Top Features to Have in Your Insurance Application

Avantika Shergil By Avantika Shergil  |  Apr 11, 2023  |  App Development
Top Features to Have in an Insurance App

Insurance mobile apps can benefit your insurance business in several ways. They can help you reach more customers, provide better service, and increase customer loyalty. Customized insurance mobile app development can also reduce operational costs, streamline workflows, and improve data security.

By offering a convenient and personalized way for customers to access their policies, claims, and other information, insurance mobile apps can enhance your brand image and reputation. Insurance mobile apps are not only beneficial for your customers but also for your agents and employees. With customized insurance app development, you can easily communicate with customers, access relevant data, and perform tasks more efficiently. Insurance mobile apps can give you a competitive edge in the insurance market and help you grow your business.

Here, we have added niche-specific capabilities in addition to the typical functionality that every mobile insurance app must include. These must-have features for your insurance app will help to appeal to your targeted audience and provide you with all the necessary information to increase your user base and RoI.

Common Insurance App Features

Features make an app usable and sellable. You can find mobile app development companies that excel in building customized apps as per your business needs and select the best one. Specifically, for insurance app development, including basic and advanced features is mandatory. This makes the app useful to stakeholders of all kinds including insurance companies, agents, and all the end-users.

Here is the list of common insurance app features.

Customer Dashboard

Customers and users of insurance app can access an intuitive self-service interface with the following features:

User Registration

This insurance mobile app feature allows users to set up their accounts and store their personal and contact details safely.

Manage Profile

Via this insurance app feature, users can manage their information, including contact information, complaints that have been lodged, insurance claims, and more.

Document Repository

The digital version of the insurance information, prior payments, and current and old policy documents are all displayed in the policy management section. Additionally, it enables users of the insurance mobile app to look up additional policies offered by agencies, request quotations, and choose products that fit their needs and interests.

Premium Payment

This module includes a built-in payment gateway that enables insurers to pay their premiums using various options. They can also set up automated payment instructions and reminders for upcoming premium payments here.

Claim Management

Users and policyholders should be able to report claims, add significant documents, and check the progress of their insurance claims via the application. Via this feature of your insurance mobile app, customers can submit and monitor their claims in real time. For instance, they can rapidly take a photo and share it with the app’s necessary documentation in situations like an accident or a home invasion.

Policy Management

This feature is an insurance mobile application that allows users to manage their policies directly at the touch of their screen. Users can view, update and manage the policies and insurance programs conveniently from the insurance app.

Policy Quotes

Depending on the insurance and preferred coverage alternatives, users of the insurance app should be able to get insurance policy estimates.

Premium Payment Options

This insurance app feature offers users to have preferences to buy premiums, examine their payment history and establish automated payments.

Notifications and Alerts

This feature of the insurance app provides prompt alerts to the user regarding changes in claim progress, premium due dates, new policies, and policy renewals.

Safety Aspects

Robust safety and security measures like two-factor authentication, biometric authentication, and data encryption should be implemented in the Insurance app. Having a safety feature in your insurance app helps insurers to feel safe as their data is secure with you.

Customer Support and Assistance

The Insurance app should provide different ways for policyholders and app users to get in touch with customer support with features such as live chat, and email. You can make live chat with the in-app calling option available in your insurance application. It lets users communicate with customer support representatives about their insurance, premiums, claims, and other inquiries.

Payment Gateway Integration

The app for insurers should have a feature for multiple payment options so users can choose their preferred way of payment. For instance credit/ Debit cards, eWallet, Online payment portals, and more.

In-app Calculator

Users can check policies and calculate the premium itself using such a feature. This increases the user experience for your insurance app.

Admin Panel

The admin panel is one of the essential parts of an insurance app development. You can have an end-to-end admin panel that offers complete control of the business alongside a live dashboard to track key KPIs. It also allows the administrator to edit the following functionalities.

Manage Users

From here, you can browse, add, and manage agent and client profiles containing business and private information. Admin can provide or restrict access to additional features of the mobile insurance app thanks to role-based access.

Document Repository

This insurance app feature enables the upload, management, and storage of electronic documents such as registration forms, insurance policies, claim resolution agreements, payment receipts, billing, and more.

Policy and Claim Management

Admin users can set and modify policy data for private persons, businesses, organizations, and groups. They can also handle workflows for policies, check cancellations and renewals, processes for expired policies, claim assessment and processing, and more.

Manage Payment

This feature of the insurance app will allow insurance agencies to manage recurring billing for consumers, set up commissions for agents and brokers, and create fast payment receipts. Through this, it is also possible to assist in implementing different payment mechanisms to allow customers to make payments via net banking, credit/debit cards, or mobile wallets.

Reporting and Analytics

With the addition of this feature in your insurance app, it is possible to interact with external systems like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and more. It makes creating and downloading custom reports about business performance, reporting by region, customer profiling, and other topics easier.

To have a better understanding of the key indicators this advanced feature is provided to the admin panel. Indicators like client acquisition and retention rates, claim processing duration, and premium costs are the tools provided at the administrator’s end to check analytics.

Furthermore, As an Insurance service provider, you can choose to implement technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT (Internet of Things), and Cyber Security in your application.

Apart from the access as mentioned above, there are also various other vital features which include notification management, alert and push notifications, insurance telematics, appointment management, and geolocation management.

Advanced niche-specific Features

There are various types of insurance; hence, it is essential to figure out the type of insurance business to find the ideal advanced features for the insurance application.

Life Insurance

  • The insurance agent’s mobile app would have a policyholder profile with all pertinent data on the insured person or thing.
  • List of policies for the final client to look through all available choices and make an informed choice
  • Utilization of policies outlining all possible use scenarios together with restrictions
  • Insurance activation and deactivation are on-demand in the event that the user wants to upgrade, switch, or stop.
  • Geolocation

Real Estate and Property Insurance

  • Reminders for periodic asset and property maintenance.
  • Telematics to monitor leaks, malfunctions, and anticipated failures that could cause expensive damages

Vehicle Insurance

  • Vehicle Insurance Listings of services specialized to automobiles to help users quickly and accurately decide
  • In the event of an accident, policyholders can use geolocation to inform the whereabouts of the insurance agent immediately.
  • Connectivity with a mapping tool to track repair services, petrol stations, and related assistance right away
  • Tracking the vehicle’s speed, braking style, and driving habits using sensors to send alerts and support the claim process
  • File claim on the spot
  • Accident site picture and video upload

Health Insurance

  • Search tools to help you select the suitable health plan
  • Search tools to help you locate the best physicians, doctors, and specialties
  • Create appointments using a built-in calendar and get reminders.
  • Choose which doctor to see based on your symptoms. Pharmacy checks to see if your insurance will cover your prescriptions.

Travel Insurance

  • Travel guides with itineraries that have been verified to provide a complete customer experience
  • Listings of services for hassle-free and seamless adventures
  • Use the in-app map to explore new locations safely.
  • Use the in-app chat feature to address issues like loss of travel documents, lost luggage, flight delays, hospitalization, etc.
  • Making travel simple, enjoyable, and safe through language translation
  • Tracking claims for clear and stress-free processing

Business Insurance

  • Short quotes that explain what is covered
  • Dependable authentication to confirm user credentials and identity
  • Easily navigable dashboard for getting acquainted with all policy features
  • Easy and quick access to relevant information thanks to intuitive search functionality
  • Processing claims automatically for efficient risk management
  • Suitable package selection based on business size and associated risks

Additionally, you can also go for the implementation of cutting-edge features like:

  • Advanced search
  • Multilingual support
  • Hospital mapping
  • Claim filing automation
  • Medical history tracking and more

Tips: How to Choose a Mobile App Development Company to Build an Insurance App

Assure the Insurance App now!

In conclusion, an insurance app offers many benefits to your customers, such as convenience, security, and savings. Stay competitive, and have a mobile app for your insurance company because, through your insurance mobile app, your clients can access their policy details, make claims, and get personalized recommendations anytime and anywhere. As an insurance company, you can also enjoy enhanced protection with advanced encryption and fraud prevention features through customized insurance apps.

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