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Last updated 20 June, 2024

Top Mobile App Development Companies

Mobile App Development Companies

Are you looking for the best mobile app development company? TopDevelopers.co provides a list of top mobile app developers based on verified client reviews, ratings, hourly rates, team size, and other criteria to help you make an ideal choice for your project requirement. These companies have developers with extensive experience building customized mobile apps that can help businesses increase profitability by generating more revenue. Our main objective is to save your time and budget by getting you the best mobile app development companies to choose for your project requirements.

List of Trusted Mobile App Development Companies

9 Companies | Last Updated 20 June, 2024


We love to make Apps

We love innovation! With more than nine years of experience in App development, we found that it all starts with a good idea. A powerful one, looking for a change in the behavior of people through creativity, teamwork, and perseverance. We create innovative, beautiful, intuitive, and brilliant products. To get there, we realized that every part of the team must be considered as an important element to accomplish a product that reflects enthusiasm, compromise, heart, creativity, and enjoyment. In consequence and as our main goal, every single fellow…Explore the detailed profile of FOONKIE MONKEY

  • 51 to 250

  • $26 - $50

  • $10001 - $25000

  • USA, Colombia


We turn ideas into software that people love

AgileEngine is a privately held company established in 2010 and HQed in the Washington DC area. We rank among the fastest-growing US companies on the Inc 5000 list and the top-3 software developers in DC on Clutch. Facebook, Play Store, and the Webby Awards featured the apps we’ve built. Boasting the best software product developers and designers from the US, Ukraine, Mexico, Colombia, India, Brazil, Poland, Portugal, and Argentina, we work with VC startups and renowned tech brands. We offer a complete range of services, from dedicated…Explore the detailed profile of AgileEngine

  • 1000+

  • $51 - $100

  • $5001 - $10000

  • USA, Argentina, Ukraine+7


Best Web App Development, iOS, Android Partner

Koombea is a leading mobile and web app development agency for startups and enterprises. We have a proven track record of crafting innovative, revolutionary digital experiences that change the way business is conducted by leveraging our own custom agile development method. Starting with your idea, we work closely with you through the development, launch, and maintenance lifecycle to provide innovative and user-friendly IT services. Our experienced team members share best practices and industry insights pertaining to the future of app development.…Explore the detailed profile of Koombea

  • 51 to 250

  • Up to $25

  • $50001 - $100000

  • USA, Colombia


We transform bold ideas into exceptional digital products

Uruit is an awarded software development company with +15 years of experience creating outstanding mobile & web apps.   Client Testimony  “Uruit's culture is unique and very much aligns with ours. They have an Agile, creative, and customer-focused approach, looking at the actual end-users of the products that we're building.” CTO, Xceligent  "Uruit distinguishes themselves with their technical competency, innovative ideation, and collaborative communication. UruIT have hired the right people and…Explore the detailed profile of Uruit

  • 51 to 250

  • $51 - $100

  • $50001 - $100000

  • USA, Colombia, Uruguay

Ceiba Software

Custom software development & App development firm | Colombia

With over 14 years of experience and 410 in-house employees, Ceiba provides high-quality custom software development services to companies of all sizes. Ceiba is an outstanding ally with a specialty in serving the financial, insurance, and healthcare industries. Explore the detailed profile of Ceiba Software

  • 251 to 1000

  • $26 - $50

  • $5001 - $10000

  • Colombia

Kubo SAS

App development, web development, custom software development…

Kubo is a Software and App development company based in Colombia. Since 2008 we’ve collaborated with hundreds of leading companies and startups across the world.  Our highly collaborative teams bring development from concept to completion, with the expertise and passion that your digital products need.    Custom Software Development Mobile App Development Digital platforms Development QA & Testing UX / UI Research & Design  Artificial Intelligence   In Kubo we develop the digital world of tomorrow Explore the detailed profile of Kubo SAS

  • 11 to 50

  • Up to $25

  • $10001 - $25000

  • Colombia

With more than 17 years of experience, Teravision is a leading software outsourcing company located in Columbia, USA, and also in Venezuela and Mexico. We constantly keep upgrading to maintain a status as the best agile development, design and QA team in these regions and beyond. In this age of globalization, the software development services we specialize in include business analytics, Ul/UX design, front-end and back-end development, mobile app development, QA analysis, project rescue and DevOps. Combining our team’s talent, uncompromising…Explore the detailed profile of Teravision Technologies

  • 251 to 1000

  • $151 - $200

  • $10001 - $25000

  • Colombia, USA

Solutecia sas

Artificial Intelligence and Software Factory

Founded in 2009, Solutecia SAS is a premier software development firm specializing in cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence solutions. With a solid track record spanning over a decade, we have been at the forefront of delivering innovative and robust software solutions to a diverse clientele across the globe. Our expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of development projects, making us a trusted partner for businesses seeking excellence in technology and AI-driven transformations. Our Expertise At Solutecia SAS, we pride ourselves on our ability…Explore the detailed profile of Solutecia sas

  • 2 to 10

  • $26 - $50

  • Less than - $5000

  • Colombia


Nearshoring made easy

At Polytropic, we help you find the best nearshore software development partner in Latin America and kickstart a successful relationship. We have proven experience and a deep understanding of how to select and optimize collaboration in order to deliver software development projects in a nearshore model, from large-scale enterprise-grade projects to slick MVPs for Startups. With over 15 years of experience as a nearshore outsourcing advisor, we connect US companies looking to leverage software development in Latin America with the right technology…Explore the detailed profile of Polytropic

  • 2 to 10

  • $300+

  • $5001 - $10000

  • Colombia

Buyer's Guide

What Is A Mobile App Development Company?

As mobile app development is the process of building applications for smart devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and other digital assistants, a mobile app development company is the place where the software is built. Broadly, a professional app development company provides every tool, technology, resource, and infrastructure that helps build a perfect mobile application for your business. So, what makes a good app development firm?

World Class Infrastructure

Picture this, a mobile app development company has an experienced team, tools, and technologies, but no infrastructure. Can you expect quality projects without proper infrastructure? It’s a foundational component that supports the development team in building high-quality products at reduced costs.

Dedicated Mobile App Development Team

A dedicated app development company is also made up of a group of experts consisting of UI/UX designers, Project managers, App developers, Quality analysts, CTOs, and Market specialists who handle every aspect of mobile app development.

Dedicated Development Resources

When you hire a mobile app development company, you not just hire a development team, but also all other resources that help you develop, deploy, and manage your mobile applications. For example, they have infrastructure, a team, and dedicated resources, like the latest technology, tools, and project development methodologies. You will have the flexibility to choose a team, tools, and methodologies based on your project requirements.

What Services do Mobile Application Development Companies Offer?

Find the right app development company at TopDevelopers.co, you will get comprehensive mobile app development services. Top application development companies provide services as per their expertise in the relevant industry. Select the firm and explore its service section, you will find the list of main services they offer. We have mentioned the common mobile application development services usually provided by almost every company.

Mobile Application Development Consulting Services

Mobile app development companies help organizations, research, suggest, build, and implement mobile applications. They have a team and expertise that enable them to help you generate new ideas and conceptualizations that best align with your requirements.

UI/UX Design Services

Every mobile application development company offers User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design services powered by top industry designers.

Mobile App Development Services

app development is the core service offered by any mobile app development company. Mobile app development is the process of designing, developing, deploying, and managing applications for smart devices. There are three main types of app development;

Native Mobile App Development

Native applications are when you build a dedicated mobile app for a specific platform, like iOS and Android. If you wish to run a native app across both platforms, you need to create two separate applications for each platform. Native apps are costly but provide high performance and work even offline.

Web App Development

Web app is when the app is accessed using a web browser. Mobile app development companies help you build web apps that cater to all your business needs.

Hybrid App or Cross-Platform App Development

Hybrid app development is when a business needs applications for both platforms. It’s a cost-effective method to build mobile apps to run across cross-devices. Using  cross-platform frameworks, like Flutter, React Native, and others, developers can build a single application that can run across both Android and iOS platforms.

App Testing

App testing is part of development and every mobile application must ensure the app is ready to deploy. There are various testing methods to ensure the app is perfect on devices and that all its features and functionalities work as per the project scope. Pre-testing, simultaneous testing, and post-development testing are the processes, though you need to confirm with the app development partner.

Mobile App Porting Services

Do you want to port your existing web app into a scalable mobile application? Or, do you want to migrate your legacy application to a modern stack of technologies? Mobile app development companies offer porting services to help clients port their legacy applications on top of modern technologies, with added features and functionalities.

App Maintenance and Support

When your app is developed and deployed on the platform, you need support and maintenance services to ensure the app performs well across platforms. App development agencies provide support and maintenance services to clients, though you need to confirm with your partner if they are free or paid.

What are the Characteristics that Set the Top App Development Company Apart from Others?

Building a successful mobile application for your business, requires you to have various things in place. For example, you need to have the technologies, tools, infrastructure, and a team. But, all this stuff goes in vain if you don’t partner with a reputed mobile app development company to build your applications. But, the question is how will you recognize such a leading mobile app development firm? You need to explore their qualities with the tips given here.

Well-defined Development Process

A quality mobile application development company often has a defined development process to ensure quality project development, deployment, and delivery.

Effective User Research

Even though user research is part of the development process, you need to ensure the firm effectively carries out user research. It’s crucial because it helps mobile app development companies create outstanding applications after understanding users’ preferences and their pain points.

Platform Expertise and Market Understanding

Knowing your app development company is good at a particular domain will help you understand if you have best app developers with good market understanding. They are crucial to know and your choice of suitable app developers agency will be significant for your project.

Skills of Mobile App Developers & Agency

You are not going to hire a mobile app developer unless you are sure about the skills, are you? Skills of your mobile application development team will ensure they know what you want to build and achieve with the project. They would work with you, not for you.

Effective Communication

Communication is key to ensuring you get the best mobile applications for your business. A good mobile app development company has nothing to hide and the best team to work on your project with good communication skills. Ensure your mobile app developers and the team understand your project scope.

Why Should You Develop a Mobile App for Your Business?

Undoubtedly, there can be plenty of reasons to develop a mobile application for your business, such as being visible to customers all the time and marketing your products & services to customers directly. There can be individual reasons as well to develop a mobile app, however, we have explored some top reasons why modern businesses need mobile applications.

Take Your Products and Services to Wider Audiences

When you develop mobile applications, you power your business to reach customers beyond boundaries. With mobile applications, the sky's the limit as you can reach new customers while retaining the existing ones.

Better Brand Awareness

Mobile applications are crucial to spreading the word about your business, allowing them to explore more about you and your business. With mobile applications, you can easily create an emotional connection with your customers.

Help You Personalize Your Services & Products

Mobile applications help you personalize various things according to your customer's preferences and choices. For example, you can create a quiz to understand what your customers like to see on their interface and can create notifications and content as per their choice. Amazon, Flipkart, and various other applications are examples of it, they offer personalized content to users on their devices.

Save Time

Mobile apps are preferred more than websites by modern customers. The first reason for their liking for mobile apps is the faster and more convenient services. A tap can help them do their job. It’s faster and more efficient for most online activities like making transactions, shopping, buying, selling, and more.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Did you know that 60% of total web traffic is generated through mobile phones worldwide and it’s evident that people like to use smartphone applications more than websites? For businesses, it becomes easy to create value just by creating mobile app-only deals and others. It will boost connectivity and engagement.

Keep Your Online Business Thriving

Mobile applications create trust and credibility as you are available to customers 24/7 with the help of mobile apps. With better business-customer relationships, you can create relevancy and familiarity. Apart from this, with the application, you can get clear insights into how your customers interact with your applications and make changes accordingly.

Easy to Market Your Business

Mobile applications are the best marketing tool, offering freedom and flexibility to market your products and services relentlessly. You will have enough opportunity to take your business information to customers beyond boundaries. With mobile applications, you are within a finger touch away from your customers.

Better Customer Services

With mobile applications, you can stay with your customers 24/7, allowing them to use, interact, and get their queries solved at their convenience. Mobile applications are better known for enhanced customer services by using Chatbots and other tools.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Mobile App for Your Business?

The average cost to build a mobile application is anywhere between $10,000 to $500,000 and even more, depending on the type of application you want to build.

Estimating mobile application development costs without seeing the project scope is just a guess work and you will have different answers on market research sites. They differ in their opinions. Getting an accurate estimation out of this conflict range of data can be a tough task. We have explored the cost of building mobile apps on various factors.

  • Mobile app development charges by agencies
  • iOS or Android or Both
  • Mobile app development technologies
  • Number of Features
  • Developers’ experience
  • Mobile app development agencies
  • The region where you want to outsource or hire developers from
  • App design complexity

When you know the answer to these questions, you can easily estimate the exact cost of mobile app development.

We have made suggestions for average app development costs based on the type of application you want.

Mobile App Types App Development Costs
Standard Mobile Applications $5,000 to $10,000
Basic Mobile App with a Few Customization $10,000 to $20,000
Business App with Semi-complex Features $20,000 to $49,000
Business Mobile Apps with Complex Features $49,000 to $69,000 to $100,000
Enterprise Mobile Applications or eCommerce Applications $100,000 to $350,000+

Again the cost of mobile application development is based on expert suggestions and references from various online forums. You can rely on the information for the average cost estimation for app development, but we recommend you connect with your technology partner for accurate information as the cost will differ based on your specific project type and requirements.

How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App?

A standard mobile application takes an average of 3 months for MVP and up to 9 months to scale. Like app development costs, the time it takes to develop a mobile application depends on various factors, like features, functionalities, and scope. Apart from these core factors, the other factor that might impact app development duration is the team working on your project. For example, if you have an experienced development team, it may take less time as compared to a novice development team.

App Types Duration
Simple Mobile Apps 2 to 4 Months
Mid Level Apps or Mid-sized Apps 3 to 8 months
Complex Mobile Apps 5 to 9 months or more depending on the complexity level of the application.

The time duration calculated here is based on the core factors, it can be increased or decreased depending on the team working on your project. For example, if you hire a mobile app development company who have novice developers and another team, the project may take longer than it is mentioned.

Mobile App Development Process to Ensure Project Success

The mobile app development process is crucial as it ensures the app is developed keeping all factors in mind, narrates your business vision, and scales as your business grows. More than that, the process of mobile app development makes the team work with commitment and deliver the project within the deadline. Every specialized app development company follows an app process, though it can differ a bit from one company to another. Here is the process that you can explore.

Step 1: Strategy Development

In mobile app development process, the first step is to create mobile app development strategies. It involves the end-to-end process of developing and implementing app development strategies. It can be, like the duration, team and technology, development methodology, and more.

Step 2: Analysis and Planning

The mobile application development team you hire will need to conduct market research, and competitive analysis and plan the development for mobile applications accordingly. This phase also includes creating a development team for a particular project and assigning tasks separately.

Step 3: UI/UX Design

In the next step, the design team takes charge and creates appealing user interfaces and user experiences. In this phase, the design team conducts market research, design trends, and implements UI and UX that represent the business effectively.

Step 4: App Development

Once the design is completed, the app developers will turn the design into code. Developers, according to the project scope, build the mobile application. This is also a collaborative phase as the design team needs to work closely with developers to ensure all features and functionalities are implemented perfectly.

Step 5: Mobile App Testing

Testing is crucial. Mobile app development companies usually conduct simultaneous testing for app development. Once the app is developed, the QA team tests the product in a real environment, ensuring all functionalities, features, and securities have been implemented and performing well. More than that they ensure the app is faultless and ready to be deployed.

Step 6: Deployment

Deployment is done by the development team when the app is developed and tested by the quality analyst. Depending on the project scope your app development agency will help you deploy your application to the dedicated server and platform. For example, if you have developed a mobile application for the Android platform, the team will deploy the App on the Google Play Store or App Store if the app is developed for the iOS platform.

Step 7: Support and Performance Monitoring

Finally, the app is developed and deployed, the next comes the support and maintenance. The app development company will help you maintain your application on the server. However, the support duration will depend on the development contract.

Why Hire an App Development Company?

A mobile app development company is the one that builds you your desired application, tailored to your requirements. With core industry expertise, they understand your business and deliver the solution, catering to your specific business needs. Let’s explore some of the top reasons why you should hire an app development company.

Tailored Solutions

Hiring a mobile app development firm will help you get custom solutions that address your specific business needs.

Technical Experts

A mobile app development service provider has a pool of developers, designers, and other team members. You can get talented experts in a specific stack of technology. For example, if you need Flutter experts for your project, you can choose engineers with expertise in Flutter app development.

Quality Projects

The app development agency provides you with dedicated resources for your project. Besides the team, they have world-class infrastructure, tools, and defined development methodologies, ensuring high-quality projects by the deadline.

Dedicated Resources

Do you want to hire dedicated resources for your mobile app project? You can hire them from a reputed mobile app development company. They have experts and are ready to work on your project dedicatedly.

How do I Choose the Best Mobile App Development Firm?

You cannot pick a random mobile app development company to build your project. You need to explore various things, right from portfolios, tech expertise, and experience to communication, services, and your budget. Let’s take a look at some of the crucial points you need to explore before you hire a mobile app development company.

Define Budget

Before you approach app development company, you need to define your budget. Knowing your budget will help you choose the company that fits into your budget.

Expertise and experience

Choose the app development firm with extensive subject matter expertise and experience. For example, if you want to migrate or port your traditional mobile application into a modern stack of technologies, you need to find a partner who has expertise and experience in mobile app migration and porting.

Portfolio Range

Explore the portfolios section of mobile app development companies before you make a final call. Check if they have worked on similar projects and industries as yours. Mobile app development companies with matching portfolios can deliver the best projects by the deadline.


Communication is key when it comes to finding the right mobile app development company. Check if the team at a particular app development company has good communication skills and if they can understand your project scope easily. Good communication will improve collaboration and keep your team aligned with your project scope.


What services do they offer? You need to check with their services and ensure they provide the app development services you need for your project. You can check with their service section or ask the team for the same.

Tech Expertise

There are various stacks of technologies for mobile app development, such as Java, Swift, Kotlin, Android Studio, React Native, Flutter, and others. You need to ensure the app development service providing team for your project has skills and expertise in the required technologies.

Top Questions You Should Ask Your Mobile App Development Companies & Team Before Hiring Them

There are plenty of questions you can ask your app development agency and team separately. Make sure to add questions concerning the industry, experience, and related to your project. Let’s take a look at the questions we have prepared for your ideas.

Questions to Ask to App Development Firm

  • What app development methodologies do you use?
  • How many projects have you developed similar to mine?
  • What is the mobile app development team's strength?
  • What is the communication process and who will my SPOC be?
  • How much do you charge for standard mobile applications?
  • How much time does it take for a standard application to develop?
  • Can you show us some of your project portfolios?
  • What is your development process?
  • What are engagement models or hiring models?
  • Do you provide post-development support and for what duration?

Questions to Ask Your App Development Team

  • How many years of experience do you have in mobile app development?
  • How many projects have you undertaken so far with your current employment?
  • How do you report on project development progress?
  • How do you plan your app development project?
  • What design approach do you take for app development?
  • What is your testing process and who conducts testing?
  • Can you describe some of your successful projects?
  • What technologies do you use for mobile app development?

What are the Top Mobile App Development Platforms

Even though you have multiple options for mobile app development platforms, the most popular app development platforms include;

  • Xamarin
  • Flutter
  • Cordova
  • Sencha
  • Unity
  • Ionic
  • React Native
  • NativeScript

Apart from this, there are easy app builder platforms, they include;

  • Zoho Creator
  • Firebase
  • Kony Quantum
  • Buildfire
  • TrackVia

You can explore app development platforms by connecting with your technology partner or explore online. You will find various platform lists. However, the choice for the right platform should be made only after consulting experts.

Why Trust TopDevelopers.co?

TopDevelopers.co is the most reputed and most probably the only platform that offers transparent mobile app development firm hiring options. But, it’s just the one reason that you should trust us. There are plenty of other reasons why businesses from across the globe trust us to find reliable app development partners. Here are some of them;

  • We list only reliable mobile app development companies that meet our guidelines and industry standards.
  • Only authentic, reliable, and quality app development firms with good portfolios and reviews are given priority.
  • The ranking process is genuine and it is done by experts after examining all aspects, such as quality works, portfolios range, client reviews, team size, and more.
  • TopDevelopers.co provides 100% freedom and flexibility to businesses and enterprises to choose their desired technology partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a mobile app development company over freelancers for your project requirements brings many unique benefits, including access to a team of experts with diverse skills, better project management, quality assurance, increased scalability and support, timely Communication, a higher probability of successful completion of projects on time, and easy maintenance and update.

The best way to estimate your app development budget is to consult a mobile app development company with your project scope and get estimation free. However, you can calculate the hourly rate from the development hours and get rough budget estimation for your project. For example, it takes around 500 average hours to build a standard app, 800 for semi-complex, and 1100 hours for enterprise-grade applications. You can calculate these hours from the hourly rate charged by firms from a particular region and estimate an average cost to have starting budget in mind.

The cost of building a mobile app depends on many factors, such as the development platform, app complexity, technology stack, company location, features, and functionalities. The starting cost of mobile app development will range between $5000 to $50,000. The company can only provide a final price to develop an app once all the requirements are understood in detail clearly.

The time required to build an app can vary depending on various factors, including app size and complexity, development platform, features and functionalities, location of development team, etc.

Yes,The development team is efficient and ready to work according to the client’s time zone.

Yes, every app development agency mentioned here provides app development support and maintenance services, though you need to confirm if they are paid or free.

  • Select your desired mobile app development firms from the list
  • Check their services, tech expertise, portfolios, and team strength
  • Check engagement models and your budget
  • Connect directly to the app development companies
  • Shortlist the company
  • Conduct Interview
  • Select the best one according to your hiring criteria

In all these processes, the TopDevelopers.co have only one role to play —to bring you quality, reliable, and trusted mobile app development companies. All firms listed here are genuine and offer comprehensive development services.

There are currently 5278 top app development companies listed from 20,230 listing requests. We are continuously adding reliable firms so you do not have to spend much time and effort to find the right partner.

It depends on the app development company and the region you choose. For example, if you want to hire mobile app developers from South Asian countries, like India, you have to pay around $15 to $50 per hour. However, if you choose to hire developers from an app development company in the USA, you will have to spend around $50 to $150 an hour depending on the developer’s experience level.

There is a massive list of the best app development companies in the world, which we have put together here to make the hiring process easier for you. You can contact any of them and ask their expert business and technology consultants to discuss your business objectives. Once they listen to your ideas and concerns, they will get you a feasibility report and SOP. Based on those and other essential factors, the development of your mobile app can be kick-started.

Yes, there are various companies that provide specialized mobile app development services for specific industries. You can choose them from the list and get them on your project. Generally, most mobile app development companies offer an array of app development services for various industries, like healthcare, manufacturing, pharma, entertainment, real estate, eCommerce, and others.

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