Emphatic Social Media Marketing Trends for 2022

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Premiere Social Media Marketing Trends to look forward in 2022

More than half of the world’s population (53%) is on social media. Thus, it is safe to say that in this tech-driven world, social media has become an integral part of our life. Moreover, with the amount of exposure that social media gives to organizations, social media marketing has become synonymous with digital marketing.

Although social media platforms are not static, the habits and the preferences of the audience are always changing. Thus, it is inevitable for social marketers and companies to evolve according to the latest social media marketing trends to catch the pulse of the audience regularly.

With the immense amount of pressure and competition, social media marketing companies must understand the market and remain ahead of their peers. The modern age organizations will need the services of an elite social media marketing agency, which can guide them through all the nuances of social media marketing and take their business at the helm.

To understand what the year 2022 will have in store, we need to understand the big upcoming social media trends that will drive the businesses forward.

Leading social media marketing trends that will be huge in 2022

Here is the list of top social media marketing trends that will have a significant impact and drive business growth in the year 2022 and beyond.

Long form content will make a comeback

There is a fact that short-form content has been the showstopper for quite some time now. Whether it is the explosion of Tik-Tok or the wide-scale adoption of the Instagram Reels, content creators across platforms were concentrating on short content.

But in 2022, there will be one of the biggest changes in the social media marketing trends as long-form content is set to make a comeback. We have seen Tik Tok has expanded to three minutes length and Instagram Reels went upto 60 seconds.

In addition, Clubhouse has introduced long-form live audio, Facebook has come out with fully supporting podcasting. Moreover, there has been a significant increase in the consumers of long-form written content as well.

As people across the globe are looking for more detailed content, the realm of long form video, audio as well as written content is bound to rise in 2022.

Overall customer connection will remain vital

Business houses should focus on promoting their product on social media platforms while keeping the buying habits of the target audience in check. Implementing new trends in social media marketing will work only when the businesses will know what their customers actually want.

Therefore, it is essential that the organizations take keen interest in things that will impact the buying habits and maintain an overall connection with them. And for doing this, the business organization must be on their toes all the time.

User generated content will reach new heights

What is the single most important thing that will make the organization stand out from its peers? The answer to the question is the credibility of the organization. And user-generated content is one of the ways to establish that trust factor among the targeted audience.

This is one of the leading social media marketing trends that will make the business organization understand what kinds of products and services will hit the ‘right chord’ with the audience. Also, it will help business to understand the power of social media to grow business and reap its benefits.

The user generated content will give better market penetration opportunities to the business organization. Moreover, startups that run on tight budgets can use this trend in social media marketing and enhance their user base without spending much on advertising.

Niche platforms will rise

Since the internet became accessible to ordinary people, out of all the apps, social media and gaming apps have gotten the most attention from the user. For social media, platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have ruled the roost for the majority of the time. But this norm is now changing.

There is a considerable rise in the number of users of niche social media apps such as TikTok, Twitch, and LinkedIn. The reason behind this is that social media marketers find their targeted audience on the niche platform with ease as compared to the market leaders that have all kinds of audiences.

For example, many B2B firms are using LinkedIn to market their product as they know that even with a lesser following as compared to Facebook, LinkedIn will have the right kind of people that will be interested in their product.

A prudent social media marketing service provider will understand the genre of the business and targeted audience. This will help the business firms to understand the most important social media marketing trends and implement them to their advantage.

Domination of videos

Believe it or not, but more than written content and pictures, video is the most dominant form via which organizations can promote themselves on social media platforms.

According to a study done by Cisco, by 2022, 82% of the total online content will be only videos. Therefore, it is time for the organization to focus on videos rather than posting pictures and writing about the product. This social media advertising trend will also enhance the overall user experience as well.

Top social media marketing companies will initiate creating video content by sharing short videos on stories as well as advertisements. Focus on adding videos on the platforms that are traditionally known as the base platform for images or text.

Influencer and Word of mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is a result of building concrete social media communities, and this, too, is going to be one of the significant social media marketing trends in the year 2022.

Good social media communities can be the bridge between the social media influencers who can be famous regionally or even be an international star. Thus, if the business is looking to include the hyper-local strategy, a regional social media influencer can come in handy.

Moreover, word of mouth publicity will raise the goodwill of the organization along with the strategies applied by the Social Media Marketing companies. It will provide the dual benefit of increasing the market presence and enhancing the market position of the business organization.

Social media influencers provide a human touch to the marketing strategy as people follow them, and thus the targeted audience can be readily engaged with the product.

Moreover, there are high chances of the content going viral with social media influencer marketing if the influencer has a stronghold in his/her niche. The influencers have a strong connection with their followers; thus, business firms can get higher customer engagement at a very less cost.

Studies show that 61% of the consumers will trust the product recommended by their family or friends; thus, word of mouth and influencer marketing will be one of the leading social media marketing trends in the year 2022. Thus personalization becomes a huge factor here as the social media influencers know what their audiences like and can promote the product in that manner.

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Social Media as Customer service

Customer service is a vital component in any business, but as far as future social media marketing trends are concerned, it is offering a lot more. Social media helps in addressing the challenges related to customer service effectively.

But social media marketing service providers can help the organization in this aspect, as social media platforms are a better method for the customer to communicate what they actually need.

Statistically speaking, over 25% of the customers have used social media platforms to share their queries related to the product. And around 23% of them believe that social media platforms are the best method to have a 24-hour connection(one-on-one) with the business organization.

Triggering sustainable customer engagement, social media marketing companies have all the qualities to hold and increase the engagement with time.

Since social media is very convenient, organizations and startups are focusing on every social media platform that attracts their targeted audience and are doing impeccable things to woo them.

Adoption of Augmented Reality

There will be a massive rise in the adoption of Augmented Reality as social media advertising will increase its bar and will show real-life things to people. For example, in 2016, Pokémon GO used nostalgia and AR to its optimum and was immensely successful.

In the same manner, with growing social media platforms, customers will demand more engaging content, and this is where AR enters the picture as one of the most sought after social media marketing trends.

The superimposition of the virtual world in real life will benefit organizations from all industries. The customers will benefit by getting a chance to have a hands-on experience of the product before they use it.

Major social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat have already started using Augmented Reality filters to their stories to provide a whole new experience to their customers. AR will enhance the visual content and, with it, the USP of the business.

Memefied social media

A study found out that memes are popular amongst 13-35 year olds. Nearly 55% of 13 to 35-year-old social media users send memes every week and 30% of them send memes every day. Memes started to blow off some steam and blossomed into full-blown social media marketing predictions.

Memes are expected to play an important role in the digital marketing campaigns of brands in the future as they will aid the brands in reaching out to their customers better.

To effectively engage their customers through memes, the brands should take the following actions –

Engaging with the meme community

To boost the virality of their content, brands should focus on connecting with popular meme communities.

Share user-generated memes

By sharing user-generated content and giving the credit of the content to the content creators, brands can build stronger brand connections.

Be aware of what is posted online

An innocent meme Pepe, the frog, caused a lot of trouble for Wendy’s. This was because the character was associated with the Alt-right movement and people took offense to this gesture from Wendy’s.

Always be on the right side of the law

Memes can cause uproar and many countries have formulated laws to bring memes under the legal net. That’s why before publishing any meme, it is important to make sure that no rules are broken.

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Final Words

Social media marketing trends often change according to the needs of the customers and technology, but have definitive say in the market. The trends in social media marketing also keep Digital Marketing Agencies on their toes and help them to render major benefits to their clients with constant evolution.

Therefore, to harness the social media marketing trends, the business houses must hire leading social media marketing agencies who are ‘worth their salt’.

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