Top Most Popular Mobile App Payment Gateways

Derek Cohen By Derek Cohen  |  Apr 10, 2023  |  Mobile Apps
Most Popular Mobile App Payment Gateways

With an overwhelming array of mobile app payment gateways available in the modern market, how can you determine whether a particular gateway is the right fit for your business? With top mobile app development trends, there is a grave need to integrate a secure payment gateway to facilitate several payment options to end users.

To ensure secure online transactions for businesses, it is essential to implement a payment platform that instills trust in customers who are making payments, whether through in-app payments, credit/debit card payments, or even offline store payments.

According to Statista, “Use of apps like Apple Pay or Google Pay in North America is believed to double between 2020 and 2025, although Asia’s market size will be significantly larger.”

Juniper Research anticipates that the total number of digital wallet users will surpass 5.2 billion globally by 2026. Individually, some popular eWallets have stunning figures as well. For instance, the Paytm payment gateway in India has more than 250 million cards saved and 100+ million bank accounts saved.

To aid you in selecting the most convenient and extensively utilized mobile app payment gateways, we have created a list of the top 10 most frequently utilized ones based on user experience and research.

Top 10 Mobile App Payment Gateways

Selecting the most suitable payment gateway provider for your mobile application can be a laborious task. It’s important to guarantee that the payment process is smooth, fast, and secure for your customers to build trust and encourage them to make repeat purchases in the future. If you want to build a payment gateway app or want to integrate one for your app, you should mind the features users want in an eWallet.

Here is the list of the top 10 payment gateway with their best features:

PayPal – Best Payment Gateway

PayPal provides an online payment gateway service that enables convenient payment and receipt of funds for the sale or purchase of goods and services.

Top features:

  • The ‘Pay in 4’ feature, it offers users to purchase items they desire and make four installment payments later.
  • Make your money transfers more expressive and lively by utilizing animation tools when sending funds to your loved ones.
  • One can make payments using cryptocurrencies by scanning a QR code, which is especially significant for millions of online stores.

Stripe – A complete payments platform

Despite being a newcomer to the market, Stripe is gaining popularity at an impressive rate. It is widely regarded as the most user-friendly API and one of the top payment gateway providers globally, offering accessible channels for email support.

Top features:

  • The system allows customers to transfer their credit card account to a new payment gateway without losing any piece of information.
  • It is one of the flexible payment processing applications, accepting Apple Pay, credit and debit cards, and cryptocurrency.
  • It is currently accessible in over 130 countries. The payment gateway price is set at 2.9% per transaction.

Braintree – mobile and web payment systems for e-commerce companies

Braintree, a PayPal company, provides a range of popular payment methods that enable business owners to accept instant global payments. With over 20 years of experience, the company’s goal is to enhance business sales by offering customers modernized payment experiences.

Top features:

  • It provides access to commonly used payment methods and simplifies the checkout process by reducing the number of clicks required.
  • Braintree Vault encrypts your data to provide protection against false transactions.

Zooz – A Smart Open Payments Processing Platform

Zooz is a top-tier mobile payment platform with a user-friendly interface, swift transaction processing, and an effortless integration process, making it an outstanding option.

Top features:

  • It significantly reduces the time spent, thanks to its simple integration into mobile apps.
  • The in-app payment procedure is easy to follow, and it also allows for the storage of card details.

Google Pay Payment Gateway – A mobile payment service

Google Pay is a payment platform and digital wallet developed by Google that allows users to make purchases through their Android devices on supported websites, mobile applications, and Google services such as the Google Play Store. To complete transactions both online and in-store, users can link their credit or debit cards to their Google Pay account.

Top features:

  • Allows for quick and effortless payment processing.
  • Conveniently access your transaction history, bank balance, CIBIL score, and other information at your fingertips.

Square Capital – In-Person & Online Payment Gateway

Square Capital is an ideal solution, particularly for startups. Square Capital operates in Canada, the USA, the UK, and Australia. The key reason for this electronic payment app is its straightforward setup process. Square Capital is one of the top-notch online payment gateways and allows users to create an account and start using the service in just a few minutes.

Top features:

  • They prioritize security and provide comprehensive data encryption, protection from fraudulent activities, and notification of doubtful logins.
  • The payment gateway fee is set at 2.9% per transaction.

WePay – Payment Gateway for Platforms

WePay, which is part of Chase Bank, provides a unified platform that enables users to handle payment processing, payouts, and cash management in a convenient, all-in-one location.

Top features:

  • The Card Tokenization functionality enables you to securely store the sensitive information associated with card numbers in the form of tokens.
  • It lets users receive payment via several payment methods.

Phonepe – A Digital Wallet & Online Payment App

PhonePe is a reliable digital payment ally in India. By utilizing the PhonePe Payment Gateway, you can perform all of your online transactions on a completely secure and efficient platform. This mobile platform is designed to handle high-volume transactions with exceptional end-to-end success rates.

Top features:

  • With PhonePe Payment Gateway, users can enjoy a secure, hassle-free, and enjoyable checkout process.
  • The gateway for payment guarantees uninterrupted service with its smart downtime detection technology.

Revolut – A neo bank and financial technology application

The Revolut Gateway for WHMCS enables the acceptance of credit card payments through Revolut in WHMCS. To utilize this payment gateway, a Revolut Merchant account is required, which serves as an excellent and more affordable substitute to Stripe, launched in December 2020.

Top features:

  • Through this payment gateway, payments made via credit card, debit card, and Revolut are deposited directly into the Revolut Merchant account, integrated with the Revolut Business account.
  • By enabling fast checkout, users can enjoy a hassle-free checkout process that eliminates the requirement of entering shipping and billing information.

Shopify Payment Apps

Shopify Payments is a payment processing solution developed by Shopify that allows online stores to accept payments. By enabling Shopify Payments, stores can conveniently receive payments from customers who pay online.

Top features:

  • It is the default payment gateway, there’s no need for Shopify stores to integrate third-party payment gateways.
  • Shopify Payments is only accessible to stores operating in certain regions and countries, as per the requirements of Shopify Payments.

How to Choose and Integrate a Payment Gateway in the Mobile App?

To choose a mobile app payment gateway to integrate into your customized app, there are several factors you should take into account.

Below are some of the most critical considerations:


Choose a gateway that offers comprehensive documentation, sample code, and SDKs to simplify the integration process. Verify that it supports the programming languages and platforms utilized in your app.


When incorporating a payment gateway into your mobile app, security is a paramount factor to consider. Choose a solution that provides strong security measures such as encryption, fraud detection, and more. It is highly recommended to select a payment gateway that is PCI-DSS compliant since it guarantees adherence to strict security standards for handling credit card information.

User Experience

The payment gateway’s checkout process must be streamlined and user-friendly, featuring a responsive UI that is tailored to mobile devices. The selected solution should also include features like autofill and card type auto-detection to enhance the checkout experience and convenience for users.

Overall, a payment gateway that delivers top-notch security and seamless mobile app payment processing can be beneficial for businesses.

Typically, there are multiple approaches to carrying out the payment gateway integration process but the two most commonly utilized methods are:

  • The first way is by integrating the payment process into the mobile application and prompting the user to input their card information on the app itself.
  • Alternatively, the user is redirected to an intermediate payment service that can accept payments. This service processes the user’s confidential information, which is then transmitted to you in an encrypted format; therefore, you can be certain that the payment has been successfully processed for the user’s order.

Wrapping Up

There are a variety of payment gateway options available nowadays for technology advancement and business needs. Each of these payment gateways has its own unique features and benefits, making them suitable for different types of businesses and applications. In the above listicles, the top 10 most well-known mobile app payment gateways are discussed to help you make an informed decision so that you can hire app development companies and inform them to integrate the best option that is suitable for your targeted audience and your customized mobile application.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile App Payment Gateways

The payment gateway or eWallet that is secure, safe, and fast is the best for a mobile app. It should be user-friendly and assure the privacy of crucial user data.

The most popular payment gateway providers are namely Stripe, PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Skrill, and others.

Here are quick steps: set up a merchant account, create an account with the payment gateway provider; then, obtain the required API credentials, configure the payment gateway, and implement the payment gateway into your app. Finally, launch your app with the payment gateway integration.

An API payment gateway is a way to integrate payment processing functionality into your current software and mobile applications smoothly. In essence, it enables one or more programs to interact and exchange information with other programs.

PayPal and Stripe are top among the popular payment gateways in the USA.

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