How to Find the Target Audience for A Mobile App?

Avantika Shergil By Avantika Shergil  |  Apr 25, 2024  |  App Marketing
Finding the Right Audience for Your App

Quick Summary: Do you have a customer-centric mobile app offering products and services that your customers like? If not, change your product/services or find the right audience. Ultimately, success in business lies in reaching the right market among the right audience. The mobile app is no different. You have to explore and understand who you are selling your product to. In this article, we have discussed everything about the target audience in the market for mobile apps and how to find them. Let’s explore.

There is an app for everything, not just one. Many mobile apps are available for even a single tiny thing to do. For example, you will find hundreds of options for fitness apps, shopping apps, educational apps, gaming apps, and more. Now, if there are plenty of options available, it’s good for users as they get various options to explore. Still, it becomes equally challenging for mobile app providers to keep their products popular among users.

In other words, there are around 8.93 million mobile apps available worldwide on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Thousands of apps (1296 on the App Store and 1379 on the Google Play Store) are deployed on these platforms daily. Most apps are good, but they fail to grab users’ attention. They hardly have 1000 downloads.

Did you know only 0.05 percent of all consumer mobile apps are successful?

The most obvious reason for mobile app failure is the failure to identify the right users for the app and promote the app among the right users effectively.

While TikTok is the most downloaded mobile app worldwide, Netflix is the most profitable app. The success of these apps lies behind their homework. They perfectly targeted the right audiences with the right content and experiences. But how did they achieve this success? Yes, they started by offering what their base customers like and kept their platform improved with the feedback and reviews they got from real users.

Why Is It Important To Find The Target Audience For Your Mobile APP?

To whom will you sell your product and services? What they want. What should your app’s position be, and how much do you need to invest? These are some of the crucial questions that defining your target audience for mobile will answer. It helps you understand your product more precisely, find out the right market and demographics, let you know targeted users’ needs and pain points, set your app’s positions, and effectively use the marketing budget for your mobile app. However, there’s more you can squeeze. Here’s our take.

Help You Personalize Marketing Strategy

You know your audience and your target market. That means you know their preferences, likes, dislikes, and choices. Now, you need the best app marketing tips to create effective marketing strategies. They will help you create appealing offers, reward plans, and content. You can provide personalized recommendations and create effective email campaigns, and a lot more by finding your targeted audience.

Make Informed Business Decisions

Identifying your target audience can help you make informed and better business decisions. For example, you may find that most of your intended audience is women between the ages of 35 and 50 who enjoy the outdoors. Now, you can easily target those audiences by creating personalized outdoor advertising. Besides, you can create products, services, and offerings that attract your users and are based on your audience’s needs.

Increase Your Brand’s Advocacy

If your business decision and marketing strategy become effective and turn your target audience into a customer base, they are now not just your potential customers or clients; they are your strong brand advocates. This will promote word-of-mouth marketing as they spread the word about your products, services, and offerings among their groups. Trust us; this will be the most effective marketing of your business.

Chances to Improve Your Products and Services

A relevant customer base will use your products and give you honest feedback. They can be a great source of feedback, as they know your products and services, and their feedback will count.

How to Find a Mobile App Target Audience in 8 Steps?

We have explored the significance of the target audience for a mobile app. But how will you find the target audience for your app? We have done this for you. We researched and found the crucial steps that will help you ensure you get the right audience for your mobile app. There are many ways to find the target customers in the market, but here we suggested something exclusive, incisive, and detailed. Let’s explore these points one by one.

Explore Your Current User Base

Analyzing your current user base can be one of the best ways to begin with finding your target audience. You can easily understand the characteristics of the customers, such as their education level, income, gender, age groups, and professions. Exploring your current base will help you choose the best app market agencies that can develop better strategies according to your app niche. For example, when you know everything about your existing target market, you know the kind of marketers you need and the kind of strategies you need to create with them.

Find out Who Uses Your Competitors’ Apps

The next thing you need to determine is to find the customers who are using the same products and services as yours but are using your competitor’s apps. It’s a crucial step to find the target audience of your competitors. You need to explore the kind of services they get. What methods do your competitors use to keep those customers intact with their mobile apps? You will apply the modified method of your customers to attract the customers who are using your competitor’s apps.

Draw Up A Preliminary Target User Profile

Creating target user profiles simplifies various things. For example, it helps businesses identify their ideal customers, customize marketing efforts, and offer products and services to their needs. To create a preliminary target user profile for Mille apps, follow the steps;

First of all, begin by outlining the broad characteristics of your potential customers. Include demographic information, such as age, income level, profession type, education, etc.

Second, delve into your target users’ behaviors, such as what they like to see/explore in your products, their preferences, interactions within a product, and their actions.

Third, dig deeper into their requirements and challenges, such as their needs, interests, likes, dislikes, and more. You can also use psychographics to group your target audience and understand or define perfectly their challenges and needs.

These are the basic things you need to do to create a preliminary user profile, which will help you create a user profile.

Find Fictional Prospects in Real Life/Manifest a Fictional Character in Real Life

There are instances when you cannot reach your target audiences physically to discuss their needs and desires. In those circumstances, it’s no use imagining who your ideal customers might be. Simply find real people who are the best match or fit your intended user profile. Communicate and interact with people to match all the characteristics of your user profiles. You may consider changing the characters if you fail to find the same people. All you need to do is ensure the profile acts and thinks like your real people.

Now, it will help you create personalized market strategies, such as landing pages, using different channels to reach the target audience, encouraging people to subscribe to your page, and more. These are great methods to find prospects (target audiences for mobile apps).

Create Your User Personas

Ultimately, the whole story is about knowing your customers for mobile apps; creating a user persona is crucial one to do. It’s fictional characters that businesses create to understand their users and create personalized products, services, and offers. A user persona is created right before an app is developed or when one has to create a marketing strategy for app promotion. It helps businesses understand audiences, think about them as real people, explore their pain points, and think about the solution that solves their problems.

Here are easy steps to create a user persona.

  • Conduct market research to identify common pain points, needs, and solutions.
  • Define your target audience, and know their characteristics.
  • Collect information about their age, gender, profession, location, interest, etc.
  • Analyze the collected data and segment them into various sections.
  • Identify their common pain points and group uses based on common themes.
  • Create separate groups for users based on the persona’s descriptions.

These are some of the basic metrics to create a user persona. Create it to make effective app marketing strategies.

Iterate and Revise

Customers keep changing their interests, ways of buying things, and others. You need to keep a close eye on their buying behaviors. That means you need to revise your customers, do proper iteration, and deliver what your customers like or expect from you. You need to keep improving from products/services to offerings and promotions. It can only be possible when you revise your customers so you can come up with new offers, products, and services. This process involves everything, such as revising customers by generating a sequence of outcomes.

Where Can I Find the Targeted Audience?

Now, you know how to find the target audience for your mobile app. In the following paragraphs, we suggested exclusive tips for where to find and search the target audience or customers for your mobile app. As you have optimized, personalized, and customized your products, services, and offerings based on your target audiences, you need to check if your mobile app is available where your target audience resides. Here are the places where to explore and find your probable customers for your mobile app.

App Store Search

App stores, such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store, can be great mediums to find the right audience. They are the platforms where 65% of people search for their desired apps. That means you need to create an effective mobile app marketing strategy. It begins with optimizing your mobile apps according to the downloading platforms using the right keywords. Just ensure your app is visible using the appropriate keywords. So, when your users search for a mobile app, it appears in their searches. Give proper introduction of the application and use the right keywords while writing titles and descriptions.

Apple Search Ads and Google App Campaigns

Apple and Google both offer paid app advertising options that you can utilize to market your app to audiences. Most companies choose a paid marketing option when they are not associated with any app marketing company. However, this practice is only good if done professionally. For that, you need to hire a professional ASO agency. Even if you choose paid marketing options, you need PPC experts who understand various bidding options. Because it requires you to bid for the relevant keywords, you can reach the target audience when they search using the keywords and LSI you have bid for.

Web Search

Does your app appear in web searches? It should, and you need to ensure that your app shows up in search engines on relevant keywords and LSIs. Many people use Google and other search engines to search for their queries. Searching for a mobile app is no different. All you need to do is optimize your app with relevant keywords.

Targeted Search Engine Ads/Paid advertising or campaign

Targeted search engine ads, aka SEA ads, are when you bid certain keywords with search engines like Google. Businesses do this by appearing on search result pages when users search for specific keywords or relevant phrases. It can appear above, below, or next to the search result page. The hack of paid campaigns depends on the quality of your selected audience’s research. To advertise a mobile app, you need to follow the same steps as you do to find a mobile app target audience. You can initiate targeted search engine ads based on your target audiences’ demographics, location, type of audiences, and more.

Content Marketing

Connect marketing is one of the most cost-effective and effective app marketing strategies. All you need to do is partner with the right content marketing agency that offers comprehensive marketing services. Writing blog posts, creating videos, designing infographics, and promoting your app through your website and other offline platforms are some of the services used for content marketing.

Social Media

Social media are free marketing channels if you know how to use them for your business. Promote your mobile app through content, images, videos, and other graphical images on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, LinkedIn, and others. You can target your audience with their pain points and explain how this app can solve their problems. Use the right content and useful images to promote your app on these best SMM platforms.

Defining Target Audience Best Practices

You can never sell your app unless you know who you are selling it to. We have learned how to find and search the target audiences for mobile apps; there are best practices for defining your target audience. It will help you when you see your customers for your app. Let’s explore them.

  • Understand your audience using tracking and analytics platforms: You have researched your target audience, so now you need to gather data and learn about them incisively. With a mobile app analytics tool, you can learn about your users, how they engage with your app, which features attract them the most, what distracts them, and more. Learn how they engage and what they explore, and based on this activity, keep improving and updating your app.
  • Explore ad networks before running paid campaigns: Before you invest in paid campaigns, you need to explore all your preferred ad networks and dig out their capabilities. There are changes. You may get more out of your paid campaigns on certain platforms, while others may not be so useful for your business niches. For example, when you run an ad on Facebook, it automatically shares ads with the users who explore, search, and engage with relevant products, services, and offers. Explore your ad network’s targeting capabilities; this can help you save your hard-won penny and spend on the right platform for the right purposes.
  • Think like your audience: The best way to provide better services, unique products, or offer something exceptional is to get into the shoes of your customers. You can do this when you think like an audience. This can happen when you know your audience. Yes, you have explored how to find the target audience and market. Now, you need to follow certain steps to think like them. For example, skim your mobile application, list the benefits of your app and show them to your users, think about how your customers would like to communicate, identify the points where your customers stop, ask questions, and more. You have plenty of options, so think like an audience. Whatever answer or results you get, just implement them and improve your app.

Example of Determining the Target Audience for a Mobile App

Every big brand, irrespective of its business niche, determines its audience, provides the perfect content, and keeps them engaged with its apps. You can find various such examples; we have also explored some of them for you. Let’s see them.

Zomato- Food

Zomato is the top-rated online food ordering and delivery application. Many people use this application to order their favorite food. It targets customers between the ages of 18 and 35. Their target audiences are those who use smartphones and like to or have to order food online. Now, they know their audiences, their likes, dislikes, regions, and pain points. Based on that, they offer personalized services. For example, it provides various incentivize programs. Zomato Gold Program for the people who dine out occasionally. It runs effective social media and paid advertising campaigns.

Netflix – OTT

Netflix is the top-rated or the number one OTT platform, offering exclusive and top-class videos, such as movies, series, shows, live matches, and more content for users. They have strategically defined their audiences and offer personalized options to all types of users. For example, users with smartphones, tablets, computers, and TVs can use their basic, standard, mobile, and premium plans with different features and functionalities. They have created their plan to target audiences of all ages, genders, regions, and demographics. It uses AI to help your customers get personalized recommendations. The OTT platform uses social media marketing very effectively.

There are various other applications that are very successful in their respective fields. Learn their strategies and implement them into your app strategies.

Final Thoughts

Finding a mobile app target audience is crucial as your competition is not with the 8.3 million apps but with the 0.05% of apps that are successful. Think like them and apply the perfect marketing strategies, hire the right digital marketing company, and get into the race. We have researched and explored all the options to help you find the right audience and promote your app with effective marketing tactics. Revisit this article to examine the mobile app target audience and explore our platform to find the right marketing agency for your mobile apps. brings you verified, reliable and analyzed agencies with a vast range of portfolios and reputations in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions About Finding a Target Audience for a Mobile App

How long does it take to find the target audience for a mobile app?

Finding the target audience and creating appropriate marketing strategies will take 1 to 4 weeks. However, proper implementation may take a few months.

Why should I search for the target audience for your application?

You need to search for the target audience for your mobile app to provide personalized products, services, and offers. More than that, when you know your target market and audiences, you can create effective marketing strategies for them.

Is there a difference in the target audience for Android and iOS apps?

Yes, there are differences. For example, iOS users are more often people with higher incomes. This presents an opportunity for businesses to target more affluent customers. However, businesses looking for a wider market reach can target Android users as they are people with a broader income spectrum.

What are the types of the target audience?

There are many types of target audiences, such as demographic, which refers to audiences based on their age, gender, location, or other factors, and behavioral, which often refers to audiences based on their preferences, interests, likes, and dislikes. Besides, there are some other audience types, such as contextual and psychographic.

How do I find my competitor’s target audience?

You can learn about your competitor’s target customers by exploring their customer list on their homepage, exploring their social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), conducting market research, and more.

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