Best Car Rental Apps on The Market

Avantika Shergil By Avantika Shergil  |  Mar 1, 2024  |  Mobile Apps
Popular Car Rental Apps

The car rental market is one of the most prominent markets right now. It is growing quickly due to the great role played by car rental apps. Because these mobile apps enable car-sharing businesses to expand their user base. Customized features in a car rental app help admins and owners simplify the management of a fleet of cars, tracking reservations and handling customer requests by these businesses. Holistically, these apps improve convenience for customers by providing functionalities such as real-time car availability and GPS tracking.

Because of the ease of doing cab riding business and the benefits of car rental apps, enterprises of the present day sought mobile solutions to strategize their growth. Adding icing to the cake, the apps for cab booking are also promising a wide scope as the global market is predicted to expand at a CAGR of 9.6% between 2023 and 2033. At this rate, it will raise the current value of $80 billion in 2023 to $200 billion by 2033.

By observing these statistics, you have an idea about the car rental business and its fair chances to expand rapidly. Thus, you can start a car rental business with an app and include features that all the trending mobile apps have. Let us study all popular car rental apps in detail and learn about their features to benefit your customized product.

Top Car rental apps in the market worldwide

Car rental mobile apps are thriving because of the convenience they offer to commuters of all kinds. Due to increased traffic quagmire and carbon footprint, most citizens and even people from towns prefer renting a car for their special or daily requirements. Here are some of the most prominent car rental apps in the US, India, and elsewhere. These applications, through intuitive user interfaces and features, make cab booking easier than ever:

Zoomcar – Car rental for travel

Zoomcar, a part of Zoomcar Holdings Inc. is an Indian car-sharing platform that was started in 2013 by David Back and Greg Moran. It is currently offering its services in India, South East Asia, Middle East and North Africa. This app gaining endless profit because of features such as price comparison capabilities, search filters, and the payment experience at checkout. In the latest report of Q3 2023, this car rental app recorded an increase in gross profit to $0.3 million from the last year.

Turo – Find your drive

Turo is an American peer-to-peer car-sharing company. It is operating in countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Australia. This company is allowing private car owners to rent their vehicles via the mobile interface provided by its car rental app. On this car rental marketplace, users register their cars to rent them to other Turo users. It provides a seamless experience which increases the number of downloads of this app. According to Sensor Tower, Turo’s monthly downloads rose from an average of 275K in 2021 to more than 500K in 2023.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car: Car rental with great rates &service

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is an American car rental company that allows users to hire a car on rent while their car is unavailable due to accidents, repairs, or theft. The standard user experience provided by its mobile app enabled it to operate in more than 6000 locations across the globe. Users can hire from a range of cars from regular to exotic ones. They can also rent commercial cargo vans, pickup trucks, and box trucks.

Hertz: Car Rental: Save more on rental Cars, Vans & Trucks

Hertz is another best car rental app on the market that is trending among millions of users. The American car rental company based in Estero, Florida remains in demand among commuters because of easy car rental and sharing options. Users only have to log into their accounts, look for cars and confirm their bookings. The car rental app enables them to modify upcoming reservations, view past ones, billing history and their information from user accounts. Because of all these services, Hertz has more than 10000 locations worldwide. It is serving in cities such as New York, Boston, Washington DC and Miami.

AlamoRent a Car – Cheap Car rental in the U.S., Latin America & more

Alamo is a car rental business that is specially designed for travelers. It is the largest car rental provider for international travelers who are visiting North America. The mobile app of this car rental business provides low rental rates and a hassle-free customer experience. Travellers can use this car rental application to hire cars for rent on their international trips within North America. Alamo offers low car rental rates at the most popular global travel destinations such as North America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean and Europe, as well as parts of Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

Getaround: Local Car Rental and Carsharing

Getaround is another top car rental mobile app that allows users to hire a nearby car on rent. Registered car owners update details about their cars on this app to put them on rent. Users will find them at the owners’ residence and use them for the mentioned duration. After the use of these cars, drivers will keep the keys inside the car and lock it. These are the services provided by the peer-to-peer car-sharing platform. They are available all over the United States and provide 24/7 customer support. Uber has partnered with Getaround so drivers who need a car can rent a vehicle hourly or weekly.

Skyscanner: Compare and Book

Skyscanner is one of the best car rental mobile apps that serves various countries throughout the world. It allows users to hire cars at places where they are traveling. They can select from a range of family-friendly SUVs to luxury cars at reasonable prices.

Skyscanner app is gaining significance throughout the market of car rental businesses because of its excellent features. One of the most significant ones is the integration of mapping technologies. With this technology, users can easily explore owners’ locations, view nearby points of interest and quickly pick up and drop off rental cars from any place.

SIXT: Rent the Car | Premium Car Rental & Top Deals Worldwide

Sixt is one of the most popular car rental apps that is headquartered in Germany. This German car rental mobile app brand is providing its services in about 2000 locations in more than 100 countries. SIXT is international mobility service provider that was launched by the company in 2019 as the world’s first mobility platform in the form of an app. This mobile app can help to get car rental deals on SUVs, luxury cars and other like-new rentals at convenient locations.

This platform integrates digital car rentals, car sharing and ride-hailing services all together to serve more than 20 million users. Even after this new venture, this German car rental app continued to grow with a 13% increase in revenue. The third quarter of 2023 records the highest revenue of EUR 1.33 billion in the history of the company.

How to Develop Car Rental Apps Like Turo and Zoomcar?


The above-mentioned top car rental apps are the most reliable examples to follow when looking to develop your one. These mobile apps for renting a car are rapidly growing with robust features that provide long-lasting customer experience. You can browse through the top car rental app development companies and choose the best one to discuss your business idea. Together you can work on the feasibility plus car app development costs and finally give the green signal to kickstart your product.

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