How Big Data And Cloud Computing Can Turn Things For The Businesses?

Avantika Shergil By Avantika Shergil  |  Feb 20, 2019  |  Big Data Cloud Computing Cloud Technology
Big Data and Cloud Computing

Before big data and cloud computing brought to the table, the organizations were looking for the ways to better handle the mountain of data, and now, they are looking for the ways on: how to act on the insights driven from the data? The one-two punch technologies are making massive changes across the universe. No industry is left untouched with the benefits that technology offers and the hidden potential of the data that it unlocks.

See why the two technologies go hand-in-hand for every organization.

The big data technology organize the massive influx of unstructured data in an arranged manner, which is an on-going process that never stops. The organized data in possession will become significant to the businesses only when they are able to derive value out of the data. Here, big data analytics plays a vital role in gaining insights out of the data. But, in many cases, the businesses want to derive the integrated value from the data that’s scattered across various sources and databases. That’s where cloud computing helps in analyzing big data in volume, variety, and veracity.

The symbiotic relationship between big data and cloud computing not just reduce the strain on infrastructure to analyze the big data at speed, provide easy access to information anytime, anywhere, keep the data secure, and no hassle of maintaining the data, which has rewarded the adopters with tremendous benefits. The Google, Facebook, youtube and other social media giants have perfectly leveraged the technology to understand the user behavior, increase the retention and improve the bottom line.

Let’s see how the endless possibilities created by big data and cloud computing bring measurable advantages to the table:

Advantages to the businesses provided by Big data and Cloud computing

Making the business agile

The obsolete trend of storing and maintaining the data on the local servers by setting up infrastructure is expensive, time-consuming, and inefficient because it takes a couple of weeks to build, install and run the server from the scratch. Plus, when the amount of data grow, then increasing the storage capacity is quite a task. The lack of flexibility replaced the traditional infrastructure with the cloud-based infrastructure that’s agile, scalable and reliable in nature.

The cloud platform can be built in a day, and eliminate the need to store and maintain the data, which in turn, cut down the cost associated with infrastructure development and its maintenance. When it comes to dynamically expand or reduce the storage capacity, the cloud offers a flexible option that allows organizations to update the system easily in order to accommodate the data according to storage needs.

This is the reason, the global cloud application buyers cite cost, innovation, and agility as the significant factors for adoption.

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The central repository to every byte of data

It means no confusion or duplication. The employees communicate and exchange a lot of information during the project development organization-wide. Sometimes, the files shared with attachments back and forth are in the different formats and titles, which makes it difficult to identify the files. Additionally, as the project continues, the number of files added, removed, processed and stored that increases the difficulty by two folds in finding the right file.

The mobile cloud option is the best solution to keep the documents in control as all the files sent are kept at one place with its complete detail like- the date it’s created, updated, and viewed by the employees, and also, the concerned employees have the rights to access the file anytime. The comprehensive detail provides good business intelligence that helps in making an informed decision.

Continuous Data analysis

The old-school batch processing technique works no more because it’s an age of real-time execution where the customers expect everything in a split of the second. The big data analytics in cloud computing makes it possible with predictive analysis where interpreting the current data, the actionable conclusions are drawn that deliver better results.

The social platforms and online retail are making optimum use of the big data and cloud computing for identifying the user’s preferences, understanding the changes in their behavior and then targeting them accordingly. It’s feasible only when the data analysis, processing, and execution occur at speed.

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Productivity is at your way

The big data analytics recognize the valuable data in an automated fashion and cloud computing take care of the data-storage related activities, which save the efforts and time of the employees that they can invest in important work. It improves the overall efficiency and productivity of the employees.

Going ahead, the cloud computing also encourages a good environment where information exchange becomes seamless that makes collaboration on the projects easier and allow employees to work remotely, which definitely increase the throughput, and thus, the productivity.

Inexpensive approach for saving more

The two technologies bring major financial advantage to the organizations in many ways such as:

• The need for building a data center doesn’t exist which eliminate the cost involved with it.
• The big data analytics on cloud cut down the cost in terms of buying types of equipment, cooling machines and ensuring security.
• For cloud computing, organizations have to just pay for the storage space and power consumption.
• With cloud computing, the in-house computer equipment for File storage, data backup, and software programs will get free that can be used for other important work.
• The cloud computing applications provide an API that makes the integration easier with the application which organizations already have.

Ubiquitous ways to implement Secure Cloud Technology for Your Business

It’s 100% secure- no one can inject a malware!

At one place, the surge in the security breaches are dominating the headlines, and at another place, they have raised security concerns among the enterprises, and even, some CIOs inhibiting the public cloud service adoption. But, this is not the real truth.
The challenge doesn’t lie in the security of the cloud, while that’s in the users who fail to manage the controls for protecting the organization’s data. By 2022, at least 95% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault, according to research.

It’s a sign that cloud computing is secure and the enterprise can be benefited with cloud security. The reason is the data stored on the cloud servers is not controlled by any enterprise, offsite servers have needed security measures, powerful firewalls, and robust authentication system integration. Additionally, the threat analysis along with data management 24/7 by internal security experts make certain the data remain safe.

What these benefits will bring? Create a competitive edge!

The big data and cloud computing are providing everything to businesses. They are improving productivity, increasing process efficiency, uplifting security, augmenting customer experience with real-time data analysis, and responding to the changing market trends instantly.

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Besides, loads of data unfold an ample of opportunities in terms of identifying the inefficiencies, hiccups in the processes, and under-utilized resources that help in removing the things which are not required. In this manner, the enterprises can make the most out of the available resources, and step in with the dynamic
needs of the customers and market, thereby leapfrogging the competition become a natural phenomenon.

Key Takeaway

83% Of Enterprise Workloads Will Be In The Cloud By 2020.

It signals the businesses are taking the union of big data and cloud computing seriously to bring the unprecedented level of agility, improve collaboration, introduce high responsiveness, add elasticity, and enable smart decision-making, which altogether ensures steadfast success. There is an endless list of foremost players that have made the mark embracing the big data and cloud technology.

It’s clear. The powerful duo has the ability to convert the river of data into a goldmine, and certainly, your enterprise also have loads of data that’s never analyzed, or perhaps, it’s under-utilized. If so, why not get benefited by deriving the actual value out of the data. Let’s maximize the advantages by embracing the game-changing technology!

Avantika Shergil Avantika Shergil   |  Feb 20, 2019

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