SEO Agency vs Freelancer: Which one is best to hire?

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SEO Freelance vs SEO Agency Which is Better

When billions of people browse online, what do they do mostly? They ‘search’ for a specific product, service, datum, or piece of information. Well, where do they search? They search on search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo! Now, have you, as a searcher, ever looked beyond 2-3 pages on search engine results? Never! That’s what SEO means. Roughly, it is Search Engine Optimization so that a website or a desired link comes as high as possible, preferably the first two or three pages.

For businesspersons, SEO is of paramount importance because all online traffic in the form of visitors comes from SEO tactics. These all visitors turn into potential customers or clients if they are satisfied with your online presence.

What is SEO?

SEO is an artful technique employed by businesses to enhance their website’s visibility in the vast online landscape. By employing a range of tailored tactics, companies aim to ascend the ranks of search engine results pages (SERPs), thereby increasing their website’s traffic and bolstering their online presence.

In essence, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) entails a strategic orchestration of various elements meticulously designed to secure a prominent position within search engine rankings. The ultimate objective is to obtain higher visibility for relevant search queries, ensuring that potential customers readily discover their digital offerings.

What Options are Available for You to Hire SEO Service Providers?

When it comes to seeking professional support for your SEO endeavors, two primary options await you: Freelancers and SEO Agencies.

SEO Freelancers

SEO Freelancers are individuals who bring their unique SEO expertise and skills regarding search engine optimization to the table. They are akin to independent artisans, dedicated to honing their craft and delivering personalized SEO services. With a freelance SEO specialist, you have the opportunity to build а close working relationships.

SEO Agency

On the other hand, Search Engine Optimization agencies exude а different dynamic. They embody а collective of talented SEO specialists and professionals, each contributing their unique expertise to the collaborative tapestry. When you partner with an SEO agency, you tap into а wellspring of collective knowledge and experience, fueling the potential for comprehensive solutions. There are ample top SEO companies available on the market as you may connect with them, discuss your project, and award it to the best ones out of the best.

How SEO Agency is Better Than Freelance SEO?

When considering whether to choose freelancers or an offshore SEO company for your SEO needs, it’s important to assess various parameters. While both options have their merits, let’s explore why an agency might be favored.


Trust is а vital in any business relationship. SEO agencies often establish а higher level of trust due to their established reputation and track record. They usually have а portfolio of clients and case studies that demonstrate their capabilities and results. This track record gives businesses confidence in their ability to deliver on promises and achieve desired outcomes.

At the same time, freelance SEO experts, especially those who are relatively unknown or new to the industry, may struggle to establish а level of trust comparable to that of established agencies. Clients may be hesitant to entrust their Search Engine Optimization efforts to an individual freelance SEO without а proven track record or extensive portfolio.


Professionalism is another aspect where SEO agencies tend to shine. As а collective unit, agencies adhere to established processes, have clear hierarchies, and follow industry standards. They possess а structured approach to project management, ensuring that timelines, milestones, and deliverables are managed efficiently. Their professionalism is reflected in their ability to maintain clear communication, meet deadlines, and handle challenges effectively.

While a freelance SEO professional too can maintain professionalism, the lack of а formal organizational structure can sometimes result in inconsistencies, which could impact the overall professionalism of their SEO services.


In terms of quality, SEO agencies often have а distinct advantages. They employ teams with diverse skill sets, allowing for а comprehensive approach to SEO strategy. From technical experts to content creators, SEO service providers can offer specialized support in different areas.

SEO Freelancers often excel in their specific areas of expertise, but their limited resources and skill sets may restrict their ability to deliver the same level of quality as an SEO agency. They may struggle to provide а comprehensive approach to SEO, lacking the diverse skill sets and collaboration opportunities that Search Engine Optimization agencies offer.

Timely Delivery and After-Sales Support

Timely delivery and after-sales support are significant considerations for businesses. Digital marketing agencies often have а dedicated support systems in place to address client queries and provide ongoing assistance. With larger teams, they can allocate resources to handle maintenance tasks, updates, and troubleshooting promptly.

Freelancer SEO experts may face challenges in providing timely delivery and comprehensive after-sales support. Juggling multiple projects or being а sale operator can make it harder for SEO freelancers to promptly address client inquiries, provide ongoing maintenance, or handle unexpected issues that arise after project completion.


Scalability is another crucial consideration that helps to make a decision between hiring Freelance SEO and SEO agency. As your business grows, your SEO needs may evolve. Agencies providing SEO services are well-equipped to handle increasing demands, thanks to their existing infrastructure and experienced SEO experts. They can readily allocate resources and adapt to the changing requirements of your business, ensuring that your SEO efforts keep pace with your growth trajectory.

As SEO freelancers typically work independently or in small teams, they may encounter difficulties in scaling their services to accommodate growing demands. If а project requires additional resources or specialized expertise beyond what the SEO freelancer can provide, they may struggle to meet the evolving needs of the client.


SEO Agencies often have dedicated resources and systems in place to handle ongoing maintenance tasks. They can provide regular website audits, monitor rankings, and implement necessary updates and optimizations to keep the website in optimal condition.

They understand the importance of staying up to date with search engine algorithm changes and industry trends. They can proactively identify areas for improvement, address technical issues, and optimize the website to maintain its visibility and rankings.

Ongoing maintenance and updates can be more challenging for freelancer SEO who may have limited availability or lack dedicated support personnel. Ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of SEO efforts may require additional coordination or self-maintenance on the part of the client.

In comparison, SEO agencies have the advantage of having dedicated teams or departments focused on maintenance tasks.


Communication plays а vital role in successful collaborations. SEO agencies typically have designated project managers or project coordinators who act as а central point of contact. They facilitate smooth communication between clients and the various team members involved in the SEO project. Clear channels of communication help ensure that goals, expectations, and feedback are effectively conveyed, resulting in а more cohesive and productive working relationship.

SEO freelancers generally act as the main point of contact for clients, which can be advantageous for direct communication. However, the lack of а dedicated project manager or project coordinator may result in potential communication gaps or delays, particularly if the freelancer SEO is handling multiple projects simultaneously.

Management of SEO project

Project management is another area where SEO agencies excel. They have established systems and protocols to manage projects efficiently. With dedicated project managers overseeing the process, they can streamline workflows, maintain accountability, and ensure that deliverables are met on time. This structured project management approach helps businesses stay organized and confident in the progress of their SEO initiatives.

Freelancer SEO, on the other hand, may face challenges in terms of project management and coordination, especially when juggling multiple clients or projects simultaneously. Their individual approach may require clients to take on а more active role in overseeing and managing the project, which could be time-consuming and require additional effort on the client’s part.


While cost is an important factor, agencies’ SEO experts provide better value for money. While their SEO services may come at а higher price point compared to freelancers, agencies offer а comprehensive packages. Their expertise, collective knowledge, and proven processes contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their services.

While SEO freelancers often offer competitive rates compared to SEO agencies, their pricing may not always reflect the same value proposition. The main reason why anyone would not want to hire an SEO freelancer.

In the long run, the quality and results delivered by SEO agencies can outweigh the initial investment.


After considering various parameters, it becomes evident that SEO agencies are often the better choice for businesses seeking SEO services. So, choose a digital marketing agency carefully that exceeds your expectations provides SEO services, and delivers the best results.

While SEO freelancers may have their advantages, SEO agencies consistently demonstrate а stronger overall performance across the evaluated parameters. By partnering with an SEO agency, businesses can leverage their expertise, reputation, and structured processes to achieve reliable and efficient results in their SEO strategy, ultimately driving the growth and success of their online presence.

Frequently Asked Questions about SEO Agency vs. Freelance

Choosing an SEO agency today is a cakewalk. The simplest way is to search for an online directory that lists top SEO companies across the world such as You can simply go through the list and decide to connect with the selected ones depending on the criteria that you have thought of regarding company that you want to hire. And if you are having trouble with selection then you can ask directory experts for help to get in touch with the best SEO agencies.

SEO agencies simply mean that they are registered companies with organized structures and specific hierarchies with experienced experts. SEO Freelancing, on the other hand, are individuals sitting in any corner of the world providing their services through the Internet.

The in-house team for SEO services could be a costly affair because it involves the costs of overheads, payrolls, and other infrastructure and miscellaneous costs. You also restrict yourself to a limited talent available in your region. Outsourcing SEO services to offshore agencies can help you get better control over and outcome of your project. You don’t need to manage the team and you can hire global talent for your project. Indeed, the cost is also much lower compared to in-house SEO teams.

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