How you can Design an Engaging UI/UX for a Progressive Web App

Jasica James By Jasica James  |  May 24, 2019  |  UI/UX design Web Development
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Still baffled whether you need a mobile application or a website for boosting brand awareness? Well, why not get a progressive web app that can serve both the purposes?

Progressive web apps are perhaps the future of web development that can actually engage the targeted audience for your business without any trouble. Since most of the users are accessing the internet from their mobile phones and tablets, it becomes crucial for you to deliver rich user experience in all aspects.

With PWA (Progressive Web Application), one can be sure enough that the user gets an adequate interface of a mobile application but through the website alone. Yes, you can deliver light-weight mobile app experience to the audience that accesses your website through a smart-phone. The initial thing that requires adequate consideration is the designing UI/UX of a PWA that helps in bumping-up generate organic traffic on your website.

Here are some quick tips that would lend a hand in designing an eye-catching UI/UX for improved client engagement.

Ensure a Smooth Scroll

Imagine a situation when you are on a hunt for a piece of information and all you get is a nasty website with an irritating scrolling experience? You would probably leave that page as soon as possible, right? The same is the case with the potential users out there!

It is important for you to ensure that you implement a smooth scroll in your PWA so that the audience can access the right content without any glitch. Many times when a user is scrolling, either the screen gets blank or there is a delay. This could be quite annoying and one should prefer avoiding the same.

Smooth Scroll

Using a virtualized list could be the optimum solution to this dilemma and you can easily enhance the scrolling speed without any issues. One can prefer relying on some plugins for the same and improve the overall user experience.

Utilize the Potential of Native UI on the Web

The perfect way to engage a potential audience is to invoke native UI in your PWA’s that can enhance the overall appeal of your website. Users adore if your web application matches the fonts and styles of your operating system, which could be a great tactic.

Sometimes the use of inadequate font or styles that don’t match the operating system of the user’s device could negatively impact the audience. Hence, you need to emphasize more on the things that can impact the layout and overall appeal of your website.

You can either hire a professional that holds good experience in designing the UI as per the PWA standards that can eventually boost user engagement.

The Color Combination

One of the things that you shouldn’t miss regarding the UI/UX is the color combination. Choosing the wrong color combination for the web app could be a huge blunder. It is always a great decision to pick the most appealing colors and images that can add a fine touch of sophistication to the overall design.

color combination

There are numerous designers that simply focus on utilizing shadows and effects in the most precise way and you can get adequate help from the designs already available on the internet. Apart from this, numerous color tools are available over the internet that you can use to get the best color combination for your web app.

Furthermore, there are certain applications that can suggest a theme for your web app that actually goes great with the responsive design. This simply means that you can now design your application’s UI by keeping in mind the look and feel of a mobile app.

Emphasize on Simplicity

One of the issues that most of the applications face regarding the UI/UX of a website or application is the complexity of the design. This simply means that one shouldn’t emphasize filling the web app with lots of functionality or design elements that actually spoil the user experience in the worst!

As per the expert UI/UX designers, the more the simple the design is, the better it would engage the audience. You always need not stuff your website with designing elements that actually hampers the overall design. Thus; precise analysis of elements should be done before you just randomly deploy them in your web application.

simple look

Apart from this, simplicity in terms of appeal is mandatory while you can’t ignore the same with respect to the functionality of the web application. The user should be able to navigate adequately when they search a required content or service without making the design complex. One can get ideas from some renowned company’s designs that are becoming very much popular these days.

The Loading Time of the Web App

There is no chance that a user would stay on your website if the same is taking too much to load. Yes!adequate analysis of the loading speed of the web app on numerous devices is a must. The web app must be optimized adequately so as to get the desired user engagement that you actually can’t get with a slow loading web app.

loading Time of the Web App

There are numerous tools that can help you out in analyzing the glitches that contribute to the slow loading of the web app. It is mandatory for you to precisely optimize the content and media on your website so as to maintain a good loading speed.

Sometimes there are factors that can’t be determined using the manual testing of the application. You have to prefer automated testing procedures to figure out the loopholes that impact the loading speed of your web app. It would be better if you use tools that can compress the images without affecting the quality so that you need not compromise on the appeal of your web app.

Final Verdict

As per the above-mentioned aspects, one should be emphasizing both on the UI/UX design improvements if they wish to make their PWA a huge hit. These designing tricks simply enhance user experience and user interface in a way that it improves organic leads on your platform.

Jasica James Jasica James   |  May 24, 2019

Jasica James works as an Inbound Marketer and Content Strategist at Seasia Infotech. She loves writing informational blogs & articles to share her in-depth knowledge & innovative ideas based on UI/UX design and software development.


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