Most Popular React Native Apps

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Top Popular React Native Apps

With the advent of technological advancements, the world of mobile application development is also growing and enhancing by the day. But while encountering the essence of app development, it is necessary to mention the revolutionizing effect of React Native in the industry.

The paradigm of mobile application development has been transformed by an extraordinary framework pioneered by Facebook, aptly named React Native. This impressive resource is accessible to mobile app developers worldwide as it operates on an open-source platform. It is currently one of the most favored tools to develop mobile apps amongst developers and businesses. In this guide on top React Native apps that rule the different industries, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most renowned apps built with React Native that have made a significant impact in the digital world.

What is React Native?

React Native is an app development framework that enables developers to construct mobile applications using JavaScript, a programming language recognized for its versatility and simplicity. A distinguishing feature of React Native development is its capacity to develop mobile apps that deliver the best user experience and functionality akin to those of native apps. This framework empowers application developers to achieve the same degree of seamless performance and responsiveness typically expected by users when utilizing their preferred mobile applications.

React Native’s effectiveness is derived from its implementation of native components. In contrast to traditional web-based applications that depend on WebView elements to present their interfaces, React Native app technology employs components specifically tailored for each platform. Thus, when accessing a mobile application developed with React Native on either an iOS or Android device, it seamlessly utilizes the relevant component designed specifically for that platform. As a result, users experience uninterrupted and seamless interaction similar to using a native application.

The Uniqueness of React Native

React Native places significant emphasis on the creation of reusable components, which function as fundamental building blocks for developers. These components can be utilized across various sections of an application or even multiple projects, granting them versatility and longevity. This approach is akin to accessing a pre-built toolkit consisting of elements that can be seamlessly customized and integrated to facilitate the desired functionality. Consequently, such a strategy encourages the reusability of code and streamlines maintenance processes whilst enhancing overall mobile app development efficiency.

The noteworthy feature of hot-reloading should not be disregarded as it can expedite the mobile app development process further. This feature enables app developers to visualize the modifications made to the code in real-time without having to reconstruct or restart the entire application. Such an attribute permits them to iterate promptly, make spontaneous adjustments, and debug instantaneously- a transformational advancement that heightens productivity while diminishing development time.

The advent of React Native app development companies has brought about a significant transformation in the development of mobile applications. Their capacity to generate applications that closely resemble those created natively using JavaScript, the emphasis on components that can be utilized repeatedly, a declarative style of programming, and the convenience of hot-reloading have made it an increasingly popular option for developers globally. By hiring a React Native developer, businesses will be able to design and develop potent and effective mobile apps that guarantee users seamless interactions while decreasing the duration and effort involved in building these apps.

Let’s look at some of the React Native apps listed below and understand how it has made a wave of technological advancement worldwide.

Most Famous React Native Apps

Famous apps made with react native

Let’s delve into the specifics of the renowned React native apps list and how they have utilized the capabilities of the open-source platform to deliver unparalleled user interactions.


Facebook, being the originator of React Native, employs the framework to operate its own mobile application. Through the utilization of React Native, Facebook can deliver an unwavering and consistent user experience across both iOS and Android platforms. The Facebook app provides a plethora of functionalities such as real-time updates, a customized news feed, notifications, multimedia sharing capabilities, and interactive features that keep billions of users engaged and connected.

Facebook Ads

The Facebook Ads application, developed using React Native, is an impressive platform that functions as a tool for Facebook Advertisers to oversee their advertising campaigns effectively through its intuitive interface. This app allows advertisers to focus on particular groups of customers, keep track of campaign metrics, and implement data-driven strategies. Furthermore, the utilization of React Native by Facebook ads streamlines the development process and ensures uniformity in user experience on various platforms. Consequently, this enables Facebook marketers to reach their target market effortlessly and efficiently.


Walmart, a renowned worldwide retail establishment, has incorporated React Native into its mobile shopping interface to enhance its features. Through the utilization of React Native technology, Walmart has successfully developed an application that presents users with a vast selection of products to peruse and purchase from, convenient order tracking options, personalized recommendations tailored to individual users, as well as exclusive discounts and special promotions. This React Native app smoothly delivers an intuitive and user-friendly shopping experience that caters to millions of customers globally.


Bloomberg, a notable establishment that dispenses financial news and data, opted for the React Native framework to construct their mobile application. The aforementioned platform endows users with live market data, customized news articles, and individualized portfolios all across the globe. Bloomberg leverages React Native as their development framework to administer an equitable and credible experience to users over numerous platforms. This attribute enables them to keep informed on the most recent financial information so they can make well-informed judgments.


The renowned photo-sharing platform, Instagram, has incorporated the application of React Native to establish a consistent user experience across multiple platforms. By utilizing React Native, the application can offer its users a wide range of features that include streamlined uploading of photos and reels, browsing through news feeds, interacting with posts and stories, and engaging in social activities seamlessly. The app’s efficient performance and ability to present smooth animations validate React Native’s potential in developing visually appealing and responsive applications.

SoundCloud Pulse

The SoundCloud Pulse app is exclusively designed for creators who upload content on the SoundCloud platform. It was built using React Native technology and furnishes instant data analytics, comment moderation facilities, track administration tools, and audience engagement insights to its users. The integration of React Native makes the SoundCloud Pulse application intuitive and efficient, enabling creators to manage their musical works effortlessly while engaging seamlessly with their followers.


Gyroscope, a mobile application widely used in the health and wellness sector, has utilized the vast features of React Native in order to operate seamlessly across various platforms. With the integration of diverse fitness tracking of Google Fit and Apple Health, the React Native mobile app has provided individual metrics and goals to people looking for a personalized and holistic approach to managing their health. It has a seamless user experience because it is developed with the React Native framework. Moreover, it empowers individuals to effortlessly track their health and fitness goals without any unnecessary hassles.


One of the most widely recognized website development platforms, Wix has incorporated the benefits of React Native technology. With the same, the developers of Wix can now seamlessly edit their websites and make relevant changes in the analytics and content while also interacting with their audience on the internet through their devices. The UI and effective characteristics of the application made with React Native help developers to manage as well as upgrade their websites even when they are working remotely. It provides an enhanced command to the developers to streamline their website and virtual presence an application used for ordering food online, has also utilized the development of React Native to provide a refined and user-friendly interface to its users. It allows the users to find, locate or even order from nearby restaurants while availing of various essential local services. The unhinged UI of elevates the online ordering experience while consistently facilitating and boosting local enterprises. With the help of React Native, the application has been simplified and fulfills the customer requirements with minimum errors.

Uber Eats

React Native has been used only for a small section during the app development process of Uber Eats. Despite that, it has given a significant boost to the UI/UX of the app. The dashboard of the Uber Eats app is interactive, user-friendly, and all the features are made available in a synchronous manner. The dashboard also supports functions like push notifications and sound notifications.

Using the React Native framework for the app development increased their customer retention rate by leaps and bounces as the user experience was made exciting and hassle-free.


It might be a revelation because Microsoft owns Skype, and they have their cross-platform app development framework in Xamarin. It precisely states how prolific is React Native as a cross-platform app development framework.

React Native has made the design and navigation of Skype reasonably easy for the 4.9+ million active users to send and receive multimedia data.


Perhaps the biggest name in the electrical vehicle industry, Tesla has also used React Native for the development of its mobile app. The Tesla mobile app is used to remotely monitor the controls of the cars. Moreover, you can use the app to start and stop the movement of Electric Vehicles (EVs).

The enhanced UI/UX design using React Native increases the user experience to a greater level and compels the customers to spend more time on the mobile app.

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In summary, the showcased React Native apps serve as a prominent demonstration of the framework’s versatility and robustness in creating high-quality mobile applications.

React Native app development has consistently demonstrated its dependability and effectiveness in crafting sophisticated and flexible cross-platform apps across various industries such as social media, e-commerce, finance, content generation, tourism, healthcare, and virtual assistance that offer exceptional user experiences. Also, app categories such as eCommerce, lifestyle, events, and conferences are some of the types for which React Native is the best platform to create mobile apps for. Whether you are a small-size, medium-sized, or large-size company, React Native would make sense to go for as it would help you achieve your business goals.

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