What are the Best Social Media Marketing Platforms?

Derek Cohen By Derek Cohen  |  Aug 25, 2023  |  Social Media Marketing
Best Social Media Marketing Platforms for Business

Are you familiar with social media platforms? Do you use them only for entertainment purposes? What if I say you can use social media as a marketing platform? Yes, you heard it right.

Social media may prove effective if used strategically. It has always been an essential part of our daily lives. You can interact with millions of people across the globe. As per the latest research by Global Web Index, around 4.7 % billion people use social media regularly. It equates to 60% of the overall population. Approximately 94.8% of people use chat and messaging apps. While the rest, 81.8 % use it to run Search Engines.

Social Media promotes sharing of opinions and ideas through virtual networks. You can create a social network of like-minded people using LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Digital Marketing is one such aspect that has enhanced a wide range of implements for business associations. From social media marketing to social media promotions, they can connect to their target audience.

Social Media offers businesses to develop better relations with their customers. Creating compelling and distinctive content to inform customers about your brand value is a common way to increase trust and loyalty.

Business Benefits of Social Media Platforms for Marketing

There are a few reasons why you should use social media for Business marketing and social media promotions. Here is a list of some of the top aspects of Business strategists.

Increase brand advertence

Being active and publishing on social media channels about your brand daily might help your company grow. In addition to this, you can also use creative methods. Creating your website, setting up question polls, answering their queries, and customizing their needs will make them more likely interested. In this manner, you can gradually increase their trust in your goods.

Know your target audience and engage traffic on your forums

Due to the advancement in social media, in the modern world, you need not call or write letters to attract customers. You can use hashtags to make your website visible on its front page. In addition to marketing your business, this might assist them in finding the right product.

Also, do not forget to follow the best SEO practices and guidelines to rank your page on the search engines. As a result, your website will experience a boost in visitors and receive more likes, views, and shares. The basic guideline is that the greater the creativity, the greater the involvement.

Create an established image and captivate alliances

If you want your website to leave an impression on people’s minds, social media is the ideal method to go. Make yourself engaged with various social media marketing platforms to encourage your sales.

Another business tactic is to collaborate with the topmost brands. You can also contact celebrity influencers to promote your products. Your brand will benefit from this, and you’ll gain more followers. Some social media companies promote paid social media advertising to elevate their page and surge their insights and visits.

Use of analytics tools

Few Social media platforms also have primary analytical tools to keep a check on their followers, most liked content on the page, and rate of engagement. For example, Instagram has a post insight where you can see the number of shares, likes, and subscribers on your professional account. This will also inform you how your audience reacts to a particular content and allows you to adjust your advertising strategies accordingly.

Generate more revenue

Isn’t it true that advantages drive clients to your company’s accounts and generate revenues? But have you ever thought why just a handful of them are successful in expanding their businesses? What is going wrong?

The problem does not lie in the usage of social media. However, the most vital concern is whether you are on the right platform. In this blog, let’s focus on some of the top social media marketing platforms and see how much assistance they can provide you in establishing your business.

Best Social Media Platforms for Businesses

Here is a list of a few popular social media marketing platforms that top social media management companies use to stimulate their business. It includes Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Social Media Marketing Platforms for Business


Facebook is a predominant platform owned by Mark Zuckerberg with around 3 billion users across the globe. It is the best platform for both B2B and B2C businesses. One can share their posting on the Facebook affiliated market pages. Having a business account will also make your job easier, provide you access to helpful tools, and provide you with in-depth analysis.

Business pages can be modified to prominently display contact information, business hours, and in-depth details about your products and services. Facebook supports social media marketing for small businesses where small-scale entrepreneurs can spike their business.

It’s crucial to establish a solid base of dedicated clients and for that you can rake help from professional Facebook marketing agencies as well. Additionally, Facebook includes a built-in function called Facebook Live that enables real-time conversations. Organic Facebook traffic is scarce. In case you are looking to generate leads and find new customers. Facebook advertising will be a good choice.


Instagram is popular among influencers, visual content makers, and e-commerce. Currently, there are around 2 billion active users on Instagram.

Business strategists can share unique short videos and compelling content to connect with the audiences. Make use of the hashtag feature to increase your brand awareness. Small business organizations can even approach top Instagram marketing companies to scale their business through paid social media advertising.

In exchange, these companies will assist in generating visually appealing Instagram reels and editing the content with appropriate visuals and videos. Fashion influencers can also collaborate with your brands and gain you maximum followers. Instagram ads cost higher than Facebook. But the great news is that the organic traffic is also higher.


Around 923 million people use LinkedIn, a unique forum for professional social media marketing. It is a vibrant community that honors wisdom, principles, manners, and leadership abilities. One of the powerful platforms where you can generate leads for your business company.

LinkedIn has progressed from a simple search engine for job handles to a professional business marketing platform. You can join specific business oriented groups and post about your products. Create business pages to advertise and engage your audience. On LinkedIn, approaching a business looking for clients will be more appreciated than marketing to customers directly.


Twitter contributes to a larger community of around 450 million active users. There are limitations of 280 characters on a single tweet. Business tycoons can add a brief tweet with emphasis words with real-time information, which is a huge benefit.

Brands can use Twitter as a customer service channel. Twitter can help you grow if you post valuable information and answer the queries and doubts of your clients. Do not just share media and links but also share tweets with eye-catching hashtags. Finding balance on Twitter is crucial because it supports businesses with compelling goals and innovative concepts.


Pinterest is a fantastic medium for pinning photos that link to your websites, blog posts, and product pages. If you own a commercial business, you should be excited about Pinterest. About 97% of the top pins on Pinterest are usually not branded, and the rest 85% include wedding plans, starting blogs, and projects.

Upload photos that describe a particular niche. For example, if you are into the chocolate-making business, you can post photographs of various chocolate bars and candies and pin them.

Pinterest offers a collection of unique pins for business sites known as rich pins. You can add your merchandise details and pin locations on the map. Every pin includes graphics and videos that describe the positive aspects of aesthetically appealing marketing platforms. Also, it works best for different niche businesses like DIY, beauty, travel, lifestyle, health and fitness.


YouTube is a top video-streaming social media marketing platform. It is the second largest Google search. Being one of the widely spread platforms, YouTube has benefited a lot of businesses.

Product-related content, review videos, and instructional videos do well on YouTube. Think of creating statistical videos that provide value to your customers. This platform is very creative. Engage your audience by creating frequent videos and attracting many people.

Many social media management companies provide you with better service and use those to engross the crowd. You may also employ YouTube influencers who will promote your small business and aid in the development of a strong network.


TikTok is famous for its short-form videos. It is a powerful social media platform where you can promote your B2C business efficiently. Business accounts can use the best feature known as hashtags that can draw many audiences to their page. Themed hashtags are popular that challenge another merchandise account.

Compared to other social media marketing platforms, 73% of users say they have a stronger connection to their brand on TikTok. You need to be aware of what you sell to use TikTok.


Snapchat is a funny application. It focuses on sharing quick images and videos. These graphics last for a second or more after viewing. This app is popular among B2C companies and can boost your sales through its full-screen ads to the first generation mobile.

There are social media marketing trends to post stories on the main page of your profile. But what makes this app unique is its contents and stories that disappear after 24 hours. After viewing, you can save these stories and photos. Snapchat’s corporate accounts use these features to boost their sales.

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Don’t forget to identify your target markets necessary to create solid customer integration and improve your business. It’s a good idea to set up an appealing portfolio on a business account for at least three to four social media channels. Stay active on apps that drive you, value-added customers. Additionally, confirm whether the clients that fit your target demographic are using these social media marketing platforms.

Derek Cohen Derek Cohen   |  Aug 25, 2023

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