Hire Magento Developer to take your eCommerce Store to Next Level

Avantika Shergil By Avantika Shergil  |  Mar 1, 2019  |  E-Commerce Magento Development
Hire Magento Developers for Next-Level eCommerce Success

Magento has emerged as the most popular e-commerce platform thanks to its flexibility, superb architecture, security features, customization and scalability to accommodate increasing traffic volume. Powering more than 25000 websites including many of the leading online stores and business websites, Magento is not only preferred by big names in the eCommerce world but also by a vast majority of small businesses and startups.

With so much promise in store, a Magento developer can truly revolutionize the customer experience in more ways than one. By hiring a Magento development service you can give your eCommerce Store an assured face-lift. Some of the key benefits that a Magento developer can deliver to your eCommerce store include the following.

  • Magento boosts the discoverability of an online store or business and positively impacts business conversion
  • Magento enhances customer engagement significantly and thereby boosts sales
  • Magento can enhance the shopping experience of customers in real-time.

Why Hire a Magento Developer for Your eCommerce Store?

You already have a thriving online store or a new eCommerce site and in either case, Magento can deliver measurable value additions to your online business. While your eCommerce store is running without a complaint or any issues, a professional Magento developer can execute changes to ensure a far better shopping experience.

Let us explain here some of the key reasons to hire a Magento developer for your eCommerce store.

Meeting the demands of long-term business objectives

Most eCommerce businesses do not have a solid strategy for achieving and maintaining consistent growth over a period of time. Instead, they seem to change their business strategy often and frequently. This particularly happens when businesses lack a long term vision for their store. A professional Magento developer will help you create a detailed road-map way before the beginning of the project. They will help you determine the right strategy by analyzing the competitors and the target customers in detail. This will help an eCommerce store to have a smooth work process.

Building Customer-Centric Features

Professional Magento developers when building an eCommerce website, particularly focus on customer preferences more than anything else. They concentrate on creating a website useful for the target audience. Focusing on customer preferences and likes, they build features and deliver design preferred by their customers.

Creating Custom Business Solutions

The ultimate benefit of collaborating with a professional Magento developer is getting a custom website tailored to your specific needs. Magento as an eCommerce CMS offers the widest array of customization options with respect to the feature set, design, and layout. A professional Magento development team can come with a basic MVP of your website and after getting your feedback they can develop it further to suit your specific requirements.

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Uncompromising Quality and Performance

If you hire a professional development company with a robust team of Magento developers to work on your project, it is very unlikely that they will mess up with your project and deliver a below-standard output as per your expectations. The output of professional Magento developers is thoroughly supervised by a professional quality assurance team ready to introspect and find details of the project.

On-time Project Completion

Most professional Magento development companies follow an agile development approach and that is why they are capable to stick to the project deadline without compromising on the deliverable and quality output. Apart from only some unforeseen and unplanned circumstances, a professional service provider will complete the project mostly within the deadline.

Technical Support and Assistance

Magento development companies take full responsibility for their projects and they remain committed to delivering full technical support and assistance. Professional Magento developers offer consistent and round-the-clock support to resolve any issues concerning performance, speed, or other aspects.

What are the Key Things To Consider When Hiring Magento Developer?

When you are convinced of all the advantages of hiring Magento developers, you need to take into consideration a few aspects regarding the process of hiring developers. These considerations will give you better positioning and control in regard to your development project in hand.

Know what you need

Just before you inquire about Magento developers, you need to have a clear idea about your specific requirements. You need to have a clear idea about the features and functions you need and how they help you to generate business. Only when you are clear of your requirements, talking with your Magento developer can yield some results.

Check Certification of Magento developers

Now when hiring Magento developers, you need to check the certification if the developers are from prominent and industry-recognized authorities. A Magento developer must have cleared the respective certification exams such as certification for front-end development, Magento certification, modification kit, and developer plus. These certifications will equip these developers more besides boosting their efficiency. When a Magento developer knows all aspects of development and is capable to do more than just coding, it gives him an edge over others.

Magento from its own end also provides Solution Specialist certification to ensure optimum performance boost to any project. A certified Magento solution specialist can significantly make value additions to a site as per the latest Magento development standards and acceptable UX norms.

Experience in Magento

After the certification, the most important thing to inquire about is the prior experience of the Magento developers. You must check all the previous track records and experience of the Magento developers. You must have on board Magento developers who are skilled enough to handle all kinds of challenging development tasks and have sufficient experience to deal with various eCommerce store requirements. You also should ensure their capability to complete a project on time and without breaching the deadline.

Magento Project Portfolio

Experience of developers across projects is not enough unless and until you have not seen the portfolio of their completed projects. You can get the best idea about their skills and Magento development experience by seeing the eCommerce websites built by them. So, before hiring the Magento developers for your project you must inquire about their completed projects and see how these stores really work and deliver shopping experience. The portfolio of the developers directly gives an idea of the development skill and practical capabilities of the developers.

Online Reviews of Developers

Thanks to the web, any information now can be accessed and verified over the web. The developer information is no exception to this. You can verify the Magento developer information on the web and get a detailed idea of the customer satisfaction their work has been subjected to. Online reviews provide a clear idea about the capabilities and audience appreciation of the output of your Magento developers.

Development Cost

When you are sure about the experience, portfolio, and certification, the next major consideration will be the development cost of the Magento eCommerce website. Well, this is probably the area with a lot of room for bargaining and cost comparison among various price quotes. Remember, when getting a quote for the development cost it is important to consider every detail and leave no room for hidden cost over and above the final quote.


Finally, before sealing the deal with a development company or developer it is important to determine the preferred path of communication. You need to ensure that there can be smooth and relentless communication from the starting of the project to the deployment phase. You also need to ensure embracing the most effective channels for clear communication all through the project.

Post-Deployment Support

Finally, there must be clear communication about post-deployment support after completion. This is very crucial to ensure the proper and smooth functioning of an online Magento store and making it function without performance glitches.

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A professionally equipped and highly experienced team of Magento developers having worked across various eCommerce projects can really revolutionize the shopping experience and make business conversion easier. While Magento leads as an eCommerce platform, you need to have a clear idea about the considerations for hiring a Magento developer.

Avantika Shergil Avantika Shergil   |  Mar 1, 2019

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