Top Mobile App Development Trends for 2022

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Top Mobile App Development Trends

Mobile apps will generate $808 billion in the year 2022 and people spend 89% of their mobile internet time on mobile apps. The bright growth prospects of the mobile app industry provide stimulus to innovation in the mobile app development space. Every year a few trends dominate the app development industry, opening up new horizons for Mobile app development companies. In this blog, we shall throw light on the most prominent mobile app development trends that will influence app development in 2022.

Mobile app development is entering an exciting phase in its journey as technologies like Blockchain, Neumorphism, AR & VR and 5G are intersecting with each other and are opening up new horizons for Mobile app development companies.

Let us dive deep into the world of exciting possibilities.

Top Mobile App Development Trends to follow in 2022


It’s estimated that smartphone users all over the world will download around 196 billion apps by the end of 2021. One major contributor to so many app downloads is the fact that the smartphone users will have to download a separate app to avail a particular service or function. The more services the users want to use, the more apps they would need to install. The more apps the users install, the slower their phone becomes, prompting them to uninstall certain apps. A super app solves this issue, as a super app is an integrated ecosystem made of dedicated services called mini apps. Benefits like convenience, a uniform user experience and phone memory storage savings tilt the users towards super apps. Mentioned below are some of the most successful super apps in the mobile applications market today.

  • Paytm
  • Careem
  • Line
  • Gojek
  • Wechat

According to estimates, the size of the super app market will be around $23 billion by 2025. This multibillion dollar market will provide a plethora of opportunities to the app developers and super apps are going to be one of the hot mobile app trends in 2022.


Neumorphism happens to be a top design trend in the current scenario. Neumorphic elements add a 3D feel for real buttons, which the users can reach out and press. All of that is achieved by a visual representation with icons. Neumorphism not only enhances the beauty of the app, but it also improves the interaction between the users and the app.

One of the biggest advantages of a neumorphic design is that the design is highly suitable for interfaces with small buttons. The exciting potential of neumorphism as a design concept tempts us to think that neumorphism will be one of the most trending technologies to build a successful mobile app in 2022.

AR and VR

Pokemon Go was the game that brought AR(Augmented Reality) and VR(Virtual Reality) into the limelight. When people first became aware about AR and VR, they thought that these latest technologies in mobile application development would be limited only to gaming and the tourism sector, which happen to be more visual-centric sectors.

AR and VR has proven this wrong and has evolved into a technology that is used in a wide range of industries like Automobile, Medical imaging, Aeroplane training and education to name a few. According to Golman Sachs, the market for Augmented Reality will touch the $80 billion mark by 2025.

The advancements in the mobile processor and sensor technology will give a boost to AR and VR. one can expect AR and VR mobile app development to be one of the major app development trends in 2022.

Blockchain-enabled apps

Blockchain app development happens to be one of the latest app trends in the tech world. Blockchain is the technology behind the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The blockchain technology is one of the most fool-proof ways to secure data, whether it is a transaction record or a document. Blockchain technology removes the issues of trust in transactions as it is practically impossible to alter the records of transactions in a blockchain.

The application of blockchain is not limited to cryptocurrency and many industries like agriculture, logistics, banking, real estate and medicine are exploring the opportunities in the blockchain technology.

The market opportunity for the blockchain technology will reach around $67 billion by 2026 and blockchain app development will emerge as one of the hottest application development trends in 2022.

Internet of Things

The IoT(Internet of Things) is a technology that describes a network of devices connected to the internet. This network of devices provides an automated control and convenience to the consumers. The rising mobile penetration across a broad set of sectors has created a bunch of opportunities for the internet of things(IoT) technology.

At present, engineers use the IoT technology to design smart home systems. With the help of IoT, the users can use mobile apps to operate various devices like music systems, air conditioners and thermostats.

The IoT market is expected to become a $1.4 trillion market by 2027. Looking at the potential of IoT, we can safely say that the IoT app development is going to be a robust mobile development trend in 2022.

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Apps for foldable devices

Foldable smartphones are selling like hot cakes and many smartphone manufacturers like Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi and Motorola provide foldable smartphones to the consumers. With the rising popularity of foldable devices, the app development for foldable devices is going to be a high growth area in the near future. The app developers will need to consider the following factors when they build the apps for foldable devices

  • Resizability
  • Multi-window ability
  • Multiple screen support
  • Continuity and aspect ratio

The foldable devices market is expected to grow at a pace of 48% CAGR in the period of 2020-2025. Foldable smartphones will take the smartphone experience to a whole new level and foldable app development will be one of the major technology trends in 2022.

5G Technology Apps

5G technology is going to prove to be a game changer in the coming days. 5G owes its popularity not only to the fact that 5G is 100 times faster than 4G, but also that 5G technology provides increased bandwidth, enhanced capacity and low latency.

According to an estimate, by 2025 around 4 out of 10 internet connections in Europe will be 5G connections. 5G provides the infrastructure to take the next technological leap for humanity.

The emergence of 5G substantially expands the possibilities of AR,VR and IoT integration as it enables fast processing of large amounts of data. The 5G technology will also revolutionize video streaming as it supports real-time, high-resolution video streaming.

The global 5G technology market is expected to reach $668 billion by 2026. The huge opportunity in 5G technology is going to create an even bigger opportunity for 5G mobile app developers.

Looking at the phenomenal growth prospects of the 5G technology, we can surely say that 5G is going to be one of the hot trends in mobile app development in 2022.

Touchless Technology

Google introduced the touchless technology concept to the world. In Google Pixel 4, Google introduced an advanced motion sensor technology called Soli. The Pixel 4 users can complete a variety of actions like snooze the alarm, switch on the DND(do not disturb) mode and pick up or decline the calls. Soli is powered by radar-based motion control technology. As new touchless application patterns arise, there will soon be no need to touch the screen. The potential of the technology prompts us to think that touchless technology will prove to be the future of app development.

Mobile app development is a fast evolving industry and businesses who can take advantage of the changing trends in mobile app technology are the most successful businesses. It’s not enough to just keep a track of the latest trends, you will also need the support of top mobile app developers to build an app that can ride the trend effectively.

Mobile wallets

The mobile wallet market size has surpassed $100 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20% till 2027. Factors like better access to cheap and fast internet across the world, proliferation of mobile POS(point of sale) machines, fast adoption of mcommerce by the consumers and secure biometric identification will contribute towards growth of the mobile wallet technology in the future.

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The global mcommerce market was valued at around $628 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 34% till 2026. As consumer preferences shift from desktop computers to smartphones, more people will use phones for shopping. The mcommerce trend is expected to remain strong in 2022 due to the addition of latest features like proximity marketing, image recognition, voice shopping, smart navigation, social commerce and smart personalization.

Final Thoughts

In 2022 we will witness a renewed push from businesses to provide more personalized experiences to their customers. The businesses that combine trending technologies with a personalized experience will be the ones that will persist and perform in the digital arena in 2022. Contact top mobile app developers to use the latest trends in mobile app development to your advantage.

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