How to Build an Auction Website like eBay for Online Bidding?

Avantika Shergil By Avantika Shergil  |  May 18, 2023  |  Web Development
Lead the eCommerce Market with an eBay-like Website

With more than 3 billion monthly visits, the auction giant eBay reports a market capitalization worth more than 20 billion USD, according to Statista. eBay is still a popular auction website for online bidding as it offers a variety of products at competitive prices, and also convenient payment methods.

The online bidding giant has a large and loyal customer base; additionally, the portal is also known for its brand image for reliability and security. eBay provides a stable platform to buyers and sellers from many countries and regions to create a global marketplace for eCommerce.

It is no surprise that many entrepreneurs contact web development companies and insist on making a clone website like eBay because it has already proved a successful business model. Professional web development companies can help you build an eBay-like website while adhering to your business objectives and project scopes. You should choose the best one that meets your requirements and help to create a successful online auction website.

Why is Investing in an eBay-like Business Worth it?

Why is Investing in an eBay-like Business

Investing in a business-like eBay that offers auctions and online bidding can have many benefits. eBay is one of the world’s largest online platforms connecting hundreds of thousands of buyers and sellers from all over the world.

Investing in an eBay-like business is beneficial because the revenue model works on creating and maintaining a person-to-person trading community which is huge. Besides, you can make money primarily through transaction fees on its core platform; it is also possible to earn profits from other services such as online classified ads and event ticket trading.

Buyers worldwide can bid on items or purchase them directly from sellers. If you are thinking of starting an online business like eBay, outsourcing your web development project is the best option.

Some of the benefits of investing in a business like eBay are:

Benefits of investing in a business-like eBay

Potential to Grow a Huge Customer Base

eBay has over 180 million active buyers worldwide, who are looking for a wide range of products and services. By investing in a business-like eBay, you can tap into this huge market and reach potential customers from different countries and regions.

Low Entry Barriers and Operational Costs

The eCommerce giant provides a platform for sellers to list their products and services without having to invest in inventory, warehousing, or logistics. If you build such a business, sellers can also benefit from tools and features as in eBay that help them manage their listings, payments, and feedback. With potential investment in such a business, you avoid the big costs and risks that come from traditional retailing.

High Growth Potential and Innovation

eBay is constantly expanding its offerings and improving its user experience. Having a business like that can raise fair chances to acquire several other businesses and platforms that complement its core marketplace. In eBay’s case, it acquired PayPal, Skype, StubHub, Magento, and Zong.

Just like eBay invests in new technologies and initiatives that enhance its platform, you too can follow the same with a unique global shopping program such as a 3-day delivery initiative and advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. With investment in a business like eBay, you can benefit from its growth opportunities and innovation capabilities.

How do Online Bidding and Auction Work?

Before you start thinking about how to build an auction website, check the process of online bidding as it happens on the eCommerce giant:

  • Register for an account on eBay and verify your identity and payment method.
  • Search for items that interest you and check their details, such as description, condition, shipping options, and seller feedback.
  • Place a bid on an item by entering the maximum amount you are willing to pay and clicking the “Bid” button. You have an option “Buy It Now” to buy the item instantly at a fixed price.
  • Monitor your bids and watch for notifications from eBay. You can increase your bid or retract it before the auction ends.
  • If you win the auction, you will get an email with directions on how to pay for the goods and seal the deal. You can also ask the seller to arrange the delivery.
  • After receiving the item, you can leave feedback for the seller and rate your experience on eBay.

What are the Types of Auctions you can Include in Your eBay-like Web App?

Auction Types

If you are interested in starting an auction website like eBay for online bidding, you should know that there are different types of auctions available; Standard, Fixed price, and Dutch. Hire dedicated web developers and you may convey these types to further customize your product and make it profitable.

The most common type is the standard auction, where you can bid on an item until the listing ends. The seller can also reserve the price, which is the minimum amount they want to accept for the item.

Another type of auction is the fixed price auction. In this, buyers can purchase the item immediately at a set price. The seller can also accept the best offers from buyers who want to negotiate the price.

Finally, there is the Dutch auction, where the seller lists multiple identical items and sets a starting price. Here, buyers bid as many items as they want, but the final price is fixed by the bid that is lowest.

The Monetization of Auction Websites for Online Bidding


If you are building a business like eBay, you can earn profit from two main sources: fees and advertising.

Fees: eBay charges fees to sellers for listing and selling their items on the platform. The fees differ based on the item type, category, and final selling price. They also charge fees to buyers who use specific modes of payment such as PayPal.

Advertising: You can also earn revenue from advertising by displaying ads on your auction website as well as on other websites and platforms that partner with you. You can also offer sponsored listings or promoted listings to sellers who want to boost their visibility and sales on the platform. These are paid services that allow sellers to appear higher in search results or on other pages on eBay.

Tech Stack to Develop Online Bidding Websites

The web development process is a complex method, and it requires skillful hands and specific tools. You need a tech stack that can handle high traffic, complex functionality, and dynamic content. While creating an alternative online bidding website to eBay you should understand that speed and security are the topmost factors to choose a relevant technology stack. So, how to start an auction website?

Well, you need a possible tech stack for such a website that could include:

  • React.js for the front-end framework, which allows you to create interactive and responsive user interfaces.
  • Node.js could be for a back-end runtime environment. This enables programmers to run JavaScript code on the server side to handle requests and responses.
  • MongoDB is used for the database. It is a NoSQL document-oriented database that stores and queries huge data efficiently and flexibly.
  • AWS could be the cloud platform as it provides astounding services such as hosting, storage, security, and scalability.
  • Stripe for the payment gateway, which enables you to accept and process online payments securely and easily.

Top Reasons to Use Node.js and React for Web Development

Must-have Features of Online Bidding websites like eBay

eBay-like businesses offer a variety of products and services. You can be in the league of building the most popular online marketplaces in the world and offer buyers and sellers to trade or deal with almost everything.

Here are some of the general and advanced features of eBay you can get inspired from and make your online shopping and selling website a popular one.

General features of an online bidding portal:

  • Listing: Virtually endless listings with myriad categories: electronics, gift articles, fashion accessories, home and garden décor, collectibles, and more. Users can browse by category, search by keywords, or use filters to narrow down their results.
  • Bidding: The online bidding website shall allow users to bid on items in auctions or buy them at fixed prices. There could be offers to sellers or add items to customers’ watch lists. They should be able to see the item details, seller feedback, shipping options, and return policy before you place your order.
  • Secure transactions: eBay protects customers’ transactions with its Money Back Guarantee. If your customers don’t receive the item or it doesn’t match the description, they can request a refund within thirty days of delivery. Like eBay, you can also create an auction website with buyer protection programs for certain categories, such as vehicles and real estate.

Advanced features of an online bidding website:

  • Special tools/services: You can provide sellers and customers with special tools and services to deal with ease. Sellers can use the “Sell Your Item” form to create their listing, add photos, set their prices, choose their payment and shipping methods, and more. You can also offer a mobile app or web app to list their items from their mobile devices.
  • Analytics: Just like eBay, you can provide users with insights and tips to optimize listings and increase sales. A unique feature such as Seller Hub can be created to manage orders, inventory, performance, and marketing. You can offer Seller Tools to research market trends, compare prices, and track sales data.
  • Multi-lingual and regional support: You can reach more buyers and expand your business by making it a global platform. You can allow users to list items on multiple websites, offer international shipping options, and join the Global Shipping Program. You can also create your own partner network to earn commissions by endorsing products on your eBay-like business website.
  • Resources and programs: You can support your users with various resources and programs to grow them as sellers. Include tips, tricks, and tutorials in Seller Center so that they can learn about the best practices, policies, and updates. You can also add a special feature of building a powerful community to connect with other sellers, ask questions, share thoughts, and seek support.

Features to Consider during eCommerce Platform Selection

Steps to Develop an Auction Website like eBay for Online Bidding

If you want to build an online e-commerce website similar to eBay, you need to follow these steps:

Features of Online Bidding websites like eBay

Research the Market

You need to identify the needs and preferences of your target audience; also, check the competition and legal concerns of running an online marketplace.

Design the Website as per UX Norms

You need to create a user-friendly and attractive website that offers a smooth and secure shopping experience. You need to consider aspects such as navigation, layout, color scheme, branding, payment methods, etc.

Development Stage

You need to choose a suitable platform and technology stack for your website. Either use a ready-made solution or build your own from scratch. You need to implement the core features and functionalities of your website, such as product listing, bidding, rating, messaging, etc.

Deployment of the Website

You need to test your website for bugs and errors before launching it to the public. You also need a trustworthy host and a domain name for your online eCommerce portal.

Marketing and Maintenance

You need to promote your website and attract customers using various digital marketing strategies, such as SEO, social media, email marketing, etc. You also need to update your website regularly and provide customer support and feedback.

Cost to Build an Auction Website like eBay

The cost of developing an auction website like eBay depends on many factors: the size and complexity of the website; the number of features; and, the level of customization. While you can read a detailed guide on web development cost, according to industry experts, a custom-built auction eCommerce portal can approximately cost somewhere between $30,000 to $500,000 or more. It is always advisable to contact a web development company to have a clearer picture of the budget.

Key factors to consider when estimating the cost to build an auction website like eBay:

  • Website Development
  • Design and User Interface
  • Server and Web Hosting
  • Security and Data Protection
  • Payment Processing
  • Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Testing and Quality Assurance

Create the Best Team for Web Development Outsourcing

Ready to Build a Market-Leading Auction Website

In conclusion, building an auction website like eBay requires some essential steps and features. You need to choose a suitable platform and hosting service, design a user-friendly interface and navigation, implement a secure payment system and a bidding mechanism, and promote your website to attract customers and sellers.

But on top of that, you need to choose the best web Development Company with experienced developers to build you a website that is responsive and user-friendly. If you feel that this is a huge task for you, you can visit the online directory such as to contact the top web development companies from the list and interview them. Select the one that fits your project requirement.

By following the guidelines mentioned above, you can start your own auction website like eBay for online bidding and make a profit out of it.

FAQs About Building an Auction Website like eBay

An auction website is a platform where users can bid on products or services and buy them from the highest bidder. You can start an auction website like eBay to attract a huge number of buyers and sellers which, in turn, can generate revenue from fees and commissions.

The cost of creating a website similar to eBay depends on several factors: complexity and number of features and functionalities; the UX design and layout; the hosting space and support; the marketing; and, the security systems. Approximately, it costs somewhere between $30,000 to $500,000 or more to create an online bidding website like eBay.

The website development time also varies depending based on the complexity and scope of the project. Generally, skilled web developers shall take between three months to a year or even more to build an auction website like eBay.

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