8 Tips to improve the performance of your Ecommerce UX

Brij Bhushan By Brij Bhushan  |  Apr 30, 2019  |  E-Commerce

Ask any consumer about what they like about online shopping the reply would be that it saves them from the hassle of visiting the local store. The next probable question should be- what they dislike about online shopping? Well, the answer would be that they do not get the real feel of products/ services.

The smart e-commerce websites are successfully converting the visitors into buyers and further making them come back for more in the future. And they are doing it with great UX or User Experience.

What is UX all about?

To explain it in simple terms, it includes the ease of visitor’s activity on the website that begins from browsing, checking all the available options, shortlisting the merchandise, and easy checkouts.

The better UX design guarantees customer satisfaction and is capable of converting visitors into buyers. So, for any e-commerce website, it is very important to have the best UX design to make a business successful.

The competition is intense

This is true; there are too many e-commerce websites and the buyers are spoilt for choices. So, if a particular website confuses the buyer, they will move on to the next one. The best e-commerce websites are those which make the customers journey rewarding and satisfying.

The competition is intense

Simply speaking, let us understand the concept with an example of buying a humidifier. There are hundreds of online sellers for humidifiers and obviously, the buyer will check at least half of them before hitting the buy button. The portal that provides the buyer every detail about the product makes the comparison easy with other options, have great images and honest reviews and of course, reliable and popular payment gateways will seal the deal.

So, the role of UX cannot be denied or ignored.

To make the read more interesting, let us elaborate on the topic and find 8 Tips to improve the performance of your Ecommerce UX.

Make the flow path simplified

Do not create a complicated maze of your e-commerce website. In fact, make sure that your customer should not get lost or confused while navigating your website. Check for the font size, contrasts, and even scroll hijacking.

The checkout process, it needs to be hassle-free and simple.

The simple navigating path for the e-commerce website does prompt the visitor to come back as a returning client in the future.

Monitor the page loading time

A Blank screen is really scary; either the visitor starts doubting his/ her gadget or blames the poor network. But when they realize the issue is with the website and it is taking a bit longer than usual, they leave the site and look for smarter options.

Online reputation is very important for your business growth and slow loading can wash your reputation in the shortest possible moment.

Use quality product image

Images convince the customers to buy products and describe them what they are investing their money for. Images from multiple angles explain the products and high- quality images also explain the intricate details of it.

The aesthetics and functions are also explained in the images and are better than tons and blocks of content for the visitor. Great clicks will lure in clients and make them seal the deal.  Products like food items, clothes, and other luxury items make successful sales with high-quality images and pictures.

Do not overuse CTA buttons and product information

It is a general trend that while shopping, people do not want to read huge content, they prefer appealing images and small texts to understand what the e-commerce website has to offer.

To make sure that you give them the best UX, check for the target audience, their preferences and know about them.

Also, make sure that you do not overload the CTA or call to action buttons.

This decreases the UX of the website and the visitors would feel that they are manipulated and forced to buy from the site…

Keep the checkouts and sign up easy and simple

Well, most of the e-commerce sites worry about the safety of the clients’ money and make the final checkout a bit complicated. Nothing wrong in taking care of your client’s money, but when your competitor is offering better, fast, and reliable payment options and checkouts; you need to upgrade yourself.

There are many e-commerce websites that are still pulling with old methods and systems. This will make them fade away and will gradually lead to reduced client visits. UX is also dependent on how the visitors check out and is prompted to make the next buy.

Select the right words

Do you know that words have a lot to count for the UX.? For example, “buy now” “check the offer” has a lot of compelling sentiments hidden in them. So, if you want to notify a sale or an immediate or exclusive offer, then use these words.

But if you want the visitor to have a look, refrain from these calls or action-oriented words.

This sounds to overshadow and compels the visitor, which is not right… The best user-experience depends on how you seamlessly navigate the user and make them feel free to check the site as they wish.

Stuffing such action words may instigate the negative emotion and they can get a negative feel for a long time.

The same goes for urging them to sign for a form or newsletter subscription. Use terms like “would you like to get notified” or “subscribe to our newsletter”, should sound polite and conversational.

Conduct testing for usability

The reason why UX is given so much importance in e-commerce websites is that small details can trigger major consequences on the online selling portal. The UX testing helps the e-commerce business to make people buy more.

A Usability test is an important way to get checked on how the visitors are experiencing your website. It helps you get into the skin of the user and find out what is working and what is not working.

Ask a few important things while UX testing and they can be

  • Does the user have any unanswered question?
  • Are the images sufficient enough to bring appeal to the eyes?
  • Is the site encouraging a purchase?
  • And finally, is the site unique or a clone or copy of other successful sites.

Establish credibility

You cannot sell through your website if you fail to deliver the message that what you are selling is incredible. It is possible through high UX that will send the important message across that you are giving them products and services that will meet the real needs.

Also, customers review makes people more confident about your website and your products. It not only gives the idea for the website but also the client gains information about the product and services.

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Final Thoughts

If you pay attention to the UX of your e-commerce website, you will definitely make visitors stay loyal to your brand longer.  The e-commerce owners are now actually paying extra money to provide the clients best of the shopping experiences.

This not only increases the business but also increases the confidence and goodwill of the e-commerce portal.

Brij Bhushan Brij Bhushan   |  Apr 30, 2019

Brij Bhushan Singh is a Professional Blogger and Content writer. He is working with Ethane Web Technologies . In his professional life, he has written many useful articles about WordPress, Social Media, SEO and almost all about Digital Marketing.


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