Freelance Developers or Offshore IT Company – Dilemma Solved with a Solution

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All In one solution to Freelancers vs Offshore

No matter which reading platform or search you opt for, you will come across countless articles about “Should I hire freelance developers or outsource my mobile app and web development project to an offshore company?”.

It is quite evident that young entrepreneurs venturing into establishing a startup enterprise dream to make it a unicorn. The biggest concern to all such aspirants is choosing between an IT company and freelance software engineers.

The Fact

Clearly, most startup enterprises would prefer outsourcing IT projects to top software development companies because they have bigger fish to fry. The humdrum routine observation required for the entire software development cycle is neither feasible nor recommended to entrepreneurs.

It is quite obvious that in-house teams for software development can cost young entrepreneurs an arm and a leg, most opt for outsourcing their projects to offshore companies.

For outsourcing, they have two clear choices – hire a software development agency or hire freelance developers for mobile and web development. You will come across many articles and blogs that talk about the pros and cons of both hiring methods; for instance, top reasons why outsourcing software development fails, etc.

Thus, each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. But the fact is whether startup enterprises have a better choice or a foolproof method for customized mobile and web apps development.

There’s more to ‘Hire IT company vs Freelance developers’

The global market size of outsourced services is in impressive surge reporting over $90 billion (Statista). Using external providers in business has been always beneficial and that is why the trend of hiring offshore IT companies or freelance mobile and web app developers especially for a startup enterprise business would not fade away for many years to come.

Outsourcing IT projects to offshore companies could be a temporary affair or may run for a longer time. Startup enterprise businesses can turn their high costs into viable costs, bring down the dependency of in-house employees, and readily ask for the best standards practiced in software development.

The Dilemma

The outsourcing quagmire has been eating up a lot of time of young entrepreneurs for years. Initially left with only one choice of hiring an offshore company for IT projects, the buyers from the first world countries depended a lot on outsourcing. It was then that the IT industry boomed in Asian countries, especially India.

Whether working on a new software product idea or a specific service in mobile and web app development, outsourcing complemented the existing teams abroad.

As the industry witnessed some staggering figures in billions of dollars, smaller offshore IT companies too started taking projects. They would quote lesser prices for the same work that giant IT companies in Asia would charge more. The ‘cost’ factor worked and the outsourcing from the first world countries began to divide among all companies.

As if offshore IT companies were not sufficient, then came freelancers. In fact, those with great experience in software companies ventured into having separate individual projects off the office hours. With time, freelancers too grew in competency. And, the final boost from the pandemic made professionals work from home which opened ample opportunities to them to take up big-budget projects.

On the other hand, the buyers from first-world countries discovered the pros and cons of both offshore IT companies and freelance software developers. The buyers definitely wanted to save time, resources, and money but then with multiple choices, there had been a dilemma.

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Overcoming the dilemma, came up with the ultimate solution where the pros of freelancers and offshore IT companies are adapted and the cons are filtered out. Whether the buyers are concerned about prices or want their project turnaround to be quickest, the business model is the game to bet on.

The research and development team at thoroughly studied the nuances of outsourcing and the facets of the software development business.

Learning from the history of business ups and downs in outsourcing IT projects to offshore software development firms, TopDevelopers developed a win-win-win software development models (for buyers, offshore companies, and freelancers) that gives business benefits especially to startup enterprises, loyal clients to offshore companies, and easy earnings to freelancers without compromising on quality.

A Clear Lead to’ Development Model

Particulars Software Development Models
In-House Outsourcing to company Freelancing TopDevelopers Hybrid
Software development cost High High or moderate Low or moderate Low
Customization of projects Possible Possible Restricted (fewer resources and tools) Possible
Short term projects Possible Generally denied Possible Possible
Long term projects Possible Possible Generally denied Possible
Domain experts’ help Possible Possible Restricted Possible
Infrastructure cost Very high High (included in the bill) Low Low
Team scalability Not possible Possible Not possible Possible
Developers’ availability Restricted Mostly yes Uncertain Always yes
Milestones and report Accessible Accessible Restricted and uncertain Accessible
Working on holidays (Ex: Christmas) Not possible Possible Restricted Possible
Project kickstart Immediately Delayed Delayed Immediately
All in one solution Possible Possible Not possible Possible
Global talent Not possible Possible Restricted Possible
Native development Possible but costly Possible but costly Restricted Possible and affordable
Escalation handling Possible Possible but delayed Delayed Possible and quick
Trust factor and genuineness High Moderate Feeble High
Business relations Uncertain Moderate Moderate High
Time barrier High Moderate High Moderate
Language barrier Low Moderate High Low
Dedication to your project High Moderate Uncertain High
Quality of service High Moderate Risky High
Security level High Moderate Low High
After-sales support NA Good Low Very good
Maintenance and other contracts NA Good Uncertain Very good


Selecting the development model or method requires strategic planning for startup enterprises. Taking the right step in the right direction would fuel the startup quite well which will help it go and operate smoothly. On the other hand, a single misstep would end up eating up valuable resources and digging a big hole in the company’s budget. is committed to providing impeccable services by providing a trustable platform where we suggest you the best outsourcing IT company or experienced hire remote developer for mobile and web application design, and development.

Avantika Shergil Avantika Shergil   |  Jan 31, 2022

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