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In general English language “i.e.” means “That is”, but for mobile apps, the alphabet ‘I’ and ‘E’ can be considered as Innovative and Effective. And one can’t deny the fact that the essence of mobile apps is mighty important for the new age Digital Marketing.  With the technology advancement, Digital Marketing is continuously changing its facets, but mobile apps are turning out to be the fulcrum and the game changing factor throughout.

Stats also tell the same story. According to Informz, over 34% of the mobile subscribers use their mobile phones to read emails or find any of the related information. Moreover, apps alone account almost 90% of the total mobile media time (I mean it’s humongous!!).

We know that since the evolution of Smartphones, mobile apps have influenced the life of numerous people apart from making their lives easy and smooth. As far as the online works are concerned, mobile apps have made them as smooth as silk be it sending emails, making online purchases, connecting with clients or customers and so on.

With such a high demand, organizations in today’s world are clinging towards mobile apps and especially for the marketers; Mobile app is the most vital ingredient in order to fuel their digital marketing process and enhance their customer retention and engagement process.  Mobile apps can give your company a clear edge over the competitors by providing cutting edge technology and providing extraordinary services.

Thus, without much ado, let us hit the nail straight on the coffin and see in detail how mobile apps are amplifying digital marketing to reach its Pinnacle.

Apps making Digital marketing to go beyond

Let us start with some interesting facts:

  • As per the studies done all round, statisticians have found that over 50% of the transactions related to e-commerce are done through mobile and 85% of the customers use mobile app instead of a mobile website.
  • Also, mobile apps play a key role in driving and enhancing brand recognition.

These are just some of the perks among the capabilities of mobile apps and as the mobile users have outnumbered the desktop users and have become the prime destinations for the digital marketers. Companies are emphasizing on mobile apps as it has become the main aspect that will  get them ahead of their contemporaries and help them indulge in path-breaking ways in order to obtain success. Digital marketing process can have a huge boost as mobile apps can be integrated with any of the devices easily and will help them to stay connected with the customers 24*7.

Process Becoming More Responsive

The integration of Mobile apps has made the process of Digital Marketing even more responsive. To put it in simple words, app marketing is making the life of digital marketers conventional and simple. Mobile apps are creeping in almost every department and it is time for marketers to keep up with the process.

Customers are the sweetheart of digital marketers and mobile is a sweetheart of customers. So, applying simple mathematics we can understand that, if a=b and b=c then, a is automatically equal to c. Mobile allows the brands and the company to be constantly attached to the mind of the customer and implant themselves in their daily life. It will also allow the digital marketers to gather information about the customers personally and have an individual access to their activities which they never had before. Sending personal messages and push notifications through mobile app will make the customers more affirmative in using the product and taking the customer app engagement and retention to a whole new level. The personalized experience that digital marketing could give through mobile apps will make the consumers feel more wanted and sure about the app, thus would use it as their first priority.

Cohesive Marketing Channel

Mobile apps comprise two important things in their armor that make them an impeccable and worthwhile marketing asset. First, they give you the chance to be with your targeted audiences all the time and second providing digital marketers a direct means to interact with the customers.

With personalized messages, mobile apps will put the digital marketing tactics a step further and also the marketers can include an innovative approach to woo their customers time and again. By including a mobile app in the scheme of things of your marketing communication, things would get sorted out with ease and the level of service will increase.

Mobile marketing channel will also help the digital marketers to respond quickly and effectively to their customers in order to solve their queries quickly. Moreover, the apps can be a ripper of an ally to keep a track of rising customer demands and also access customer information.

Social Media and App promotions

In the ever-evolving mobile world, it is mandatory for any business to keep themselves updated and in the scheme of things all the time. Moreover, in 2016, Social media has become the major platform for an app or product promotions and mobile apps holding the fulcrum of it. People are spending hours daily and could notice the ads during the feeds and the digital marketers could add the link to the product to see what the app is all about.

Marketers through mobile apps are trying different ways to attract the customers to their business and one such way is video marketing. In the present year, we have already noticed the power of marketing through different apps like gaming app and showing promotional video of the product can encourage the users to try the product even more.

Videos through the app can compel the customers to at least come to the app store and know what the app is all about, thus increasing the views and gradual time spent on the app.

Final Words :

There is no doubt that mobile apps have become an integral part of the new age business, especially digital marketing. People thrive to use their smartphone rather than the desktop websites, thus making it compulsive for the digital marketing team to include it in order to make the process of app promotion more comprehensive and user retention more effective.   |  Dec 8, 2016 is a platform which brings to you a listing of all the competent web &mobile app development companies across the world focusing on the combination of traditional IT research offerings and the latest methods that have come up to provide more competent results.


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