Best Online Food Ordering System for Restaurants in 2023

Avantika Shergil By Avantika Shergil  |  Feb 6, 2023  |  App Development Business Strategy
Best Online Ordering System for Restaurants in 2023

When platform-to-consumer services such as food ordering services made inroads into the market, the people who were looking for convenience on a platter loved this service. Gradually, the facility of getting restaurant food to eat from the comfort of the couch, right from the smartphone- starts gaining traction.

The latest pandemic brought a flywheel effect to the food ordering and delivery system. The food delivery operators that were previously struggling to survive at a razor-thin profit margin, started receiving a large number of food order requests.

The food delivery market size is expected to grow to $320 billion by 2029 and revenue growth is expected to reach $1.45 trillion by 2027. The revenue potential in the food delivery industry is different in various countries where China leads the edge with $27.3 billion in revenue.

The increase in market share and revenue potential gear up other restaurants to start online food ordering services to attract more customers, increase sales, and intensify profits. Before diving into the list of successful food ordering systems, let’s understand the food ordering system in brief.

The overview of the online food ordering system

The online food ordering system provides a platform for restaurateurs and customers to get connected and place an order from the website or mobile app. The system enables seamless food ordering or takeaway options while also providing immense opportunities for businesses to tap into the data that helps in increasing conversion, retention, and brand awareness. The restaurant owners can better know their customers and improve the services according to customers’ feedback.

How to start your own online food-ordering business?

Now, take a look at the leading online food ordering software that has gained a huge user base and is making millions of dollars in revenue.

Top 7 online food ordering systems in 2023

Are you willing to fill in the restaurant seat gap with a digital venture launch? If so, the list of top 10 online food delivery systems lets you know how to repeat the same success. Take a sneak peek inside at them.


BentoBox online platform that provides digital space for restaurant owners to stand out in the market with online food ordering facilities. It helps in creating unique customer experiences with an excellent UI design that draws in maximum customers. Restaurateurs can increase customer outreach with higher rankings organically and make money 24/7 with commission-free ordering.

The best online food delivery app has powered many restaurants’ websites and helped them with connecting operational dots. Automated email campaigns, digital loyalty program, and digital order & pay feature has helped restaurants in strengthening relationship with customers.


SaaS-based online food ordering system provides a platform for small restaurant businesses that don’t have enough money to build a dedicated online food ordering system from scratch. Foodiv is available free for restaurant businesses and charges no commission from the transactions that occur through the platform. It has helped more than 3000 registered restaurant businesses to increase sales and profit margins. Saying Foodiv is the cheapest online food ordering app won’t be an overstatement at all.

The best online ordering system for restaurants caters to the digital need of fast-food restaurants, pizza places, burger stores, and caterers that helps them to optimize their operations on-premise and online. Foodiv is as easy to set up as child’s play which further eliminates the need to hire a technical person on the board. It has enabled restaurateurs in more than 30 countries to accept orders on phone calls, mobile apps, and websites.

Its interactive UI makes website navigation seamless, the QR-based digital menu enables faster ordering, and contactless orders enable effortless checkout, which together helps in delivering a good customer experience. The interactive dashboard that can be personalized helps restaurants to build a brand uniquely. If you have an idea to start an online food ordering business, join the platform that has processed more than 1.3 million orders.


GloriaFood is the most popular food delivery app solution is specially designed for small to mid-sized restaurant businesses. The restaurant can accept limitless orders through the platform and confirm the order straight from the mobile phone as the system is mobile-optimized. The pick-up orders, delivery orders, and table reservation data centralization make day-to-day operations management a breeze.

The best thing about the system is no contract need to sign, no setup fee needs to pay, and there are no associated hidden fees. The restaurateurs can accept orders- pick-up orders, delivery orders, and table bookings from multiple locations. The pre-ordering options, menu promotions, and multilingual support help in catching users’ attention. The analytics reports and automated suggestions help restaurateurs to make optimal changes to the services for the better.


The free online ordering system charges no commission fee from the restaurants on the transactions conducted through the platform against every food delivery order. Restaurateurs only need to subscribe on a monthly basis to enjoy getting orders through the Chownow website or mobile app. The best food ordering app platform has a network of delivery partners that have helped curbside food delivery facilities.

The marketing tools such as digital ordering or loyalty programs are offered for restaurant businesses to increase user outreach and improve brand awareness socially. However, there’s no option to create an individualized brand experience.


The top food delivery app platform powered by DoorDash enables restaurant businesses to open a virtual restaurant. It enables restaurant customers to browse interactive menus, order food and pay through mobile just by scanning a simple QR code. With multi-menu support, group ordering, two-way orders, and location codes for every table feature, the platform has served leading restaurant businesses globally.

The esteemed restaurant clients have experienced increased staff tips and the bottom line followed by faster coverage by the staff. Bbot seamlessly integrates with a wide range of restaurant software thereby becoming a one-stop shop for all restaurant needs.

Looking to create your own Food ordering system for your Restaurant Business?

The online ordering system founded in 2009 is created for the restaurant business to accept online food orders from customers with a simple search, order, and payment. Menufy is more focused on functionality rather than design which makes optimizing customer experience a little difficult.

Also, the popular food delivery app platform provides limited options for customization as opposed to other online food ordering solutions. Plus, the platform charges a 12% commission fee on food delivery orders and $99 per month for digital marketing services. The users are enabled to order through the mobile, website, or Menufy portal.


UpMenu keeps the restaurant business in good spirits by providing under the hood that restaurants need to enable online and mobile presence. With the pay-as-you-go service, restaurants don’t need to pay any hefty fee; instead, they only need to pay the amount monthly as a subscription fee. With a free trial, the restaurants can test if the best food app platform meets their online food ordering needs or not.

There are different pricing plans that restaurant businesses can subscribe to and avail of the functionalities offered. The best delivery app platform enables restaurants to create and launch loyalty programs to draw in and retain customers.

Want to become another successful food ordering system?

The impressive increase in sales and ROI through the online food ordering systems has geared up new restaurateurs to go online. The list of 7 leading online food delivery platforms depicts the story of millions of restaurants that have gained benefits by manifolds. If you are the one who wants to write another success story by launching an online venture, the best food-ordering app platforms can help you without breaking the bank.

In case, you have deep pockets and want to develop custom food ordering application from scratch, a reliable mobile app development company can help you from idea conceptualization to final launch. Submit your project requirement now!

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