UI/UX Design For Business- The Secret Weapon To Grow Limitlessly

Avantika Shergil By Avantika Shergil  |  May 16, 2018  |  Mobile App Design UI/UX design
UI/UX Design For Business

Amidst fierce competition, it’s onerous for businesses to get a space in the users’ minds despite getting a mobile app or web app developed. The amazing product and impressive services won’t attract customers if the digital presence is not well-maintained. Those businesses are focusing on building user-centered applications that engage and convert them.

UI/UX design is a powerful weapon that can help businesses not only change the game but get ahead of the game. Unarguably, the UI/UX design is a key to an app’s success. Bank of America is a real-life example of a UI/UX design use case. The bank when redesigned the 5-step online banking enrollment process, and the improved UI/UX design brought a 45% increase in conversion rate.
A few more stats demonstrate the contribution of UI/UX design to businesses.

  • Users decide to continue using the app or abandon it within three seconds when using it the first time.
  • 70% of small projects fail due to poor UX design.
  • Good UI/UX design reduces customer support costs by 90% and uplifts performance by 53%.
  • Poor UX design makes the users switch to the competition.

The staggering numbers prove the importance of UI/UX design for businesses growth. Before discussing how it fuels business growth, we will discuss UI/UX design in a nutshell.

What do you mean by good UI/UX?

User interface (UI) design is about designing an app interface with all the elements rightly placed that allow users to interact with the app. The graphics, navigation, buttons, animation, and other design elements make the app accessible, efficient, and responsive.

UX design is about how intuitive, inviting, and easy to use the app is, which makes users experience something unique. The feeling that users carry in their minds after using the app is the experience that they have. UX design ensures that users get the best experience after using the application.

What Is Involved In UI/UX Design?

Creating the unparalleled UI/UX design is an art of science that includes five basic components that the top UI/UX designers always consider.

Information architecture

The information architecture is about creating an app or website’s information structure that demonstrates how users navigate through different pages. Various combinations and permutations are used to come up with the best navigation menu that helps in meeting the business goals and satisfies the users.

Interaction design

How users are going to interact with the app is defined under interaction design. It’s a conceptual design where designers experiment with fonts, color, image, motion, sound, space, and graphic elements to generate maximum interactions at the front.


After creating interaction design, it’s essential to check how bespoke and usable the app is. It must be checked if the users get all the information that they are looking for while navigating the application with ease.


The low-fidelity blueprint of the app is created to test the navigation, usability, and look and feel of the app to be engineered. It’s an inexpensive process to verify functionality and assess if it’s serving the purpose. Follow these tips to build the best wireframe.

 Visual design

Finally, the visual design displays the brand. It’s not only about playing with design elements such as color contrast, font size, animations, or images. Instead, create a design that visually appeals to the users and maximizes the interactions. Before jumping to the design bandwagon, the you as an entrepreneur should consider app design guide to understand the step-by-step app design process that will help craft the design that matches industry standards and adheres to design principles.

How brilliant UI/UX design can help your business grow and prosper?

Bridge the gap between physical and digital services

Small businesses have gone online in the thrust of users at looking their offerings digitally. They need to deliver the same services and experience to the users that they are receiving online. The cross-channel experience with UI/UX design optimized breaks down the barriers when services are offered through physical and digital stores.

For instance, as the customers step inside the store, they are warmly welcomed by the reps and then guided to the best shopping experience. When the customers get similar help as they start browsing the digital store, they will be more convinced. The UI/UX design help in easily navigating the store and effortlessly getting to the things they want.

 Surge traffic

Google has kept UI/UX design as one of the factors in increasing the website SERP. It means a well-designed application gets SEO-optimized that takes the website to the first page and improves ranking. The higher ranking means the website is easily searchable and gets in front of the users looking for similar offerings. A good UI/UX design help in getting more traffic.

Improve user acquisition

In the crowded world, you just name it and have hundreds of options for everything. The UI/UX design is a magic wand that can make your website stand out in the crowd. The design impresses the users at first sight and turns them into potential customers forever. Craft an aesthetically-pleasing application with all the design elements well-placed, in-line with color palates, and drive maximum interactions.

Increase user retention

The first impression created by the application, at first sight, creates an indelible impression on the users’ minds that lasts till the brand exists. In the same vein, the personalized journey with every suggestion or recommendation tailored to the users’ browsing pattern, purchase history, or other preferences makes them purchase repetitively. The user retention rate is healthy for financial gains for mobile applications.

 Enhance brand awareness

The online presence with fair UI/UX design enables the brand to get recognized in the market at scale. The brand logo, color, and other design elements become the hallmark of the business that makes users recognize the brand easily. The improved familiarity and credibility create the grounds for user engagement and increased loyalty.

 Uplift conversion rate

The digitization of businesses has brought convenience and comfort to the users’ lives. It facilitates ordering or booking the products/services from the comfort of the sofa. The customers are ready to pay more for the exceptional experience. When the business gets to build an application with aptly designed UI/UX, the users will visit the store and prefer to buy repetitively. It justifies that app design improve conversion rate that makes the business profitable.

 Intensify productivity

The design-optimized website or application doesn’t make the users stuck at any point or need to connect with customer support repetitively. The saved time and resources enable businesses to make the team focus on valuable activities that improve sales and ROI with improved engagement and loyalty. The design is making an invaluable contribution to improve productivity.

Get a competitive advantage

A good UI/UX design differentiates the business from the competition. Various free tools are available to get the app designed at no cost, but businesses approach the development companies to get the app well-designed. The well-designed product is well-received by the users. For instance, Facebook gets an upper hand over My Space only because of the UI/UX design. Apple is also a great example of design thinking that makes people pay more for Apple product purchases.

What to keep in mind to bring more rewards with UI and UX designing?


The app jam-packed with minimal design, useful features and clutter-free layout help in winning the users because the users don’t have the time to read the content, explore the functionality, or navigate around to understand what the app is. Keep it simple and easy.

Keep it customer-oriented:

Keep in mind, it’s a mobile app. The screen sizes vary largely, so the designs must be crafted in a way that they appear impeccably on every screen without cutting corners or with the image resolution problem. Second, the navigational buttons’ position and size must be kept optimal catering wide audience needs.

Make it interactive:

Not breaking convention is okay, but make a mobile app browsing a fun. Wrap the app with cool buttons, new fonts, 3D effects, beautiful colors, moving elements, texture and pretty more that users love it. There are numerous options that you can try but don’t overdo keeping simplicity in mind. It smoothens the user’s journey.

Don’t play with conventions:

Setting the imagination free and playing with design conventions sometimes proves to be a costly mistake to the app creators. Tweaking in the standard icons, symbols, or buttons, make the users confuse and they need to make an effort to learn and understand your app, that’s disastrous. It impacts the conversion rate.

Cater app performance needs:

The users are great skimmers when the functionality or image takes the time to load. After five seconds of waiting, the users start thinking to shift the app as an alternative, which means you are losing the valuable users. Optimize the app UI-UX to encourage conversion and retention rates.

Be open to feedback:

The feedback is a pointer to what’s right and what’s wrong with your app’s UI-UX. Along with suggestions, it also generates interaction with the users and communicates the insights that how large your app’s fan base is interested in making the app better.

Ready for exceptional UI/UX design?

Saying UI/UX design is the lifeblood of the application/website that businesses getting developed are not hyperbole. When UI/UX design is crafted with all the secret ingredients added in the right proportion, iconic success will be the result.

The user-centered design has the power to appeal to the users, convince them for shopping, and engage with business repetitively based on the positive experience they received and will have a positive attitude towards the business. After knowing UI/UX design benefits, it makes perfect sense to design the UI wearing a UX lens to deliver the offerings digitally in a way that users want.

Avantika Shergil Avantika Shergil   |  May 16, 2018

An enthusiastic Operations Manager at TopDevelopers.co, coordinating and managing the technical and functional areas. She is an adventure lover, passionate traveler, an admirer of nature, who believes that a cup of coffee is the prime source to feel rejuvenated. Researching and writing about technology keeps her boosted and enhances her professional journeying.


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