How is a Mobile App better than a Mobile Website?

Karan Mankotia By Karan Mankotia  |  Nov 2, 2019  |  Mobile Apps
Mobile apps better then mobile website

A mobile app is a companion. A mobile website is a compatriot. The personalization aspect is the line standing between a mobile site and a mobile app. Is one better than another? Is there exists a choice between the two? The choices are a matter of options. The options enhance our chances to make better, informed decisions. Let’s take the discussion as a case of options, not competition.

The leading App Development Service providers approach the subject based on case-specific requirements. In the world of mobile computing, every missing option is the fortune that has gone bad. Our knowledge or appreciation of extra services provided to the audience could take time to come to terms with capitalizing on the concept of first building a contact (Mobile website), and then engaging (Mobile app) them.

The end goal justifies the means. It’s a matter of convenience, what would you want to have first- mobile website or mobile app. The ever-increasing mobile app downloads bring an early end to the discussion. We need to enter the uncharted waters to focus on the importance of each of the benefits of the mobile website and mobile app, respectively.

Mobile sites bring all the benefits we know of having websites to make the business succeed in the market. Isn’t it right? Isn’t it a default reason or reaction?

Mobile Website or Mobile App: Two Options That Follow One Another

When you open a website in a browser, you access HTML pages that put together over the internet. The browser displays the pages related to a particular site. The technical difference is the nature of the pages, browser requirements, and internet availability. An app, on the other hand, is downloaded and installed on a device. It operates beyond the functionality of a browser.

The users have devices running on different Operating Systems (OS). They download the app from a given platform and start using it right away. The technical difference is the app functions in two ways. It accesses the data the same way how websites do or download data to function without the Internet.

Be it a mobile website or mobile app, first step will be the Digital transformation in business.  The market trend suggests mobile websites are the first step towards building a digital dynasty with mobile apps keeping the legacy alive. The corporate philosophy determines what priorities to put ahead keeping the business goals into account. A mobile website is the front end of a business, and the mobile app is the humanized front to build a close association with followers.

Ideologies drive organizations. A business set-up requires both a mobile website and a mobile app. A sports management agency should have a website to attract more clients. The clients of a sports management agency should have mobile apps to have interaction with the audience. It’s the nature of the business that decides which option is the right one for now. Mobile websites drive traffic, generate revenue. Mobile apps connect followers to the brand to have more success stories.

How Mobile Websites Turn Businesses into Brands

  • The accessibility aspect makes a lot of difference. Mobile websites are accessible from anywhere. Isn’t it effective? People looking for information or checking things don’t need to have access to particular devices or download stuff to complete the action. They browse, gather information and make a swift exit.
  • How convenient is it to update the mobile website? Mobile websites have a massive advantage on their side. A mobile website can be updated live and takes no extra time to update the information. We all know how difficult things could become when it comes to updating an app. A single update on mobile apps involves three stages: Push notifications, download the update, and each of the customers has to act independently.
  • What is easier to find- a Mobile website or mobile app? The answer proves the importance of building mobile websites to reach out to customers. The users can search for your website by running a query on search engines.
  • Mobile websites outreach mobile apps by a significant margin. You don’t need to own a particular device or download an app from a supported Operating System.

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How Mobile Apps Draw Interest, Generate Curiosity and Build Tribe

  • The user engagement is the most crucial aspect of transforming a brand into a household name. The participation level demonstrates the outcome of effective marketing strategies.
  • Mobile apps offer unique customization options to enhance the overall user experience. Apps offer behavior-based recommendations to keep users engaged all the time.
  • Mobile apps can be functional offline too. You can use apps without an internet connection to have a seamless work experience. The concept of accessing your favorite apps “Anytime, Anywhere” holds the edge.
  • The intuitive or addictive (Pleasant) interface keeps the users hooked onto screens. They find some features interesting and prefer using these apps to get things done. We all love some of the top apps because we like how it makes us feel while browsing or sharing content through them.

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Both mobile websites and mobile apps drive business growth in terms of goals and social image. Each has a unique importance to sustain growth and open markets at the same time. A mobile website is essential, given the fact it represents the brand voice. It’s the first step to deliver results before the brand begins its journey to the top.

Responsive websites have become popular in the last couple of years. Consumer behavior has been the driving force behind it. The dependence on hand-held devices has fueled the popularity of mobile websites. Mobile computing has replaced computers at work and at home.

Brands continue to reinvent themselves. They don’t distinguish between mobile websites and mobile apps. App development service¬†shares a similar perspective. Brands see it as the next step in the growth phase. When a business builds a mobile website, it has its eyes set on the mobile app as the next target.

Mobile apps take the work done by a mobile website and turn the customers into loyal followers. People browse the sites and select the ones they like the most. They do shopping or return to gather information. A mobile website could hold them for the next couple of visits. Continuing the example of sports teams, they need a mobile app to engage with the audience. The sports management agency would rely upon a mobile website to showcase the portfolio. It is the objective, not the choice that matters in this case.

Not every business needs a mobile app. Every business would get benefited from a mobile website. The success, somehow, would be limited if your line of work has scope to engage with the audience. You’re losing potential clients by overlooking the need for a mobile app.

Karan Mankotia Karan Mankotia   |  Nov 2, 2019

Karan is a passionate Content Manager. Because of his passion for writing, He started his career as a writer with Appschopper. A writer by day and becomes a reader at night who likes to share his thoughts with people and enlightened them with a good piece of knowledge.


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