ticket routing. Zendesk’s generative AI-powered chatbots enable businesses to deploy bots that support customers and employees with natural-sounding language.

Want to join the list of the best AI apps?

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence has evolved drastically in a very short period. In the coming days, business apps without AI will fall behind in creativity and engaging end users.

You can contact Artificial Intelligence companies to build a customized mobile app solution that uses advanced algorithms to build features and functionalities that provide immersive user experience and business analytics.

Avantika Shergil Avantika Shergil   |  May 6, 2024

An enthusiastic Operations Manager at, coordinating and managing the technical and functional areas. She is an adventure lover, passionate traveler, an admirer of nature, who believes that a cup of coffee is the prime source to feel rejuvenated. Researching and writing about technology keeps her boosted and enhances her professional journeying.


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