10 Mobile App Marketing Tips That Guarantee Grandeur Success

Avantika Shergil By Avantika Shergil  |  Nov 8, 2022  |  App Marketing
Mobile App Marketing Ideas To Launch Your Apps Successfully

After spending numerous sleepless nights evaluating the best features to include in your app and getting it built, finally, the time has arrived to put the app in your customer’s hands. Definitely, you will be thinking of getting a smash hit with tons of downloads and great responses from the customers after making the app to the app store.

But, is it just fine? Of course not.

You have not started the mobile journey just for the sake of building a mobile app. You want the app to get recognized for its amazing impact when released into the market. But, merely, the unique app idea, intuitive UI, and best-in-class features can never let your app create a buzz in the app store unless you market the app.

You have to dedicate the resources to mobile app marketing to make the users willingly listen to what your app offers. In the ever-changing marketing landscape, the app marketing strategy is a whole new ball game where you cannot succeed with age-old marketing strategies followed by several obstacles. Here’s a comprehensive guide that determines how to reinforce user acquisition strategies and bring the app into the spotlight that you can consider.

The mobile app marketing strategies need to modernize considering the facts that speak where the customers are and where you should connect them. A few stats are worth considering.

  • Mobile advertising spending will surpass $339 billion by 2023
  • 51% of ad spending will be on mobile in 2023
  • 49% of the US people spend their time on social media apps
  • 70% of mobile searches result in the user taking an online action
  • Mobile video ads increase the viewability rate to 79%

All of these figures clearly state that linking the marketing efforts aligned with the latest users’ mobile usage preferences and latest trends is important to make the app engage the target audience. Apart from these statistics, here we have compiled a list of brilliant mobile app promotion strategies that can help you make the mobile app reach the target audience. Here, it is:

Customer Research bolsters the success rates

The mobile apps are built for the customers so they must stand up to the customer expectations, which requires knowing customers’ reviews before making them sign up for the newsletters. The businesses can either directly send an email or incentivize the customer to invest their time in providing valuable feedback.

It gives you a rough idea of what customers expect, uncovers their unmet needs, and what’s unnecessary, which you ultimately include during the app development. making customer research a part of the app development increases the chances to build the right app for the audience and promote the app based on a perfect marketing plan as well.

You can include the following questions to engage the audience and get a better idea out of it.

  •       How the product is advantageous for them?
  •       Which things do they like to see in the app?
  •       Do they like to use the app for a specific purpose?
  •       Other aspects that they would consider using the app for

All of these questions spread good word of mouth about the app idea, enable customer-centered app marketing campaign creation, and deliver the wow experience at the end.

Build a buzz with Influencer Marketing

Influencers in every business niche hold a lot of power to potentially sway custom-targeted users. When the influencers talk about an app on social platforms, driving massive traffic right after the launch becomes feasible. You can get connected with influencers and nurture relationships with them for app promotion.

You can find influencers from social media platforms that provide relevant data about influencers and the demographics of their fans. Also, you can contact them through email to share their reviews about your app with their followers. The most likely benefit of influencer marketing is that those app users are less likely to uninstall the apps that have made their way to use the app based on the activities carried out by the influencers to promote the app. Top digital marketing agencies also favor using influencer marketing to perfection as a part of their app marketing strategy.

Email Marketing is done in an abstract way

The old-age marketing technique is still alive if it’s done aptly and tactically. Still, email marketing brings results to businesses and is well-regarded by customers if it appeals to them to open the message. Also, when the customers open the email for tech support, payment confirmation, subscription, or any other thing, and if there is no mention of the app even in the footer, you missed the opportunity to inform them about your app.

You can advertise your app in a line and then redirect the user to a landing page where they can view the details related to the app and provide them with a link to download the app. Such redirections in newsletter emails, customer service emails, or others improve the chances of making the audience know about your app.

Improve Mobile App Engagement Metrics

Post-launch, it’s not a run-of-the-mill job to continuously engage the customers. That’s where troves of data that businesses getting come to the rescue. The data works wonders only when it’s collected, analyzed, and turned into meaningful actions. Here considering the mobile app engagement metrics helps a ton to move the needle to success.

Tracking the number of daily uninstalls after regular intervals enable identifying what was wrong in the onboarding process either- too much advertising, push notifications, limited storage, or others.

Segmenting the frequent users’ group allows for understanding of what’s good in the app that’s making customers stay with the app and track their behavior changes for the app over time.

App’s stickiness determines the overall health of the app which can be measured by dividing MAU by DAU.

In addition to these metrics, when session length, session interval, retention rates, and daily net change are the metrics that unfold the engagement patterns. Get into the details of mobile app performance KPIs to enhance mobile app success rates.

Roll Out New Updates Regularly

When you have customer engagement metrics at your disposal, it’s time to take action. The best action is to make the users continuously use the app with the launch of new features and design upgrades which makes the app better. Even, potential users won’t like to stay with the app if it’s not upgraded according to the latest trends and technologies.

Rolling out new updates keeps content fresh, enables the app to answer the latest challenges that customers are facing, delivers the best experience, and a lot more. The leading mobile app development companies always recommend launching the MVP version and then gradually releasing updates that keep the customers hooked to the app.

Build a great website for mobile app promotion

To catch the attention of the mobile generation, still, building the website makes sense. Either you can build a landing page or feature the app throughout the brand’s site to ensure the legitimacy of the app. The landing page must be simple and eye-catchy with optimum content and screenshots that engage the users and prompts them to hit the download button.

On the existing website, you should keep the app’s logo at the most spottable place or create a pop-up display that shows up to the users when they visit your website. It helps you promote the app among existing userbase. Also, don’t forget to add the link to the app that redirects them to the app store to download the app.

App Store Optimization (ASO) to reach new heights organically

The ASO is actually the SEO of the mobile app in the app store wherein the app’s description is SEO-optimized, keywords density maintained, quality screenshots included, video tutorials uploaded, ranking is tracked, and ratings are taken care of

Giving equal importance to app store optimization brings good results in return. Perfect the art of app store optimization by following steps wherein everything related to the app store optimization is fairly explained.

Make your app’s presence on the app review websites

The app review websites are the leading websites that increase the app’s authority and lets you capitalize on their site’s traffic when your app review gets published on them. The reason is they publish only those apps that are original, packed with intuitive layout and rich graphics, and perform flawlessly all the time. However, getting the app featured on such websites is not an easy task.

You have to prepare the pitch that you will send to the app review websites to convince them that your app holds significance and adds value to the users. Make sure the document you will provide to the websites must contain all the needed items which give the complete understanding of your app and let their editorial team create and publish your app review.

Harness the power of content marketing

Media is powerful enough that can make your app succeed by building the app’s credibility and enhancing its awareness in the market. Keep collecting the data and get connected with journalists or editors who are in search of a story. Why don’t you make your app the one?

To strengthen public relations, you can create PRs or guest blogs, and connect with the right journalist to publish the content in the category under which your niche target audience falls. Also, you can conduct interviews with tech bloggers and get them published in the newspapers which lets your app go viral. Going ahead, the app launch party can be hosted where you can invite the media industry and then, the results you know better.

Join social media game

How much social platforms have helped businesses in rising to the top needs no evidence? So, is the event with app marketing. Create a tunnel in a way that drives maximum downloads, user retention and loyalty in both hands.

However, more often, the companies providing app’s social media promotion is not handled appropriately. For instance, just building a Facebook page won’t help in increasing social outreach, instead, you have to publish unique posts with a consistency that engages the audience and answer their queries instantly to gain their trust. This is the way you can connect with the audience socially and grow your app through social media.

There are two ways of leveraging social power and spreading the social word- organic and paid. In organic promotion, you have to create the accounts, publish meaningful posts that should not look overly promotional and join the user’s interaction. On the other hand, paid promotion on social media means you have to spend a bundle to boost the app discoverability and get more users to visit the social page and perhaps, will download the app in the future.

How to rise to the top of the charts?

After reading this blog it’s clear now that mobile app marketing strategies are imperative as you cannot lift the brand’s awareness, increase sales, or bring revenue with a ‘Having a mobile app’ mindset.

Businesses have to go the extra mile with mobile app marketing tips to promote the app digitally. However, it’s a masterstroke of the marketing maestros where they leverage unique mobile app marketing ideas and incorporate app promotion tools that augment the chances of making the app a great feat.

The secret is unearthed with 10 intelligent marketing tips. So, the recipe to cook your app success with smart tips is before you. It’s your turn to consider the marketing techniques that suit your app well and bring optimal success.

Most Asked Questions about Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app marketing includes all the planning and strategy creation that improves the app’s visibility, engages and convinces users with USP, and differentiates the application in the market.

There are various ways for mobile app marketing that includes-
· Perform customer research and then reach out to them accordingly.
· Start marketing the app idea ahead of its development.
· Create content regarding the app’s core idea and publish it as blog or website banners.
· Market the app idea socially or take the help of influencers.
· Email marketing also helps you gain major traction.

It includes different strategies that can help you-
· Publish website banners
· App store optimization
· Create infographics
· Launch paid campaigns
· Enable referral program
· Run influencer campaigns
· Publish PR and promote it on traditional channels
· Others

Businesses can increase user acquisition using various marketing strategies such as organic traffic, paid advertising, app store optimization, social media marketing, and more.

Avantika Shergil Avantika Shergil   |  Nov 8, 2022

An enthusiastic Operations Manager at TopDevelopers.co, coordinating and managing the technical and functional areas. She is an adventure lover, passionate traveler, an admirer of nature, who believes that a cup of coffee is the prime source to feel rejuvenated. Researching and writing about technology keeps her boosted and enhances her professional journeying.


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