Top Mobile Apps Built with Flutter Framework

Avantika Shergil By Avantika Shergil  |  Jul 21, 2023  |  Flutter App Development
Top Apps built with Flutter

In the mobile app development arena, cross-platform frameworks have gained popularity, but, a prominent framework that mobile app developers love to leverage is Flutter.

Flutter was developed to provide a single codebase for iOS and Android mobile apps. In this guide on the top 10 amazing mobile apps built with the Flutter framework, we will detail what this platform is, how it advantageously works, and highlight famous use cases of Flutter mobile application development across platforms like Android and iOS.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is the most renowned cross-platform mobile framework loved by global app developers, as per the 2022 developer Statista survey. Based on the survey, 46 percent of developers used Flutter. On the whole, roughly one-third of mobile app developers use cross-platform technologies or frameworks; the rest of them use native tools.

Why do Companies still choose Flutter?

Flutter for mobile app development brings an array of benefits to companies and, therefore, it is still a preferred choice in making aesthetically appealing and functionally engaging apps:

Cross-platform development: Flutter’s main benefit resides in its ability to develop applications that function smoothly across iOS and Android platforms. By employing a solitary code repository, time and resources can be saved. This removes the necessity to construct standalone applications for every platform; hence, Flutter for cross-platform app development is one of the core features developers and buyers love.

Native performance: Makes use of Flutter components native to the platform that gets compiled, resulting in native code. This offers the benefit of providing highly efficient mobile applications that closely mimic native apps. People encounter fluid motion and quick-to-respond interfaces, causing an improved user experience.

Hot Reloading: Flutter app provides an innovative functionality called real-time reloading. This enables programmers to immediately observe the programming code’s modifications without recompiling or restarting the software which speeds up the development progress and empowers rapid iterations and debugging issues.

Large developer community: It has a thriving and involved developer community. This implies that Flutter developers can take advantage of various libraries, tools, and resources that are obtainable for resolving regular programming obstacles. Users actively participate in the development of the framework, guaranteeing ongoing enhancements and new features.

Flutter developers can save time and resources by developing one codebase that works across platforms seamlessly – providing an affordable mobile app development solution to your business.

Most Popular Apps built with Flutter

There are many best Flutter apps that you can use to get a feel of the framework. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Google Ads

Google Ads is an immensely popular advertising platform businesses use to market their products and services across various channels. This app, built with Flutter, provides enhanced insight and campaign management features for advertisers, such as monitoring campaign performance, receiving alerts, connecting with Google experts directly, and more. Flutter also ensures a smooth user experience across Android and iOS devices by utilizing cross-platform development benefits.


This is one of the known apps built with Flutter. Reflectly is a popular journaling app developed initially using Flutter for iOS. Reflectly’s popularity prompted its team to rewrite its mobile app using Flutter in just two months; no major issues arose with the production of the mobile app using Flutter framework. Flutter’s beta label did not impede the mobile app development process, showing its reliability and efficacy for creating high-quality mobile applications.

Xianyu Alibaba

Xianyu, Alibaba Group’s second-largest retail platform, used Flutter to develop an app that has found significant traction with over 50 million downloads and 10 million daily active users demonstrating its efficiency and time-saving benefits.

The app proves Flutter offers significant time and cost-saving advantages compared to competing approaches like Java or PHP. Flutter’s capabilities enabled its development team to effortlessly build and maintain an app while offering an exceptional user experience to millions of users worldwide.


Postmuse, built using Flutter technology, is a social media management platform for content creators and influencers. Users can use Postmuse to easily create, schedule, and publish engaging posts to multiple social media channels using cross-platform capabilities provided by Flutter.

Postmuse provides a consistent user experience across both iOS and Android devices. The features utilized via Flutter such as content planning tools, post-scheduling tools, analytics capabilities, and collaboration features are geared to help manage social media presence efficiently.

eBay Motors

eBay Motors, an online platform for buying and selling vehicles, is one of the apps built with Flutter for smartphone users to access vehicle listings, post advertisements, and bid directly on cars using mobile phones. Flutter enabled efficient cross-platform app development by giving Android and iOS device users full access to features and services offered by eBay Motors.

New York Times

The renowned news organization, the New York Times, leveraged Flutter to develop their popular KENKEN game. The New York Times extended its reach by harnessing Flutter’s ability to code desktop and web apps and provided its audience with an engaging gaming experience. Flutter enabled development teams to craft an intuitive game, showing its versatility beyond mobile applications.


Watermaniac, a water-drinking tracker app, is one of the most popular apps built with Flutter. The Flutter based app features an intuitive design with essential facilities like goal setting and push notifications for tracking daily water intake. Flutter platform capabilities enabled efficient development, providing users with a consistent experience across Android and iOS platforms.


Cryptograph, created using Flutter’s visual application functionalities. It offers a secure and user-friendly platform for managing cryptocurrency portfolios by seamlessly connecting investments, market data, tracking, and management into one seamless experience.

Support for multiple cryptocurrencies and integrations with popular exchanges allows real-time updates and accurate portfolio tracking. Flutter’s cross-platform compatibility makes Cryptograph available on iOS and Android platforms alike.


GoPosse, the development team responsible for Hamilton, used Flutter as its development framework due to its speed and enjoyable experience. By choosing Flutter, they could quickly deliver a feature-rich app while upholding high levels of quality. Flutter’s hot reload feature enabled rapid iterations and continuous improvement during Flutter app development, making a valuable contribution.


MyBMW, developed by the BMW Group, is a vehicle companion application for BMW and MINI cars. Flutter was used to offer consistent functionality and design across iOS and Android platforms. BMW Group access to similar feature capabilities across brands, regions, and platforms simultaneously by using Flutter.

BMW owners can utilize their made with Flutter to access various vehicle-related features, including remote control, vehicle status updates, and navigation.

Other Trending Apps Built With Flutter:


NuBank, a mobile-first fintech startup, used Flutter as its digital savings account app development framework. Thanks to Flutter’s scalability and productivity features, efficient development was possible, along with providing seamless user experiences to their customers. Utilizing Flutter enabled NuBank to meet its goals while optimizing development time and resources., a real estate app, utilized Flutter to offer users an efficient platform to find their dream homes. The app delivers an outstanding user experience by enabling users to search properties, view listings, and receive personalized recommendations. With Flutter as its cross-platform development solution, ensured a consistent user experience across Android and iOS devices.


KlasterMe is an established social media website built using Flutter. Users are given a platform to create pages and share various types of content such as images, blogs, essays, surveys and entries on KlasterMe’s interface, designed to simplify posting processes while creating an eye-catching design. As its development continues, Klaster Me has garnered immense popularity due to its unique approach toward content sharing within its community.


Lunching, an app created with Flutter for food delivery services, provides users with an effortless experience for ordering and bringing it straight to their door. Users can easily place orders, make payments and experiment with different ordering methods within the app.

Lunching’s developers note the benefits of Flutter as providing a consistent framework that facilitates rapid development on Android and iOS platforms. It provides smooth animations and an appealing user interface.


Pairing is a dating social app built with Flutter that provides users with a user-friendly and intuitive experience. At the same time, they search for potential matches in their real-world communities. This application simplifies connecting and finding matches by tapping into users’ networks.

With Flutter’s single codebase approach and hot reload feature, developers can optimize applications for both Android and iOS platforms using just one codebase. Updates and increased collaboration between designers and developers can be quickly made available.


BeerCert is a Flutter marketplace app for purchasing and selling craft beer, connecting breweries with craft beer retailers to form members and join the trading ecosystem. Verified members are given a platform to list their products while secure transactions occur using Flutter’s ability to develop native apps across both platforms with one codebase. It makes this platform an ideal one for creating marketplace apps like BeerCert.

LTB Operations

LTB Operations was created using Flutter for London Timber Buildings (LTB), a family-run construction business. The app aids day-to-day operations by streamlining communication between corporate office staff and construction site staff.

Staff can log in, access daily logs, log tasks completed or equipment used, collaborate with colleagues, and access any needed daily logs. It utilizes Flutter’s cross-platform capabilities and hot reload feature as an efficient development to witness a productivity increase for LTB.

Pay N Park

Pay N Park, developed with Flutter, provides users with an intuitive user experience for discovering, reserving, and paying for parking spaces. It features registration, login, booking, adding/customizing spots to reservation lists, and validating bookings with real-time face recognition for user ID verification.

Flutter’s capability of compiling native code directly for Android and iOS ensures maximum performance and efficient development of apps like Pay N Park.


Apps built with Flutter have demonstrated their capabilities by showcasing all the features and facilities a cross-platform technology can offer. Flutter helps with an efficient development environment, and also delivers seamless user experiences across platforms from one codebase. Reputable brands have adopted frameworks and have proven their worthiness in app development environments.

Avantika Shergil Avantika Shergil   |  Jul 21, 2023

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