Mobile App Updates: A Complete Guide

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Mobile App Update

Witnessing a mind-blowing response to your application as soon as it is released is truly a blessing. Yet, it is likely that this ecstasy is not long-lasting. This is because your app might cease to produce the same effect on your target audience. People might not be getting the same experience as earlier. This can be a sign of worry since you do not want to lose those 10k+ users of your app just because it doesn’t seem to do anything new for them anymore. This is where mobile app updates come into play.

What is Mobile App Update?

Mobile app update is basically amendments made in the app from time to time because your users want their apps to be up to date and have something that keeps surprising them. Update make necessary changes in the existing data of the app, make additions to the previous data and move around a few things to make it look and feel new. This is typically done by a mobile app development company because the business owner might not have the required knowledge base to operate changes in the app.

Top Reasons to Update a Mobile App

While customer satisfaction and retention is one major factor for making updates to the apps, there are several other reasons why your app might need an update.

Reasons to Update your Mobile App

UI/UX Enhancement

People love to see a few changes in the outlook of their app occasionally. They like to see their app look a little different while maintaining the performance and the overall experience is smooth. Moreover, updating UI/UX is a way of interacting with your audience. Refreshing the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) of the mobile application can catch your users by surprise and they might as well develop new perspectives on using the app. Though it might cause a little inconvenience in the beginning since the customers get used to a certain type of functioning and placement on the app, ultimately, they welcome it with an open heart and understand the need for the update.

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Promotion and Marketing

People sometimes forget about certain apps on their phones which they tend to use less after a while. In such a case, an update notification will act as a promotion for your application and prompt the customer to use it more frequently. If you publish frequent updates on the app, the users will get more aware of the app time and again and this can be your organic way of marketing your mobile app.

Refined User Base

Catering to the demands of the end user is one of the best ways to connect with your audience and ensure that there is maximum user retention on your mobile app. Take note of what is it that the users are demanding frequently and how they want the app to be, what changes they are requesting, and what issues they are facing with the app. It is your duty as a business owner you pay heed to the needs and demands of your customers and provide them with whatever they want with utmost satisfaction.

Reduced Uninstalls

Now this is what we’ve been frequently mentioning- customer retention. You do not want the users of your mobile app to back off after using it for a while. They value your efforts in terms of updates, so show them that you value their accompaniment and that you do not wish to lose them. With frequent mobile app updates, they would be ensured that the owner is trying to make efforts and that they value them.

Bug Fixing

Your work as a business owner does not end with building a mobile app and releasing it in the market. It goes way ahead of that. You need to keep a check on your app for its functioning, performance, and many more factors. Apps have a tendency to face some or the other difficulty after a while in terms of bugs. You need to keep looking for voids in your mobile application, keep fixing the issues, and look for any chances of improvements.

Support to latest Techs and Tools

Mobile app updates are not the only thing that is happening around the digital world. Operating systems keep updating every now and then, technologies keep coming in and moving out, and thus, you need to keep up with the fast-paced changes happening around you. You do not want your mobile app to lag behind in this superfast digital era of modification and alterations.

API Integration

As you launch your app for public use, over time, you realize that the mobile app could have been more efficient and helpful for the end customers if it had another app integrated into it. This is when you will need an update to make this amalgamation possible.

Optimizing App Stores

Bringing about regular updates in your mobile application will make sure that your app ranks higher on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store whenever a service or app is searched by your consumers. Just like Google page SEO is a thing that makes websites rank higher and better on a Google search, App Store Optimization (ASO) is a necessity for all those who wish for their app to be recognized by large masses.

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Change in App Store Policies

Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store keep changing their policies every once in a while. So if your application has been launched for public use, you need to take care that you are regularly maintaining your mobile app accordingly. They are taking down apps that are not active or are non-compliant with the policies of the store. Thus, mobile app updates are necessary to give your app shelter and keep in market.

Change in Business Strategies

If suddenly you feel like you need to alter the business strategy that you have been following, update current apps. The changes that you make will reflect in the update of the app.

How often should you Update your Mobile App?

Now that you have understood the significance mobile app updates hold both for the mobile app users and the business running those apps, you might be wondering how often should this be done. Mobile application updates are usually prompted by various factors like the mobile app market, user feedback, comprehension of your target audience, or the quantitative data of the app.

If you hire a professional mobile app development company, it recommends and takes care of your mobile app updates; nevertheless, here are a few regimes of app updates, you can learn for your concern.

When to Update your Mobile App

Monthly Update

Several app users start looking for an update within a week or at least after a month of downloading and using the app. Top apps make sure they are giving out new updates frequently. So, to keep up with your rivals, you need to keep your update of game strong.

Feature Release Updates

If not monthly, just follow the demands of your end customers and see the pattern of their needs. If they are frequently asking for a feature update, just give it to them. After all, the app is for them to use and you have to provide your very best service in return. Make sure you choose and hire a top mobile app development company to get these updates done in your app habitually. Though some features might take a little longer to develop, you can ask for some quick changes in between those big updates. This will keep your users engaged with your app.

User Feedback Updates

It is imperative to keep an eye on how the app is doing into the market. Take surveys and focus on the response and app reviews of the users, their feedback, and their demands regarding the app and get those changes done within no time. Making updates based on user feedback instills trust among your users and they begin to feel that their opinions hold value.

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Based on your Milestones

Your app is completing a 1-year target successfully, very soon. This is the time you can actually surprise your users in the name of updates by letting them know that it’s your mobile app’s birthday. You need to align your updates with your milestones so you reach them with ease.

Market Trends and Conditions

These days trends in the market change within a blink. Every other day there is a new condition or mobile app development trend appearing in the market. Although a little tiring, you have to keep up with these changes.

Types of Maintenance Update

Based on how the circumstances lead to it and what is the need of the hour, there are a few types of update maintenance that we have discussed below:

  • Emergency: in cases of sudden malfunctioning or cyber attack
  • Preventive: as precautionary measures for possible malware attack
  • Corrective: for things missed in QA and pointed out by users immediately
  • Adaptive: to embrace newer changes and a positive approach

For Mobile App Publishers or Owners

Having a mobile app deployed and released for public use is just another milestone that you achieve as an app owner. The real game begins when it has been launched in front of the world. We have extensively explained to you the importance of mobile app updates. If you wish to excel in the field, be it any industry with your app, an update of your mobile application is what will get you there. You cannot afford to miss out on this aspect if you want to make it big in the future.

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